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Riu Ocho Rios Here I Come.............

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Or so I thought for about 2 minutes! lol (sorry this is a long post/vent!)


Okay, so for those of you who don't know, I originally wanted to do the wedding in St Thomas, however, I was looking into other options because frankly, the Virgin Islands would be a little pricey for majority of my guests.


So, I decided on the Riu Ocho Rios, even though I've been to Jamaica more times than I can count. Jamaica is waaaay more feasible for my guests as far as price, all-inclusive, etc. Most of my guests have never traveled out of the US, so I figured they would need the easiest travel/accomodations possible, as I will not be there to hold their hands. However, the date I want (8-8-0cool.gif has been booked at the Riu, and practically everywhere else!


Ok, so with all that said, lol, I have been checking the Riu Ocho Rios calendar religiously EVERYDAY (Thats the 1st thing I do when I get to work, lol) and have been stalking one of the wedding sales coordinators, Carolina, every other week in hopes that my date would become available.


So 2 weeks ago Carolina tells me, she will get back to me in a few days b/c there were 2 times for 8-8-08 that had yet to be confirmed and she just wanted to double check with the brides 1st.


So then last week she tells me the system went down, so she would get back with me this Monday. Well Monday came and went and she finally emailed me this afternoon saying that she has 1 and only 1 slot available for 8-8-08! I started jumping up and down and screaming (keep in mind I am at work, lol)


So estatic at this point!!! woot.gifwoot2.gifjiggy.gifelefant.gifpinkie.gifsmile123.gif

smile29.gif bunny_4.gif- lol, there are not enough smilies to show how I was feeling!


So the email tells me to go onto the site and register for the time slot. I look at the timestamp on her email and its like 5 minutes in the past. So I rush to the Riu website.


Then, I be damned if I dont get to the site, and what do I see, NO available time slots!!! WTF!!!


So after I calmed down, lol, I wrote an email back to Carolina explaining what happened. So now I'm just waiting to hear back from her. smile41.gif

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WELL....Riu is SLOW. If I had to guess, I'd think that the website wasn't updated to reflect the open slot. When I was looking at other dates, Carolina told me several dates were available that showed up as full on the website. I'd wait to hear from Carolina.


My fingers are crossed for you!!!

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Oh I so hope that the date becomes available for you! Good luck!!

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