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  1. @@Maurindy2016 I hope you have an amazing wedding!!! And that Barbara is a thousands times better than Yanin! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Make sure to have Barbara walk you through a rain backup plan so that you and your guests aren't just waiting in the lobby for 2 hours! Good luck good luck it will be GREAT!!
  2. Hi Brides! I just got back from my wedding and am pasting my trip advisor review below. Hate to be the bearer of bad news and wish each of you the best of luck!! I was told that Yanin my wedding planner was actually fired for ruining not just my wedding but several others last week. __________________MY REVIEW____________________ https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g1229340-d6966139-r381511916-Finest_Playa_Mujeres-Playa_Mujeres_Yucatan_Peninsula.html ***DO NOT GET MARRIED HERE!!!!!!*** I got married here on Sunday June 5 and ours was the ONLY wedding that day so there
  3. @@Maurindy2016 Thanks for the info!!! Sadly we already made our seating cards all in the same color but maybe i can buy stickers. She told us we could only make one entree option for our guests but that we could have vegetarian/gluten/pescatarian. Do you know what the specialty meals include? If it isn't too much trouble can you please send me her email about seating cards? kim.angel.le@@gmail.com For my program I included Officiant, reader, wedding party, schedule, a note honoring our deceased family members, and a brief thank you message. I can upload a photo once they arrive if tha
  4. @@Maurindy2016 I feel like I am very close to done. A huge bummer is not having heard from Yanin in 3 weeks now since I have open questions! Out of my 95 guests - 6 need either vegetarian or gluten free meals. I have already printed out our seating cards since I never heard back from Yanin on how I would indicate which guest needed a special meal. Does anyone know how it is done?? I am hoping Yanin can give us a sticker to put on their seating card or something? I did programs using vista print and welcome bags. I included personalized sunglasses, hangover kit (bandaids, tylenol, tums)
  5. @@lizzjameson YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! Thank you so much for sharing your pics. Congratulations!!!!!!! Man I haven't heard from Yanin for 3 weeks now!! It is so frustrating but you helped calm me so hopefully when I get there on June 1 she is more responsive and organized. My ceremony starts at 5:30pm...I hope it doesn't get dark too quickly!! Did you bring your own music for the ceremony? If so does Yanin help play the songs for us? Can't wait to see more pics when you have time!!!! Congrats again!!!!!! My wedding is in 18 days!! Eeeek!!!!
  6. @@robynm10 Awesome! Thanks for the info. I am getting married June 5, 2016 - SO CLOSE!!!
  7. @@robynm10 Wow a new platform?!?!! That's so awesome- do you happen to have any pictures? Is the view as nice as the view from Sky Bar? Thanks so much for the information! When is your big day??
  8. @@lizzjameson You are AWESOME!!!! Thank you Which photo app did you decide on? We are using Wedpics and added our password to our programs so hopefully guests will participate. What is your notarized letter for? (sorry if I am being nosy - just want to make sure it isn't something I have forgotten to do) Soooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. @@lizzjameson This is helpful! Thank you for sharing this. Would love to hear of any final to dos you have so I don't forget anything!!!
  10. @@emmycita I also failed at being able to transfer our included photo services t the night before. They will NOT budge And we are spending over 25K! They aren't willing to offer any discount on anything. Luzdary my original WC told me that the beach party is directly in front of Las Dunas. Maybe since your wedding is Monday they will change the White party to Sunday that week? Can you please tell me a little bit about your Beach Bonfire? What does it include? Smores?? How many people? What was the cost? I am considering doing this instead of the Mayan Fire show in case the beach is alread
  11. @@Maurindy2016 Hi there! Yanin told me Thursday was Bollywood and that Monday was the White Party. My wedding is on Sunday June 5 so hopefully I am not making my guests miss the White party Yanin made it seem like they only have special beach parties on Thursdays and Mondays. I believe there is a show each night though.
  12. Does anyone know what time the resort Beach Party begins on Thursdays? I would like to add it to our schedule print out in the Welcome bags Though I wonder if it is overkill to add this event to our schedule on top of the Welcome Party and wedding festivities. I don't want guests to feel forced into going to the resort party. Any thoughts on this?
  13. @@lizzjameson Thanks so much for sharing your details! I love the charger and note Your wedding menu looks gorgeous too - I think I am going to be cheap and not print the menu out Congratulations!! I hope the weather cooperates - you are smart for getting married in Spring - I hope it isn't too hot and humid. I am sure I will be melting at mine in June.
  14. @@lizzjameson Best wishes to you and can't wait to hear all about it and see your gorgeous pics!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!
  15. @@lizzjameson No I did not but great suggestions - will ask her now! Hmm I don't know what other options we have if they are already offering that show...something that would accommodate 90+ guests.... Yanin also just told me that the resort changed their schedule and is having a Bollywood Party on Thursdays and a White Party on Mondays - FYI. Back when we visited them in September, we were told that they alternate between a White Party or Pirate Party every Thursday. I've heard they are strict with Men's dress code at the resort restaurants and my older relatives are wondering what th
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