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Ashhtayy's Planning Thread - Azul Fives - June 7, 2016

2016 Brides Mexico Planning Tips

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#371 ashhtayy

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  • Wedding Date:June 7, 2016
  • Wedding Location:Azul Fives
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Posted 22 March 2016 - 08:08 PM

@snswedding2016 Both @Jasminr3803 and I are getting the run around from AF right now. Jasmin's WD is no longer with the company and mine is well...absent. Completely. They said medical which is totally understandable but they've also promised to call me back twice since Thursday and I haven't heard from anyone. It's getting down to crunch time and it'd be nice to solidify some things. Fingers crossed we hear something ASAP.

@perianjay Thank you - I love that dress. And glad you used your cute but unnecessary straws all night - that gives me hope! Maybe I should have bought another pack lol

@Wafflesmom OMG don't be sorry about being MIA! We're just happy to have you pop back on from time to time to share some post-wedding wisdom. Thank you! I'm so happy with how things are coming together :)

Minor Updates

- First dress fitting is moved from Thursday to Monday due to the snow storm that we may or may not have. Nothing like eating your face off Easter Weekend and then trying to squeeze into your dress!

- My MIL & FI's Nonna fly in tomorrow and are staying with us for a week. Mike and I are both off and because they love shopping, the plan is to shop until we find Mike's attire and the GMs attire. Fingers crossed.

- Legal wedding is still on lol Happening Saturday. Ah!

- Final payment deadline is Monday. Today we found out my girlfriends husband and their 6 year old can no longer make it. We're sad but SO happy she is still coming. In total we've lost 9 guests who had paid deposits. Surprisingly I'm not even freaking out. I'm very calm and just ready to get married. As of today we have 49 adults including Mike and I and two others that say they are coming but haven't booked yet. No more kiddies. Again, were sad the two kids we had aren't coming but I think this just confirms that the party is about to get even crazier.

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#372 deecol

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Posted 23 March 2016 - 06:33 AM

@ashhtayy So much exciting stuff coming up for you!  Your comment about eating your face off then squeezing into a dress made me laugh.  I'm know you will look incredible, post pics!  I think we have about the same number of guests, and of course those last minute people who say they're coming but haven't booked... I'm just over a month away and still have 3-5 pending... But either way we both have great numbers!!!


omg 3 days until your legal ceremony!  Can't wait to hear all the details!!! 



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#373 calgarybride2015

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Posted 23 March 2016 - 06:44 AM

Congrats on your legal this weekend!! And a dress fitting after Easter is like getting that dress on after a few crazy days in Mexico :)

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Married on 2015/01/21 at the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya with 43 guests in attendance   :)


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#374 pjay

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Posted 23 March 2016 - 06:45 AM

@ashhtayy If you need anymore i'm pretty sure I still have a mixed assortment of blush and white ones. I think some are polka dot and some are a chevron style pattern.


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#375 vancouverpetunia

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Posted 23 March 2016 - 11:43 AM

@ashhtayy Love your mom's dress. I think it's stunning. Have a great time with family next week and good luck on the shopping excursions! Please remember to report back to us on your legal ceremony :)

- Erin


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#376 ashhtayy

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  • Wedding Date:June 7, 2016
  • Wedding Location:Azul Fives
  • LocationToronto, Canada

Posted 24 March 2016 - 06:00 AM

Thanks ladies @vancouverpetunia, @calgarybride2015 & @deecol!

@perianjay - I have 75 with a guest count of 49 - do you think I'm good with what I have? I always figured they'd only last for one drink because they get soggy. Thanks for the offer :)

Wedding Designer Update

After the missed planning call and multiple failed attempts to get an answer from a supervisor, I called again yesterday. I was told that "all brides are currently being reassigned wedding designers" and that "this should be completed in the next two weeks". I asked if I had a say stating I'd like to keep the same wedding designer seen as how we are getting pretty close and I've done all my planning with her. Without tell me my planner is no longer with the company, they told me I could not have the wedding designer I've been working with for the last year. The girl that took my call let me go through all my list of questions and was helpful, but it was clear she'd never looked at my file and I kept having to say "well it's on the sky deck" "we already confirmed that" "I've asked to not do that anymore", etc. Little disappointed with Karismas "roll out" of the new wedding designers. Not even an email as forewarning or a reason as to why this has to happen.

Things we added/changed:

- booked Mega DJ from 7-12
- podium rental is in fact not available. They will set up a high cocktail table for our MCs to use.
- reduced cake size to the smallest possible; we are bringing a large fake layer of cake and they told us combining the two won't be an issue.
- will not put wine on each table; too expensive and doesn't seem worth it seen as how there is an open bar with servers

I'm sure there is more but I'm writing in a rush :)

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#377 Jasminr3803

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Posted 24 March 2016 - 07:06 AM

@snswedding2016 yes I am only getting my hair done at the spa. I am having a friend of mine do my makeup. I was finally Able to get in touch with Ashley, one of the WC and she scheduled my hair appt for earlier in the day. I definitely don't want to be rushed and I'm getting an updo anyway so I won't have to worry about my curls falling lol. I want to do the getting ready photos but my fiancé doesn't want to do the first look...which is fine with me.

@ashhtayy those straws are adorable!! I like the small details.
Can anyone share how they packed their artificial bouquets? And how they did with travel.

#378 pjay

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Posted 24 March 2016 - 07:35 AM

I'm honestly not 100% sure how many straws we used, but I just know that any mixed drinks had straws in them all night. Ours surprisingly never got that soggy, but we weren't using the same straw all night. The bartender was good with always putting a fresh straw. If you do need them I probably have 20-40 extra straws that are new still and in the bag. I could always bring them with me to the next meetup


My planning thread :



#379 ashhtayy

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  • Wedding Date:June 7, 2016
  • Wedding Location:Azul Fives
  • LocationToronto, Canada

Posted 24 March 2016 - 09:48 PM

We had a VERY successful shopping day :)

- Mike has clothes to wear! He purchased his pants, vest, jacket & shoes. All we are missing now is the short sleeved dress shirt in white, his bow tie and matching belt. Jacket will only be worn for ceremony and photos and then he will wear his vest, bow tie and short sleeved dress shirt with the sleeves rolled once. I may be bias but he looks like a total babe. GM will wear the same pants, white short sleeved dress shirt, bow tie and cognac coloured shoes and belt.

Attached File  image.jpg   39.03KB   4 downloads
Attached File  image.jpg   51.12KB   4 downloads
Attached File  image.jpg   30.23KB   4 downloads

- I went to Sephora today and had an eyebrow consultation (?). They taught me how to shape by eyebrows and I bought the product they recommended. I'm in love. I also picked up @perianjay's recommendation - Laura Mercier Translucent Powder. Mike's also super excited for it lol

- I bought my shoes today :) They look similar to these except aren't see-through at the heel. Can't find the exact photo and haven't taken a picture of mine yet. I went comfort over style 100%. I actually don't even like them but they are so comfy and are cute enough to do the trick.

Attached File  image.jpg   46.22KB   4 downloads

Mike's mom also gifted him this cute travel bag :)

Attached File  image.jpg   91.66KB   4 downloads

@Jasminr3803 Thanks! The straws are super cute & match our colours and our pre-ceremony drink :)

@perianjay I may grab some of those straws off you if they are the same as ours :) Thanks so much.

#380 TinkerSofi

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Posted 25 March 2016 - 08:08 AM

Here are some of my thoughts:


@ashhtayy reading your thread is taking me back to my planning days so it's nice to relive it through you!  :)


My wedding nightmares started about 2 months before the wedding I think. Ironically I think I had more wedding nightmares for my friend's wedding where I was a bridesmaid. I kept dreaming that I was the one holding up the wedding, that everyone was dressed (including the bride) and I couldn't find my dress or shoes anywhere - It was a stressful nightmare! haha


Here are some thoughts about your list:


-Wine on tables: I personally don't think you need to worry about this one, especially if they are going to charge you extra. I don't think I ever saw a single guest up at the bar because the servers were so quick to serve drinks and top you up. I think I had 3 drinks going at all times. They don't like to leave you empty handed!  ;)


-Podium: We didn't have a podium and didn't really miss one. That being said, if you want a home base spot for your MC(s) I would maybe just ask for a little table. It won't have the height of a podium but they won't charge you for an extra table, whereas they will charge you for a podium. Might be an easy switch to save some money!


-We started our appointments pretty early. Like @calgarybride2015 said, I really didn't want to feel rushed during the day. I started out with my maids of honour at the spa for mani/pedis at 10:00am and then had my hair and make up at 11 and 12 for our 4:30pm ceremony. We also had a first look so that bumped up our time we had to be ready (3:15pm). I would suggest having one of your bridesmaid order your lunch ahead of time or at the spa while you're getting ready so that it will be ready when you get back to your room. That was my original plan but then the wedding department dropped off mimosas, gourmet bites and quesadillas so I wasn't sure if we really wanted to still order a full lunch after. We ended up ordering room service after all and it took a little while. 


-Cocktail Hour - Do you know if there is another wedding on your day? If not, I would suggest the Zky Bar as it is right below you and it should be open as of 5pm, which would work out well with your ceremony time. Otherwise the Cantina would be great but it's on the other side of the resort. Both of these bars are kid friendly, the Gin Bar is adults only. There are the other little poolside bars but they will be closing around the time of your wedding. 


-Dietary restrictions - I would let them know when you pay your resort bill (1 month prior) although really if you have any changes you can tell the wedding department onsite and they will make the necessary arrangements. 


-Ceremony - I just left the time as is on paper but our WCs onsite told us to tell our guests to arrive 15 min prior, although most people knew to do that anyway. We also started a bit later...although I have no idea how much later (I had no concept of time that day unless someone said we were running late). They kept me waiting downstairs with my wedding attendant while they lined everyone up in the bridal party but the WCs onsite are a well oiled machine. They get everyone organized and where they need to be to make it run smoothly. (for example: Angelica came running downstairs while I was waiting to tell me that the bridesmaids were facing the sun directly and asked if I was ok with them wearing sunglasses and I said of course, but it was nice that they checked with me first)


-Sky Deck video - do you mean a hardcopy or just a link to the video online? @TinkerSofi will probably be the better person to ask about this. I know you can access your video on the ustream site. 


You're getting so close to your big day!! Very exciting! :)

I downloaded the video from their website using an app. I believe I used Apowersoft Video downloader for Mac. There should be one for PCs as well if that's what you have. I tried many applications but that was the only one that worked 




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