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  1. Hi. Robin, here's what I did for my wedding: 1. Skybar reception. There was a bar up there full stocked w/ liquor and 2-3 bartenders, just like bars at any club/lounge. It was nice and we didnt need to do anything extra. Where is your reception? 2. Flowers: I got gold package, I only got flowers from the groom, groomsmen, and they give me as part of the package, a bouquet of flowers. I ended up using it as flowers for the podium at the ceremony. I didnt think it looked that great, colors were to bright for my liking (green and pinks). 3. Welcome Party: we held a welcome party at Lizo restaurant the day before wedding. Buffy style, the food was good. I don't think they charged us for it either. Just say you want to reserve a restaurant for all your guests to meet at. 4. sorry we didnt have enough time to do a catamaran. there was already tons of stuff to do on the resort. * If you want to see pictures of some of the wedding details , flowers, etc, that I used, feel free to email me pharmdiva07@@gmail.com. happy to help!
  2. @Scrudele6: 1. I did cocktail drink for the cocktail hour. It's free, part of the package. Per my wedding coordinator, it was up to me to have one. So I chose a mojito. They have a really good chili habanero drink at one of the Legend's bar at the resort, I would recommend that (if you like things a little spicy), I would recommend looking at the menus and seeing if you like any of theirs, and request that. 2. If you bring outside stuff, I would be careful with customs as they will charge you a tax on it if it exceeds a certain amount ($200 I think). 3. I used boutineers from the gold packaged (my flowers were white, with greenery). See photo for the grooms flower. I thought they did a good job with the guys flowers. I brought my own for the bride and bridesmaids flowers (faux flowers)
  3. Thank you @@robynm10 ! Our professional photography photos came in the mail today! I will be posting pictures soon! @@smiles4u I am sure everyone using this forum felt the same way during the planning process. So you are not alone! I found so much more useful information on this site than even talking to the coordinators on the resort. I feel like they are really overwelmed over there. Last I was there, there were only 3 cooridinators in charge of all the weddings. For such a money maker, I would think they would put more resources out there to plan weddings. I had my wedding ceremony at the stone gazebo start time at 5:30pm. It was amazing. The scenery was perfect: palm trees and the beach behind us. The gazeebo had shade for my guests, hard floors for the ladies to wear their heels, and it was awesome feeling the breeze blowing as we said our vows. Pray for good weather. Seriously. Had reception on the sky bar terrace and that was really nice view, especially when the sun started to set. If you have your ceremony at 3pm, it might be really hot, so the gazebo is a good choice. I bought paper fans for all our guests, and that really helped. Yes, I do believe you need a notarized letter if your child is not traveling with you. Finally got my pictures back from the photographer, so I'll be posting them on here.
  4. @@scrudele6 hi Stephanie : - We had about 2 tables of 32 (64 seats) and it left plenty of room for dancing, and then the DJ was in the corner. I think you could add another row of tables and fit guests, because we still had plenty of room for a dance floor. - The teatro is covered .. kinda like an auditorium feel, but it does have an open area to the side. I wanted something with a tropical background, and that's really what I was going for being on a resort, so I did not want anything indoors. Plus I didn't have to spend money on extra floral decor. That's just me though. - If you go with DJ Mannia, it's $1300 for 4 hours. He provides amps, colored lighting, and an microphone, and he also MCs (announces stuff like first dance, speeches, cake cutting etc.). He was good to work with and answers emails very quickly. Just send him some songs to play, and he will make sure to get it for you. Even songs that aren't mainstream, he will look on YouTube and download it. - I thought 8 HourDourves was plenty...unfortunately myself, husband, and bridal party didn't get to enjoy it because we spent the whole time taking pictures!!! They set a side an area on the sky deck with high tables and chairs for guests to eat. It did come with a signature cocktail. Just let them know what drink you want, and they'll serve it. Plus open bar! - We didnt have time to enjoy the whole resort, so we didnt' do one, but if I had more time, I'd do a catamaran out to Isle Mujeres. - We worked with FunJet, and our conceirge person was able to negotiate a 3-entree options because my husband was really adamat about getting plated dinners for a more fancy feel. They did say they would charge extra $15 per person for lobster, after we already agreed on the set menu. Just ask them if they'll do it-- worse thing they could do is say no. They agreed to it if we would make place cards that specify entree selections for each person which was super easy to do. Cindy
  5. hi Robyn: I had 3 centerpiece garlands for my table (1 on each table, and 1 for my sweetheart table). It was $465 EACH, but I thought it was worth it because I had minimal decor, and it really did make the reception pretty. I also upgraded and got Gold Tiffany Chairs ($7/per chair), Ivory linens ($40/table), Napkins ($3/pp), Gold charger plates ($5/plate). Over all I spent about $3000 for the table decor. I made my own faux flowers for my self, and 3 bridesmaids-- It was so much cheaper, and it looked 100% better than what they had offered. You do get 1 complimentary bouquet, but it really didnt look that great. For those interested, I want to sell my bouquets. Message me at tocin4@@gmail.com for pictures from my wedding. I am happy to share. Oh, you do get 1 6 inch table for "welcome" table, and the tables were included in my package. Any one else interested in flower girl baskets? Selling that as well.
  6. @nyarcher1215: What package are you getting? For gold package, ceremony at the gazebo, I had a choice to decorate isle with shells or lanterns. I chose shells, but perhaps you can ask if you can use the la terns for your tables so you don't have to pack them? Whatever you pack, use a hard case luggage and include a nite in Spanish that the items are used for your wedding decor. I used faux flowers for my ceremony as well. You cannot tell in pictures! And it holds up wel in the heat! Here's a pic. That is correct, the resort does not do reservations. But somehow, for weddings I was able to reserve Lizo and do a private buffet dinner , free of charge ????????. They squally charge $28/person for that.
  7. Thank You @@Clarianne! Feel free to ask questions-- I know this forum was super helpful during the planning. Hair & makeup-- made appointments for 3 bridesmaids and myself. For gold package -- mine was complimentary-- so make sure they don't charge you! They did charge me originally but I mentioned it, and it was credited. First of all, it was extremely humid! I wanted my hair down, so they curled it a lot and then don't mess w/ it. Or be prepared to bring a curling iron to re-curl if your ceremony is later in the day. Seriously though-- don't waste your money doing hair there at the salon, unless it's an updo. One of my BM had her hair similar to mine and it was undone. And I recommend updos hair style . It holds better in humidity, and if you're gonna pay money, it should last. Salon service was very slow. And they don't really do makeup well ????. Had to have them fix mine and a bridesmaids. We were better off doing our own makeup. Sparklers: you cannot pack this on the plane or check it in! It's considered explosives. If you want them-- I recommend the company in Mexico. Inplaya. I found their prices was cheaper than some other companies. We paid abt $91 for 60 2 foot sparklers. The owner is really nice and they respond to emails fast. She will deliver to your hotel- free of charge. She met me at the lobby (she drive an hour to get there). Contact: Eugenia Palacios email :: info@inplaya.com.mx We ended up lighting them after the party was done at 11 as part of our "exit". All the guests went down on the beach and we light them, ran under them in our photos. I am glad we got long ones because it was really fun just having everyone play on the sand. It was a bit hard to light up with just a lighter-- it was a nice breeze at night. Luckily there was a other wedding on the beach that had a bonfire so we used their fire. In exchange they ran under our sparklers for their wedding photo. That's expensive-- have you considered bringing your own light and lanterns? They will hang them up for You for free. We did that and saved a lot.
  8. Anyone need anything for their wedding - invitations, decor, etc? I have an 40% off coupon from weddingpaperdivas.com
  9. Hi Friends! Made it back from our wedding! Overall, everyone had a marvelous time at the resort and wedding! Weather was PERFECT- thank God! Here's my review and some helpful tips: GOLD package # Guests: 57 (47 adults , 10 kids) Symbolic Ceremony: Venue: Stone Gazebo @5-5:30 Cocktail Hour (@5:30-630) + Reception: SKY Bar 6:30-11) Color scheme: palm trees, gold, pinks, gray, white I'm really glad I chose the Stone Gazebo. Weather was nice and sunny and standing under neath, there was a really nice breeze blowing through. And it was shaded for our family and friends and had concrete floors so guests and myself could wear heels. Located behind Building 5, it was nicely tucked away with a gorgeous beach, palm tree background. And was great for family pictures right after. We had to buy additional a ante garde chairs (package came w/ 20)-- rememeber to deduct ur wedding party in the head count for this. Ceremony Music: download all your songs on Spotify and make sure they can play off-line using a phone or iPad. There's someone who will connect to speakers. Oh and make sure the officiants microphone works! Cocktail followed and was nice that it was at the same area as the reception so guests didn't have to travel around too much which I liked. The GOLD Package included: your choice of shells or lantern to decorate the isle, and a runner, a small podium table and a floral center piece, rose petals to sprinkle on floor or for use for flower girls. TIP: I had 2 friends not in the wedding party that helped check on the decor and sent pics back to me to make sure it looked as I had envisioned. They were my eyes and ears. Asking a BM would be not possible bc they were w us through the whole day for photos. TIP: Make sure you have someone tell the officiant to announce that a cocktail hour at location is immediately following !!! Cocktail Hour: We did it on sky bar, it's off to the side of where the reception is, had seats , podium high tables. I brought some pics in gold frames as decor on the tables, made a sign of all the hor d'ourves. Used a Trio band that came w the package. The bridal party used that time to go take pics. Reception: I used Alquima-- I didn't even think to use outside vendor, they were pricey. I used them and paid to do 2 long tables , garland center piece for each table made of greens, succulents, pink roses, upgraded gold TIffany chairs, white linens, 60 votive candles, gold chargers. I though they did a lovely job with the table decor! I brought my own table numbers. I wanted to add string lights up there. Alquima charged $600 for 3 x 50ft string of globe lights ????. That's way too much-- so I ordered them on Amazon ($55 each) and brought my own lanterns. TIP: if you bring your own, they will string them up for you for free. There weren't any additional lights up there, and I really wanted to lighten it up for photos. Glad I did. I also got a garland of flowers for the bride groom table. Brought my own "Mr&Mrs" sign. And brought my own gold sequin table cloth. The package also comes with welcome table abt 6ft long. I brought everything to decorate. Menu selection: We were able to negotiate plates dinners with 3 different entree selection, and everyone gets the same salad, soup, dessert. My husband liked that each guest was served a dish versus having to get their own food via buffet style. Food was good but not spectacular. I barely ate bc we were so busy so I have no idea what it tasted like. If you do this, create a color coded place card to help the waiters. DJ: we used DJ Mannia- he was really good and very nice... really quick to respond and good to work with. Give him your play list and write down when he needs to introduce stuff : 1st dance, cake cutting , etc. SPARKLERS: I ordered them from INPLAYA in Mexico. Eugenia, the owner, was wonderful to work with! Very prompt in responses and she drove an hour to deliver them to me. They were cheaper than some other vendors, $91 for x60 2ft sparklers. My coordinator was Barbara. She was nice. She executed her role. And she was pretty quick in her email response. I thought she did her job. She was a bit late in getting the ceremony started and there was a lot of confusion abt that but it was ok in the end. TIP: Create a diagram and Picture of how you want your stuff to look and layout. That's the best way to get what you want. And be prepared. Rehearsal: They never mentioned that rehearsal was a big deal. But I think it was. We did rehearsal 30 min before our welcome dinner. That was NOT enough time. Plus having drunk groom and groomsmen not present didnt help either ???? TIP: I would recommend at least 45-60 min. Some ppl had trouble finding the gazebo. WELCOME DINNER: The day before wedding day, we did a private dinner at Lizo (first choice as Dunas but it was already booked). I thought here was an outdoor component to it, but there wasn't. It was free however and we were not charged for this! TIP: if I could do again, I wouldn't do it here. I'd rather free up guests for dinner here as an option. I woulda just done cocktails/ drinks at Dunas or something on the beach, bonfire perhaps. FLOWERS: I didn't like the flowers in their brochure and they were expensive. I brought my own faux bouquets bc I wanted peonies, dahlias, hydrangeas. And they quoted me $570 for something similar to what I envisioned for my bouquet alone! I thought the ones I brought looked great! I only bought 2 Boutineers for dads and 2 coursage for moms. HOTEL: it was a beautiful resort-- your guests will have a great time. MAKE SURE YOUR PLANNER TELLS THEM ITS FOR UR WEDDING, AND MAKE SURE THEY KNOW AT CHECK-IN. You should get some nice things in your room. Food was ok. If you can stay in Finest Clib or Excellence (Building 5 and 6) Lastly, I gave guests welcome bags with goodies inside. I ended up not having the desk deliver the bags ($4/ person), and just handed them out when I saw them. Over all it was a great wedding, and weather was great to make that happen.
  10. hi ladies, will be leaving this coming for my wedding NEXT FRIDAY!!! Can't believe after months of going on this site, it's my turn. My wedding cooridnator was Yanin, and after I read Mexiweddings review, I reached out to Barbara (her boss) with my concerns. And she has confirmed Yanin is no long working for the Excellence group. There were so many complaints from brides, who spent so much time and money planning their wedding, all for her to not do her job. I am glad of this news because it was stressing me out! Barbara is my wedding coordinator now. I'll have to catch her up to speed on my details. Anyways, I'll be sure to come back with a full report to help you ladies out!
  11. Great advice! Thank you, I will definitely set up my table at home and take pictures of where I want everything to go. They just need to match it up! Do you remember the size/dimension of that welcome table and the bride/groom? Did anyone pay to have their welcome bags delivered to the guests rooms? I wasn't going to do that, but I wanted guests to get it right when they check in, I feel like it makes it feel like they're appreciated. My concern is of course, they don't, or worse give it to the wrong guests? I am having a welcome party on Thursday, the night before our wedding day, and I dont want to wait til then for early arrivals to get and enjoy? Thanks everyone for all the input. I thought destination wedding planning would be easier than local planning, but my goodness.
  12. Anyone know how the decorations works ? I am bringing things to decorate our welcome table, table numbers, etc. When does set up start? And can I have friends supervise or help decorate? After the review from @@mexiwedding I'm afraid my WC will not follow through Lastly, anyone know the resort themes for each day of the week this month?
  13. Oh No, @@lizzjameson...can you share what those issues are so that we know what to expect??? hi Ladies ! Our wedding is in less than 3 weeks. I've been monitoring the weather and it looks like it's raining the next 2 weeks due to tropical storm brewing in the gulf. Question: I'm planning to bring a few items to the resort for decorations as well as programs, table numbers, etc. I'm considering packing everything in a big box (within acceptable size limits at the airport). Has anyone done this or had experience with sending your stuff over there? I'm worried about going through customs. Will this be allowed? will they confiscate it? Will the make me pay an import tax? I would really appreciate any advice on this if you have some. Thanks in advance.
  14. @mexiwedding: I hear you!!!! I am also very fearful not getting my makeup right also . So sorry you have not heard from Yanin in 3 weeks...that is a hell of a long time!!!!! I have an email from her about how to do the place cards to indicate meals: She suggested using some sort of color scheme to indicate what meal everyone is getting. For mine, I am going to do it color coded backings, also I have typed out entrée choice on their name card along with the table number. Hope that helps, if not, I can forward you an email with a sample she sent. What information did you include on your program? Did you include the officiant name??? I dont have the name. Great ideas on the welcome bags..I like the mini beach ball idea. I am trying to find cool things ppl would want, but yet not be too costly or too big to transport. What did you do about seating chart? We are doing 2 Long rows of rectangular tables, and I having trouble getting a real/finalized lay out so I can assign table numbers. Hope its as nice as I envision. Goodluck! and thanks for your feedback!
  15. wow it's coming up!!! how's your planning coming along??? Mine is a couple of weeks after yours. Are you doing any wedding programs?? And are you doing out of town welcome bags? I am doing them, but I don't know what to fill it up with that won't be to heavy. I have 62 guests coming.
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