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  1. So sorry about your experience with the dress fitting. You look great though and I'm sure they will come through and make the adjustments you want! I hope the other couples submit their payments asap.
  2. @@ashhtayy aww you guys look adorable CONGRATULATIONS!! What did your families say? Lol
  3. @@snswedding2016 yes I am only getting my hair done at the spa. I am having a friend of mine do my makeup. I was finally Able to get in touch with Ashley, one of the WC and she scheduled my hair appt for earlier in the day. I definitely don't want to be rushed and I'm getting an updo anyway so I won't have to worry about my curls falling lol. I want to do the getting ready photos but my fiancé doesn't want to do the first look...which is fine with me. @@ashhtayy those straws are adorable!! I like the small details. Can anyone share how they packed their artificial bouquets? And how they
  4. Hey I chose Azul Fives. That's great that you are going to see it in person. Is Hyatt Ziva Cancun part of Karisma? Just a side note if they are....working with The wedding coordinators can be very frustrating. Sometimes I feel it takes several days before you can get an answer to a simple question. Also, I've had my WC changed several times and I am on WC #4 now. Being so close to the wedding I am getting worried. Hopefully you won't have this problem!
  5. @@ashhtayy love your dress!! I'm still searching for my bridal shower dress. I think I am going with your idea of eliminating the cocktail hour. It just seems like the logical thing to do and use that money elsewhere. @@snswedding2016 my ceremony is set for 5pm and my WC is suggesting hair appt for 2:30. I think that is way too late. I don't want to be rushed and I just think that is cutting it too close. I am curious to know if anyone else has had issues with their wedding coordinator? I am so disappointed with this company. I called earlier in the week to speak with my planner and to m
  6. @@JRodz My fiancé and i stayed at Azul sensatori when we went for the brides dress rehearsal. I thought the resort was nice. Unfortunately, the seaweed was a major turn off for me. The resort workers were out there daily collecting seaweed but it was everywhere. I really hope they can get the seaweed issue under control before your wedding.
  7. @@snswedding2016 hi I am having my wedding in June at Azul fives.. Just wondering if you use someone outside of the resort for hair and makeup? If so, would you share who you went with and how much it was? @@acw271011 would you share where you went and prices please?
  8. @@ashhtayy We got engaged Feb 14, 2015. Major surprise for me. But the same night we got engaged I started planning lol. OCD yes I know. We had a big engagement party too since I knew many of our friends and family wouldn't make it to Mexico. For your hair trial is that complimentary? I need to ask my wedding coordinator how that works for me. We went in August for the brides dress rehearsal and got to visit the resorts in person. They were all really nice but I fell in love with Azul fives. Yes I am keeping the white linen to keep the cost down and give it the nice clean feel since the sc
  9. @@ashhtayy we will be at Azul fives from June 6 through the 12. We are then switching for our "honeymoon" to el dorado royale from the 12 to 18. We are looking at 40 guests. Rsvp's are due back April 1. Since my final head count is due on the 11th. My colors are mint and Coral. You are so right about the rental prices lol. I ordered my flowers through etsy because the cost of real ones was ridiculous and I couldn't imagine paying so much. I'd be happy to share my stuff as well. It seems like time is going by really fast. I'm really excited but nervous too...mostly about making sure I don't f
  10. For the tote bags try cheaptotes.com For the sunglasses I saw them reasonably priced on orientaltrading.com Good luck
  11. Hiii, @@ashhtayy I am new to this website but I couldn't help but notice our weddings are a few days apart!!! I am getting married June 10, 2016 at the beach front gazebo. Like most of you all I have a lot of questions too! Reading through this thread has helped. I am bringing all of my own decor since I found they charged a ridiculous amount of money for simple things. Look forward to chatting with you. Jasmin
  12. Can anyone email me the template and the pictures of the envelopes used to put the pills in? I'm unable to open the files? Jasminr3803@@gmail.com
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