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  1. @@BethanyDanielle while customer service wasn't 100% up to par, overall we were satisfied. Check-in was not the most efficient for everyone and room service was very slow, but the execution of the wedding events and the resort itself were great. If you get a chance to scout venues I highly recommend checking out the resort.
  2. @@valmarie99, I paid for a deluxe room for our DJ and photographer to share for 3 nights. To my understanding, unless the policy has changed, you're able to bring an outside DJ and/or photograher if you pay the outside vendor fee or if they are your "guest" that stays and pays for at least 3 nights. Good luck!
  3. Oh cool! Best wishes to you @@BecomingaRiggio! On the whole, the food was excellent. The sushi and Italian restaurants I didn't care for much though. The Mexican food, poolside food, and Thai food were my favorites. Food at the wedding was very good, though I wasn't paying attention to it much Got great feedback from our guests though.
  4. This website, Best Destination Weddings, was so helpful for me the past year for planning our destination wedding. It helped me select my vendors and figure out a lot of stuff, so I do want to thank Tammy, everyone at BDW.com and all our vendors. Below is my review of our wedding and an album of select photos. Forewarning: this post is quite extensive! Feel free to contact me for any questions, additional info Wedding Date: February 14, 2015 Location: Playa del Carmen, Mexico Number of guests: 150 people (including kids) Ceremony and Reception Venue: Azul Fives Resort Hotel Wedd
  5. I just had my 150-person wedding at Azul Fives last weekend. We had 10 people per table in the garden and it was totally fine. The tables seat 8-10. If you guys aren't yet on the Azul Fives Hotel Brides page on Facebook, I recommend joining. Lots of info discussed there. Most of our guests stayed 3 to 4 nights. We had events Thursday to Sunday.
  6. I just wanted to share that as part of my gift to my bridesmaids I got these personalized beach bags and they're great! They come in different colors too. I'm excited to distribute them. And they're on sale on theknot.com:
  7. Glad everything worked out well for you! And you ended up having your wedding events at the locations I'm gonna have mine how many paper lanterns did you use for the reception? I'm trying to figure out how many to order.
  8. When I asked my TA about it, she said I don't get as many perks since my wedding is in February which I guess is the start of high season, and it's on a Saturday. So it sounds like if you get married in the Fall or in low season, there are more perks since they have less weddings at this time. But yeah, @kmciver lucked out on her TA.
  9. I'm in the same boat, @@ccphu. I picked the bridal spa package as my perk and I'm not able to get upgraded to a sky suite, so we're going to pay for it on our own.
  10. According to Arturo at Azul Fives, he said 3-4 strings would be enough since there are less palm trees and places to hang stuff from. But I'm going to the November Brides Dress Rehearsal so I'll hopefully find out the correct # of strings of lights needed for both the garden and the beach area and I'll post the info here! I was considering it, but then I heard on here that the salon is actually pretty decent if you tell them what you want. I'm going to use my GI TA perk that covers bridal hair and make-up and a trial run, so I don't have to pay for this.
  11. I feel your frustration @@ccphu! When you visited the resort, did you make contact with any of the on-site coordinators there? I find that if I ask questions from my Miami WC that she can't answer, such as questions specific to lighting needed for the wedding events, or dimensions of the event locations, etc. then I contact the Azul Fives coordinator directly, and I get the response I need! I think some things the Miami WC doesn't need to know, and the on-site coordinators will just take care of it. I'm planning to bring most of my decorations too and still debating about outside flowe
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