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I wanted to bump this to see if anyone had any ideas for wording for this. My travel agent just told me that she would like people to RSVP by the end of next month so I want to quickly make up some post cards and send them out.


This is what our travel agent recommended but I dont know if I like it:


Time is running short for reserving your trip with us to Riviera Maya...the travel details are on our website at .....com or contact our travel agent, Kathy T... (kathy@...com) for answers to other questions.


We truly want you to join our celebration, and it only takes $150 per person by May 31st to hold your room. The trip is going to be awesome!


Any advice??

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Sorry I missed this originally, we did an RSVP reminder. I made this postcard Click the image to open in full size.


Sorry no pic of the back, they are packed somewhere...it said this:


Planning to attend? Please RSVP on our website at:




Please feel free to contact us with any questions.



Jamy and Will


**If you already replied we thank you**


Our STD was pretty detailed and sent about 2.5 months before the postcard so we just kept this one simple. We did get several RSVP's after sending this so it worked for us.

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I've patterned mine after the Evite reminder that basically says:


[Name] wanted to remind you that the [event] is coming up on [date] at [time].

Your current reply: [Yes/No]

View this invitation [link].


so ours reads:


Reminder: [Name] and [name] are getting married on 05/05/2012 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico and would love for you to join them.

Your current reply: Not yet responded

Please RSVP by March 1, 2012 by visiting http://[url]. There you will find event details and registry information.



I realize that a lot of people will argue, "They didn't respond to the first invitation, why send another?" for me, it's less about the cost (the postcards are practically free on vistaprint) and more about reminding people that we are having a wedding and it's proper etiquette to reply. the non-response thing really bugs me (as it does many people on here), and even if it's rather pedantic, I want to alert people to the fact that they're being negligent for something that's really important to me.

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