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  1. Hi! Does anyone know of any amazing websites/places with cheap prices to get bulk travel size items for our guest welcome bags for our Playa del Carmen Wedding? Also, what are the items that were the biggest hit, regret putting in the welcome bags/waste of money, wish you would have put in the bags and/or that were the most used? Lastly, what websites have the best quality and best prices for bulk customized sunglasses and beach tote bags for the bridesmaids? I am sorry for so many questions... I feel I waste a ton of time trying to research and find these websites and we are less th
  2. since the hanging lanterns were included in the tailor made package for the reception- did they make you pay for them at the welcome party?
  3. Thank y'all both so so so so much! Looking into Del Sol now! I reached out to my WC to confirm that if we did go w Del Sol- we wouldn't be charged any additional fee BC I was not provided this information from her originally! I appreciate y'all so much! Thank you!
  4. I agree. Are you having to pay the vendor fee since your using Del Sol Photo? What was your reasoning for using them over Outdoor photo?(the new preferred vendor I was told) However, I am interested to know what happened - so if you find out- please let me know.
  5. Yes, I am getting married April 2nd and received the same sort of emails. I Am anxious to know what happened, but I feel like it has to be something serious. I am in the process of getting our full refund from wedding day story. The new vendor, Outdoor photos has amazing reviews and great prices. All the emails and going back and forth from our wedding coordinator and wedding day story was really stressing me out so I didn't ask many questions...
  6. Hi All. Getting married April 2, 2016 (less than 5 months) and I guess I am getting a little overwhelmed with all that we have left to do and overwhelmed with how and where I should be in the planning process. We have a photographer booked, but I am just confused and anxious with allllll the information for the decor and flower aspect. We have the tailormade package and it says all of these things are included, but when I go to the sites that they provide to choose decor and flowers, it looks like everything is just added costs. I just feel all over the place. Can someone help me with ANY advi
  7. Has anyone got married/is getting married on the Gabi Bridge. Did y'all wear heels or those jeweled sandal type shoes that are popular with beach weddings. What do you suggest or advise? Thank you so much!
  8. Hello! I am getting married at the Paradisus in April of next year. Does anyone have any photos they don't mind sharing with me of the All white welcome bbq, the Poolside La Esmeralda location and also any pictures of the reception if it was held in the ballroom location? Thank you so much! You can send to ashleyotto86@yahoo.com
  9. We are having our ceremony on Gabi bridge (150) and reception at the Hadar restaurant (120). How strict are they with the "max number of guests" does anyone know? I am hoping someone has experienced this at the Paradisus and can offer some insight. Thank you!
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