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How Did You Tip People?

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Hi Ladies,


It's officially two weeks until our wedding! I'm just working out last minute stuff now (music, tipping, order of events, welcome letter etc) but I have a question about tipping.


So far I am planning on tipping:




Wait staff and bartender(s)

and possibly the hair and make up ladies


BUT my question is, how did everyone go about tipping these people? Did you just hand them an envelope at the end of the night? Or did you get someone else to give them out? I'm just worried about how to go about giving people their tips and don't want to miss anyone! I was thinking of getting my Dad to give them out so we aren't preoccupied with it during the night.


Thoughts? Also, did I miss tipping anyone?


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Great question!  I'm excited to learn more about this too!  congrats on your upcoming wedding!  2 weeks wow!

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I tipped the WC, photographer, and wait staff at the reception. I also tipped the spa people.


I would have preferred to have someone tip them for me at the end of the night but I needed to ask the WC a question about tipping first and had forgot. So what I did was tell her I had tips that I would bring to her the next day and she let the wait staff know.


I had nice thank you cards and put it inside for WC, photog and waitstaff. I paid wait staff in a group and she ensured me that they would split it amongst them.



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We handed out tips ourselves along with a card in envelopes because we wanted to personally thank each vendor for their hard work and for adding their special touch to our wedding day (we had awesome vendors all around!). But if you don't want to have to worry about that responsibility on your big day, definitely consider tasking a parent to do it or even your Maid/Matron of Honor. And add a little note inside to give it a personal touch  :)

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