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  1. Just a couple questions for past brides! We decided to choose the buffet option bc we wanted it to be more social. Did anyone choose the Carribbean Buffet (not bbq one) for their reception? Any feedback? Also, what were your favorite passed apps? Lastly, we are doing a Welcome Party with pass apps at the Sky Bar. I'm not going to bring in any decoration for it. Has anyone had a welcome party up there? Suggestions?
  2. I just heard from my outside coordinator that Victor that replaced Viviana is now gone, too. Apparently being replaced by a new coordinator also named Victor. Has anyone else heard this? Thanks!
  3. @@mcjfam3 Our site visit went amazing. Victor exceeded our expectations, and I left there feeling very comfortable and confident in his ability! We are doing a Catamaran for 24 people with Seasons Tours, who pick you up right down the beach at the Beloved. Its a 7 hour excursion to Isla Mujeres. Also, has anyone made a larger reservation at one of the restaurants for the rehearsal dinner? We are doing an hour cocktail party at the Sky Bar, but then we are trying to decide if we go to dinner with our family, or mingle with guests, even though we wanted to give them a free night to enjoy the
  4. Just a couple questions for the past brides! 1. What was the bar set up like that was provided by the hotel? Trying to decide if we need to rent out. 2. How were the flowers that were included with your package? 3. Did you do anything for a welcome/rehearsal for all your guests? I am having a hard time swallowing $28 pp for 100 people when its an all inclusive to begin with for just 2 hours of cocktails! 4. Did anyone use Seasons Tours to rent a catamaran for a day? Just looking for feedback. Thanks in advance!
  5. @@mcjfam3 My new WC is Victor as well! I was definitely a little disappointed that I had to email Viviana to find out, rather than the resort reaching out to let us know of the change. He seems much slower than Viviana in replying to emails. We are actually heading down there on Friday for a site visit and have a meeting with him on Saturday, so I will provide some feedback once we are back! Fingers crossed!
  6. @@nyarcher1215 That's super helpful! We are actually having an 8 person band play. They are bringing their own platform that they set up on, and are also providing a white dance floor that isnt a platform, but rather lays on top of the wooden platform. I think we will also do the band and dance floor on the open part of the palapa, and we are bringing flights to string on the inside and the outside. What are you stringing the lights on the outside too? Is alquimia providing you poles? We are renting the long wooden tables for the reception, along with the high tops and the lounge. Where ar
  7. @@nyarcher1215 We are getting married in the Palapa in May, and we are thinking of doing the chandelier with the white fabrics, a couple of the long high top brown tables, and the white lounge furnitire for 10. I am just having a hard time as to where everything is going to go, dance floor, etc. Any ideas?
  8. @@Maurindy2016 I have been working with Alquimia to organize my flowers. Do you mind me asking what they charged you for the table garland? And were the long tables included in your gold package? Thank you!
  9. Has anyone had the bonfire for either their welcome drinks or for a farewell before everyone leaves? We are struggling with what to do for a welcome cocktail hour, what time and where. We want people to enjoy the restaurants and the resort, so we don't want to occupy another one of their nights with a dinner. Any ideas what others have done? We also booked the Imperial Suite with the pool, and it comes with a bartender for a night. We were thinking of even hosting it there. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!
  10. @@Clarianne Thanks for your powerpoint. It is super helpful! Question about Archive Mexico. Are you paying a vendor fee for them instead of using the in house rental provider (Alquimia)? Thanks!
  11. @@Robersonpartyof2 I noticed you used Katie HK for decor. Where did you meet her to pick it up? Just outside the gates? Did you end up renting lights from her as well? And did the WC give you any trouble for setting it up for you? We are hopefully going to use her, too! Thank you!
  12. Has anyone went for a site visit and stayed at the Finest prior to their wedding? I emailed my WC to see if they offer a special rate, but haven't heard back yet. Thanks!
  13. @@nyarcher1215 My WC is Vivianna. She usually replies to my emails within 3-4 days. It is definitely slower around the weekends, when I am guessing they have weddings. I was thinking the same for the layout. Cocktail hour and lounge on the outside of the Palapa, and dinner tables on the inside. I am torn as to where to put the band and the dance floor though! Vivianna did say she was having a wedding there at the end of May that was having a similar amount of people as us and a band. She was going to take pictures of their set up and send them along. I will be sure to post!
  14. Hopefully I shared that correctly. My WC sent me pics of the new reception site.
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