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    Finest Resort, Playa Mujeres, Mexico
  1. I agree with using an outside photographer and videographer. We used Samuel Luna Photography and the cost for him, a photo assistant and video team was much less than what the in house cost and they offered more. We haven't gotten our photos or video yet but I'd say there are plenty of outside photo/video people who will charge you much less.
  2. @@mcjfam3 We didn't have to pay extra for the resort to set up our decor. I just had mock set up done in my house before so I sent our WC the photos and directions on how I wanted it done. They took everything when we met for our run through of paperwork and payment on site and brought everything back to us two days after our wedding since we got married on a Saturday and our WC was off on Sunday. We didn't do a photo booth or a cigar bar. We are an older crowd and neither of the two appealed to our group so we did without it. We went pretty simple since the Grand Palapa area is beautiful and didn't really need anything else. In my opinion, the cocktail hour goes by very quickly. We had the Gold Package so we had the Mexican Trio playing which was really nice.
  3. Been meaning to get around to writing on this page. We got married 3.5 weeks ago on Saturday, December 17th and it was wonderful! We had Alejandra as our coordinator and although initial interactions via email were rocky, on site she was on top of everything and great to work with. We had our ceremony at the Stone Gazebo and the cocktail hour and reception at the Grand Palapa. The weather was perfect, the food was good, the drinks were flowing, the Mexican Trio was great and Mannia DJ played everything we wanted. The night flew by so fast and I wish it lasted longer. We brought all of our own decorations and rented the large chandelier, fabrics and 10 person lounge set from Alquimia. @@robynm10 We had a rehearsal dinner with just the wedding party and immediate family. We worked with the head of F&B Mr. Cambrinas on securing the private room at Le Petit Plaisir but we only had 20 people in our group. If it was more, I'm not sure if they could have accommodated without paying for a private dinner. The private room at Shoji only holds 12 people. We didn't have anything planned for our guests during the entirety of their trip except our wedding since we wanted them to enjoy their vacation and do whatever they wanted. We had our rehearsal dinner and then told our guests to meet us in the Golden Bar afterwards. @@mcjfam3 We were told makeup artists vendor fee was $150 earlier last year. Make sure Victor is not making a mistake. For outside photographer, videographer, decorators, wedding planners, they charge a $500 vendor fee per company. I was really scared the spa could not do my hair and makeup as I wanted so I had trials done at home and brought photos as well as my own makeup for them to use on me. I wanted simple hair and makeup so I don't think it was too hard to mess up. Let me know if you have more questions I can answer since its still fresh in the mind.
  4. For those brides who used an outside photographer and videographer, what did you do with the in-house ones that were included in your package? My Gold package includes 24 photos of the ceremony and 15 minutes of raw unedited footage. I hired my own photo and video who will cover this. I contacted Beach Wedding Studios (in house at Finest) to see if they could photograph/video something else but they said no but I should contact them when I arrive to see if they can do something for me then. I'm assuming they will try to upsell me on something. I guess my question is, I think I will end up with two photo and two video for the ceremony. Did the in-house get in the way of your hired vendor?
  5. Just a heads up ladies. I've been working with Finest for 9 months now (my wedding is in 9 weeks) and I just got an email from my new wedding coordinator. This is my third one in 9 months! Not sure what's going on at the resort. I'm getting really tired of the switches. The first person I had (Yanin) was terrible so I'm glad she left but my second WC Nadia was better and she only stuck around for 3.5 months. I've now been assigned Alejandra. I was so upset over my first incompetent WC, and was just starting to trust in WC #2, then I get a 3rd? I have to start from scratch again. Just wanted to give a word of warning to the future Finest brides. Makes me wonder what is going on there that they go through so many WCs.
  6. @@Clarianne I was thinking of doing the bonfire the night before my wedding. I just read your tips above. Why would you not recommend doing it the night before? We figured the night before the wedding would be best since everyone is there. It would also be our welcome since we're doing rehearsal dinner with just bridal party and family. Can you describe the setup, what they give you, how much time, location, etc.
  7. We decided not to have a dance floor. Our WC said it was unneccessary and the deck is perfectly fine to dance on without one. Its preference really. If you want one then by all means. We hired the DJ and he's bringing his own lighting and we are bringing string lights to hang over the deck so we didn't think we needed the dance floor. We also wanted our guests to spread out as needed and the dance floor is raised. We were afraid people would trip going up and down (we have some older people and kids in our group). We were having a bit of a hard time trying to fill all the space but I think we've figured it out. If you are facing the ocean, we will have our dinner tables on the left side under the Palapa (we're doing the round tables), the welcome table mid-right and the lounge set for 10 people on the right side of the Palapa (if that all makes sense). We're going to angle the lounge seating where it will face the ocean. We're having our cocktail party in the same place so we're keeping the cocktail tables. The open deck will be our DJ area and dance floor. Alquimia has advised us because of the size of the Palapa, its best we go with the largest chandelier and 8 white fabric sheets. I've seen photos of how they did this for Las Dunas and it looks beautiful but we're still figuring things out. If you have any set up suggestions, I'm all ears.
  8. For those who may have used Las Dunas or the Grand Palapa for their reception, did you rent the big chandelier and white fabrics from Alquimia? Or rent lounge furniture?
  9. @@Maurindy2016 - We are researching bringing our own decorations since Alquimia charges a lot of money. The lanterns we were looking at are for centerpieces. They wanted to charge $66 each for a 13 inch lantern. I can definitely find it for less expensive online but its the idea of packing metal/glass lanterns in a suitcase for centerpieces that makes me rethink what I want to do. I also thought it was crazy to charge $232 for 46 feet of hanging lights (20 bulbs). I will order these online as well. I will also be getting faux flowers for my bridesmaids and for the centerpieces since the costs the resort and Alquimia are charging for real flowers is a lot. Did you request a private rehearsal dinner reservation through Barbara? I was told months ago that if I needed group dinner resos to make it through Raul when I arrive but recently was told the resort does not allow group dinner resos. Oh and my new coordinator is Nadia and so far she is soooo much better than Yanin. Only time will tell. Thank you for the heads up about the spa not being able to do makeup well (I guess more so for the Asian brides). I guess I'll have to do some online tutorials to do my own for the wedding. I will do a hair and make up trial and make sure the same person will be available on my wedding day. This forum has given me so much useful information!
  10. Has anyone used Canteiro Weddings as their decorator? I've seen their decor on Instagram and its gorgeous but not sure what their pricing is. Alquimia seems very expensive. Charging $232 for 46 feet of lights is hard to swallow. They are quoting me $66 to rent a 13 inch lantern!
  11. @@Maurindy2016 I'm so happy to hear Yanin will not ruin any more weddings. I'm sure Barbara is covering until they hire a new WC. I really hope I get Barbara but my wedding is in December so they'll probably give me the new one. I really hope the new one is the complete opposite of Yanin. I was so stressed out from that girl. @@Clarianne Your PPT is awesome. I notice you keep referring to Finest Brochure for items. I don't recall seeing a brochure in anything they sent me. Is this the packets that show you pricing and options for gazebos, bouquets, boutinnieres, etc? Also, did any of you use the in house decorator (Alquimia)? Are you happy with the results? Did anybody get a brochure from them with pricing? Now they're not responding to my emails!
  12. For those of you considering Katy HK, I just got an email from her with pricing. Although her items are inexpensive ($2-$10 an item), she has now implemented a minimum rental amount of $750 plus delivery/pick up fees of $130. She said the minimum fee was implemented for new customers after April 16, 2016. Has anyone had any experience with Styling Trio for hair and makeup? The horror stories I'm hearing about in house salon not knowing how to do Asian makeup is making me look for professionals.
  13. @@mexiwedding I am so sorry to hear what happened at your wedding. I have also been assigned Yanin and have had nothing but terrible service from her. I complained to her boss Barbara and I was basically told I'm stuck with her. She never replies in a timely manner and then when she finally does, she doesn't answer any of my questions. She has also sent me the wedding planning spreadsheet numerous times after we've agreed in things but every time I get it, its missing info. So freaking frustrating!!! And I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but Yanin was not fired. I got an email from her on 6/9/16 @8:30pm asking me to fill out my wedding spreadsheet again!!! If someone at the resort told you she was fired last week, they straight lied to you. That is deceptive. I have not trusted Yanin from Day One but I'm stuck with her and am trying to make the best of a crappy situation. My wedding is in December and I'm really hoping she either gets her stuff together or replaced. You basically confirmed all my destination wedding fears.
  14. @@Robersonpartyof2 Thank you so much for posting these pictures. The Grand Palapa is huge! Now I'm going to have to figure out how to fill all that space. Is the palapa placed in front of the gazebo or on the beach to the left so you still get a nice beach view from the gazebo? I noticed a lot of greenery surrounding the palapa. Is there a clear path to the beach in front of the deck?
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