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  1. I have been trying to figure out how to review Audio on here for some time now that our wedding is complete. I think I have already reviewed them I can not again. As I mentioned above communication and accommodating are 2 of Alex and Rodrigo strong points. You want an honest caring DJ these are your guys. I had picked our a very special ceremony place list . I had a very specific precessional as well. Alex made a suggestion that I let them handle my ceremony music and didn't try to make an extra buck off of me. He genuinely wanted to help me and he took care of the whole thing. Class act. THE
  2. On 6/1/2015 the day before my wedding it had rained the whole entire day in PDC. Like the whole day. It was set at 100% chance to rain on my wedding day too. And I'm not talking your typical on and off tropical rains. I was sick physically sick over it. The guys were in the middle of the ocean on a deep sea fishing boat and the storms got pretty bad. As a mom I was worrying for my son on the boat. Later that day there were all these last minute to dos. Then rehearsal dinner at Aldea Corazon that I spent monthd to pick out bc it is like s romantic jungle restaurant on 5th ave. the dinner was se
  3. Thank you for the many wishes and compliments. Will write more and share my experience and answer any questions you may have once we return home )))
  4. Sneak peak... It rained HARD the ENTIRE day before. The locals said that it hadn't rained like that since February & they needed that rain. It was SUPPOSE to rain all day 100% the day of wedding but it held off until a sprinkle of rain right after wedding ceremony. Good luck. I was sick thinking we couldn't marry outside but everything turned out absolutely perfect. Like can't even give or show enough gratitude. Just perfect. The rains the day before sent renewal rebirth and cleansing to us all. Good day
  5. 4 suitcases, 2 carry Ona, 3 personal bags, 2 garment bags - having enough tulle in it to resemble a human - are packed and ready to roll. Literally. Just need to call taxi to take us the the airport and at 6 am we are off. Will post lots of pictures!
  6. And ACW271011 or whatever your name is, since we are on the topic of bravery and honesty, I can honestly say that over this last year you have been less than positive and I detect a sense of smugness in your responses to me. So I ask that you keep your negativity far far away from me and refrain from commenting on my posts. Thanks, LIsa
  7. Look, I don't need an opinion on whether or not counseling after only 4 years is a good sign or not. As a child I had to undergo extensive cognitive therapy counseling. And I was 12 when it started so what does that say? Was that too soon? I don't think so, in my mind it saved my life. And made me a fair person accountable for my actions. It made me understand me choices were my own. Judge not least you be judged. I think counseling will help Scott learn to provide better, and me to nurture what we have and not walk away. After much thought and thinking about the years we have spent together
  8. Thank you women for ALL of your responses. I really really appreciate the fair and considerate responses. It has been on my mind for so long. The person I met came into my life and is no longer in my life. It was a total emotional affair, . I fell for the illusion of this person that wasn't real. But before that happened I had been talking to Scott about working out a way to make each other happier. Scott asks nothing of me in return. He's content with whatever. It's me who wants him to not be counting on me to do everything. I want to feel like a woman. I want to feel like I can relax and I d
  9. Anyone else have cold feet the last 2-3 months before wedding? My fiancé is not to blame 100%. . I just wish he worked a lot harder and was more manly. It's been digging at me. We have been together for 4 years we have a daughter together , a great family unit if you will..l I had a 4 year old when we met. Things change now I'm older I want more and he is content living paycheck to paycheck going to chain restuarants and watch football all night. I'm a bitch I know but I like to talk have introspective conversations, experience exploration, grow, change. Anyways I met someone a couple months
  10. I know. I have had cold feet for the last two months. I quit all thoughts and planning. Now I'm starting to become ok with it and warming up to the thought of forever (I've never seen commitments work out in my family) and I accepting that I can commit. Anyways I've got vendors contacting me, I should prob start planning we leave in 17 days....
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