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  1. Photos in Cancun www.photosincancun.com I highly recommend Photos in Cancun, check out my review left under their profile! Photos in Cancun www.photosincancun.com
  2. Resort: Finest Playa Mujeres Wedding Date: May 25, 2016 Wedding Coordinator: Yanin Wedding Package: Love package Ceremony Location: Las Dunas Beach Cocktail/Reception: Las Dunas Deck Guest: 33 including us Dates stayed: May 22-29th 2016 Resort rating: ***** 5 stars Wedding Rating: **** 4 stars Ceremony @5pm Cocktail @6pm Reception @7pm Overall we had a wonderful stay and a beautiful wedding. The destination wedding of our dreams! Service/food/rooms/beach were all 5star from the resort! What I would change- would have the wedding earlier during our sta
  3. robynm10 Posted 08 June 2016 - 07:37 AM @Robersonpartyof2 I noticed you used Katie HK for decor. Where did you meet her to pick it up? Just outside the gates? Did you end up renting lights from her as well? And did the WC give you any trouble for setting it up for you? We are hopefully going to use her, too! Thank you! Actually, if you use an outside vendor you must pay the $$$$ fee. But with Katy I met a "friend" that was bringing me a gift out side the gate and she had everything packed in suitcases. Cheaper decor and no vender fee. The wedding planner thought I brought ev
  4. Here now ladies! I've tried to attach a picture of the new reception area! Let me know if you want and certain pictures
  5. @@OliveiraWedding Did you ever find more pictures of your reception at las dunas? I cant find any pics anywhere! beautiful wedding! gets me excited!
  6. Hello! Get marriedMay 25th! @@finest! Ceremony- beach Gazebo Cocktail/reception: las Dunas Deck If your not already you should join the Facebook group: "Cancun Brides" lots of info there! Schedule below: May 22nd Arrive / Check In Timeline: Welcome Drinks Meet &Greet at _____ Bar. May 23rd-24th- Meet with wedding coordinator May 24th- Meet Katy HK for décor- Preparation and ironing of wedding dress and grooms suite May 25th WEDDING DAY 1:00 - 3:30 Hair/Makeup 3:30 - finished with hair and make up 4:00 - 5:00 getting ready photos 5:00 - 5:30 Ceremony 5:30 - 5:35 M
  7. Hey Ladies! When do you find out about the nights they do events? Like the all white dinner or Mexican night?
  8. What kind of make up did the salon use? is it air brush? did you show them a picture that you liked?
  9. We are using our local travel agent, and depending on how many people go we may get a discount but I'm not counting on it. Our Wedding is May 25, We are staying Sunday to Sunday Finest Club ocean front, $4000 for our flight, hotel transfer, and stay. Flying from Texas..... My mom and dad are staying Sun- Thurs and they are paying $2200, with the cheapest room possible. The prices include flight, transfer and hotel. Its pretty expensive compared to the $700pp week we stay in Cancun while I was in college
  10. I recently switched to Finest. I was tired of looking into resorts and finally picked one (now Sapphire) and after I booked it I felt a huge lift of my shoulders. Then I started looking again. (We went to a wedding at Dreams Riviera Cancun and it was AMAZING, we just wanted to get married at a different resort) So I found Now Sapphire because they are also owned by AM Resorts so I thought it was comparable. Well.... after looking more into Now I didn't feel as great. It was cheaper but it wasn't as new or nice as Dreams or Finests.. The FI and I discussed the difference in price at Finest and
  11. Does anyone have the ceremony script? Does the resort/officiate supply you with one? What a beautiful Wedding! exactly what I needed to see!! Congrats!
  12. How long after emailing for the first time did you hear back?? I'm eager to know if my date is available
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