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Ladies, I just discovered this website and this amazing forum!

I'm sorry but I can't sift through al these amazing conversations but here are some of my crucial questions.


First off, we are getting married on Thursday, August 11. 


My wedding coordinator is Viviana, she is amazing and I just recently spoke to her today and will have another follow up conversation tomorrow. We have the Dunas Light up Package with the Gold package andI am using Archive Mexico for my decor. Any other brides out there with this same package combo?



  • I was told the wedding would only be till 11PM, is this right? I am begging them to at least extend it to 12:30
  • We have two hours with the DJ that is included in the package, but we will need them  for longer and the cost per hour is pretty pricey $200ish I believe, is this worth it? Should I look into another DJ??
  • For flowers, do you think they will be able to provide a lot of greenery?
  • I too am concerned about my "Asian" make up - I've seen some pictures and they seem to do a good job. One thing I'm worried about is my hair! I wanted to have it down and bohemian-ish but with the humidity it might just get super sweaty and flat - what do you think? 
  • For food - I need your recommendation, what are some "must-haves" on the menu? 

Here is a powerpoint I created and sent to the resort for reference (please do not judge me and think I am crazy, I am just super OCD with life): https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/14DTfEoZ8vTdg9fwHVlQabiRMZGJ5p89PKyvZqoqurrg/edit#slide=id.p5




Thanks for your response in advance!!

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Yeah all weddings end at 11 do to noise control its a family resort. Ours ended at 11 and we all went to the club for an after party.


The DJ was good we used Mania no problems I gave them a full play list.



quote name="k4tee" post="1914400" timestamp="1465994212"]Hi,


We're getting married at Finest in September after falling in love with it during a stay last June. 


Due to poor communication when we booked our wedding date we couldn't have our reception at Las Dunas so we are now going to be having it at the new Wedding Deck Venue. Has anyone had their wedding there by any chance? Or seen any events there?


I have found the communication from the hotel following our stay a bit slow and patchy and after a huge hiccup due to the communication issues things seem back on track. However i have struggled with knowing what is fully included with their Excellence package when it comes to lighting at the venue/table clothes etc. If anyone can help i would appreciate it as with every email i don't get any answers or photos. 


We're really excited to get married at Finest following an amazing stay last year. I just wish the information they provided was more indepth and better so i wasnt so anxious about it.

Thanks so much in advance :)

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Resort: Finest Playa Mujeres

Wedding Date: May 25, 2016

Wedding Coordinator: Yanin

Wedding Package: Love package


Ceremony Location: Las Dunas Beach

Cocktail/Reception: Las Dunas Deck


Guest: 33 including us

Dates stayed: May 22-29th 2016

Resort rating: ***** 5 stars

Wedding Rating: **** 4 stars


Ceremony @5pm

Cocktail @6pm

Reception @7pm


Overall we had a wonderful stay and a beautiful wedding. The destination wedding of our dreams! Service/food/rooms/beach were all 5star from the resort!


What I would change- would have the wedding earlier during our stay, felt like the first few days were consumed with wedding stuff. and the guest left the day after so I felt like we didn't really get to enjoy time with everyone.


-Makeup: Pefect! I showed Paula from the spa a picture and she did a great job. stayed all night. included in package

-Eyelashes: my photograher had mentioned before I got there, and put these on for me for free (I think the resort will put them on for you but there is a fee and you must bring your own)

-Hair: my cousin did my hair. I liked it but would fix/curl/straignten my own hair and just have her pull it up if I could go back. (I think I know my hair and couldve kept the frizz out better/longer)


-Ceremony setup: I did the set up that was included, I got the gazebo I wanted without paying for the "extra" I believe because we were at the Las Dunas Beach (the one I didn't want is by the boat) seashells included in package, rose petals purchased from Love Lace Décor.


-Ceremony Music: Ipod music


-Minster: I did not get to meet her personally, but the groom did. He said she was very nice and read the ceremony exactly as I had wrote it ( I edited some of their wording)


brides bouqet: I choose the flowers that were included in my package. I just wanted light pink roses. it came with pink dasiys that I pulled out before the ceremony ;) but the roses around the dasiys looked dead/brown where the dasiys were but overall it was ok. size was nice.

Grooms bountinerre: light pink rose included in package

groomsmen bountirers : 4 light pink roses, included in package, (I ordered light pink, they had white, but the groom said he had a choice at the moment and he picked white for them....)

bridesmaids: I was on a tight budget and did not want to pay for 4 bridesmaids bouquets, so after some back and forth I was able to get 4 single stem roses for my bridesmaids to carry, I think was perfect and worth the savings! $5 each so $20 total. (shouldve clarified I wanted them a little longer, I think they look a little awkard so short)

-Center peice: included in package, I choose from resort options. very pleased, it was bigger than I expected. they put it on the table during ceremony and sweetheart table during reception. (wouldnt have been my first choice but I didnt want to pay to upgrade)

-Photos: Beach Wedding Studio from the resort had 25 photo from ceremony included in my package, since I brought in my own photographer they let me use this for photos of my guest during the cocktail. VERY happy with the photos they took, they took photos of almost every couple and he gave me a cd with 6ish editied photos.


-Music: Playlist on Spotify


-Love Lace and Decor rentals:

rose petals: Great wish I couldve gotten more but in the end didnt matter. (I got 4 bags) they are on asile in pictures.

sound system for reception: perfect size and plenty loud enough for our space and 33 guest. Microphone included and used for introduction was great.

Sombereos hate: LOVED these! I wish I would have bought them!

ribbon banner: looked good but if I could go back I woould save the money

vanilla favor bottles: I was really excited about these but only half the guest actually took them, Id probably wouldnt do these again but helped the table look nice.Ok priced not a steal of a deal but not over priced either.

*there was a meeting fee but I was not required to do a min rental*


-Koozies: brought with me, guest loved them.

-PhotoMat guest book: brought with me


-PHOTOGRAPHY: Photos in Cancun, I highly recommend them! I choose them because the night of the wedding you get a copy of every single photo they took. I will do a separate review for them. Great Prices! **I did have to pay the $500 outside photographer fee**


-Reception set up: Las Dunas Deck, Lights were included and we did not upgrade anything. Yanin did call me before the ceremony and let me know that I would be getting the garden chairs that are normally additional charge for free. They looked great! She also moved the starfish from ceremony to the center of the tables for free (I only had table numbers)


-Cake: I gave them a pink to white ombre photo of the cake, I would have preferred one tier but it was pretty and tasted great! white/vanilla with buttercream


-Cocktail: food everyone said they were awesome although I did not have any. Drinks- my signature cocktail sign was on the guest book table away from the bar so I'm not sure if anyone even knew about them. Drinks and service from the bar were AWESOME! they gave us anything we asked for all night and did multiple rounds of shots for us. :)


-Dinner: Mexican Fajita Buffet, was good. (same fajitas served at Mexican Restaurant) did not try any of the desserts, I'm not sure if anyone did




WEDDING COORDINATION- Although my wedding was wonderful, the wedding coordinating service was very poor. I have emailed twice about this and have yet to have a response. Problems listed below.


~my biggest complaint~ My photographer had asked if there was any other weddings that night so they could plan where we could take photos, before we arrived the wedding coordinators told me not to worry it was on the other side of the resort and I would not notice. The day of the wedding I get an email from Yanin stating that the other weddings reception would be at Sky Deck at the same time as mine at Las Dunas Deck. *just so you know they are only about 50ish yards away.* I was not concerned really about it but I was upset that the did not warn me. It was not really a big deal but that reception had a DJ and Lights and We had a portable speaker... While we were gone taking bride and groom pictures my mother said you heard their grand entrance and their dance songs. But when I arrived I did not notice. < I think it would be polite to let you know that there would be a wedding reception that close to plan for your music etc to accommodate.


Yanin was very responsive to all of my emails, (except about 3 weeks before the wedding I didn't hear from her at all).


Wedding meeting, once we arrived to the resort. Yanin had emailed me and made an appointment to meet us Monday morning at 10 in the lobby to go over details and pay. We waited 15 min and I spoke to the front desk, they called for her and said she was on her way. We see her walk in and start working with another couple! Over AN HOUR later she is finished with them, introduces herself and says she must go get our paperwork.... 15 min later she is back and we go over our details. <<<< all that saying it was 1/1:30pm before we were about to go enjoy our VACATION. I found it very rude to make appointments and not keep them, and an apology would go a long way but we never heard one.


As mentioned in previous reviews Yanin was NO WHERE to be found on the wedding day. I called and she said she would be by to get the flower petals and favors and I finally left for my makeup appointment... about an hour before the ceremony she came and got them. (My photographers even asked multiple times where she was through out the night)



I had a music playlist for the guest seating and entrance/exit and guest exit. They only played the bridal party entrance song.


Once the bridal party exited all the guest just sat there, there was no one to tell them they could leave. Yanin walked us down from the room and I never saw her again until she was there to make sure we ended on time. Luckily my mother had spotted our luggage that was sitting off to the side and started packing our things. Yanin did not offer to help pickup anything. *you are required after the reception to take anything that is yours back to your room*


Our guest never knew where to go for the "cocktail" they all just hung around the bar and watched us take photos. No one ever told them that the reception was starting and they could take a seat at the tables. etc. I just find this really odd. We never saw or heard from Yanin again, I would expect a "how was everything" the day after or before we left but nothing. Overall our wedding was great and all these little things didn't really matter.

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@@Clarianne Thanks for your powerpoint. It is super helpful! Question about Archive Mexico. Are you paying a vendor fee for them instead of using the in house rental provider (Alquimia)? Thanks!

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hi ladies, will be leaving this coming for my wedding NEXT FRIDAY!!! Can't believe after months of going on this site, it's my turn.


My wedding cooridnator was Yanin, and after I read Mexiweddings review, I reached out to Barbara (her boss) with my concerns.  And she has confirmed Yanin is no long working for the Excellence group.   There were so many complaints from brides, who spent so much time and money planning their wedding, all for her to not do her job.  I am glad of this news because it was stressing me out!  Barbara is my wedding coordinator now.  I'll have to catch her up to speed on my details.


Anyways, I'll be sure to come back with a full report to help you ladies out!

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@@Maurindy2016 I hope you have an amazing wedding!!! And that Barbara is a thousands times better than Yanin! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Make sure to have Barbara walk you through a rain backup plan so that you and your guests aren't just waiting in the lobby for 2 hours! Good luck good luck it will be GREAT!! :)

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@@robynm10 yes we are but honestly it's worth going with them than Alquima - it ends up being cheaper even with the vendor fee! My contact is Daniela and she is wonderful, you should definitely consider it :) 

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@@Maurindy2016 I'm so happy to hear Yanin will not ruin any more weddings. I'm sure Barbara is covering until they hire a new WC. I really hope I get Barbara but my wedding is in December so they'll probably give me the new one. I really hope the new one is the complete opposite of Yanin. I was so stressed out from that girl.


@@Clarianne Your PPT is awesome. I notice you keep referring to Finest Brochure for items. I don't recall seeing a brochure in anything they sent me. Is this the packets that show you pricing and options for gazebos, bouquets, boutinnieres, etc?


Also, did any of you use the in house decorator (Alquimia)? Are you happy with the results? Did anybody get a brochure from them with pricing? Now they're not responding to my emails!

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