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On the first page I posted a file that has all the fees and info about the in house vendors as well.  


@@airsusie who are you using for Photography if not them?  And DJ are you using one?

We are up to 40 guests as of today.

SusanMarie813 September 13, 2015

NE112015 November 27, 2015


Ok figured it out!  Below are all the documents I have so far for the resort that I gathered :)



Here is the document with the pricing.  Also I thought I had the flower document posted somewhere but I can not find it in my files nor on the site.  Can someone post it.  I need to choose my centerpiece that comes in the package.  Going to get that since its free.  I am hoping they will give me one corsage I need, since I am not taking anything else.  If not my real touch flower vendor will make me one.   Thanks in advance for posting it.



Finest Wedding infomation.pdf

Finest Wedding Guide.pdf

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Awesome - so based on your documents, the outside vendor fee would be $150 for a DJ. Wonder if an outside florist is considered a "decor" company. Hmmm....guess I will have to wait to hear back from my WC! 


Thank you again 

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My Wedding planner explained that vendor fees are $500 for the first vendor and then $150 for any additional vendors. I am hiring my own photographer, DJ and decoration companies, I am paying $500 for the photographer, and then $150 for the other two.


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I have all the flower information and pricing.  I had to have them resend it to me.  I picked corsages and 1 table centerpiece.  Not using anything else and only using those because it was free.  But here is all the info.


As well as I received my confirmation from one spa for my hair and make up.  They will meet you the day before the wedding to go over everything.  I am not doing a trial.   As well as I also made spa appointments for me and my bridal party for the day before the wedding.  Hope the info is useful.

One Spa sent me a bridal menu.  So here is all the Spa info in one post.


ER_01-Bouquets Catalogue.pdf

ER_02-Bridesmaids Bouquets Catalogue.pdf

ER_03-Butonnieres Catalogue.pdf

ER_04-Ladies Corsages Catalogue.pdf

ER_05-Hair Flowers Catalogue.pdf

ER_06-Gazebos Catalogue.pdf

ER_07-Table Centerpieces Catalogue.pdf

One Spa Bridal Menu.pdf



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I used destination weddings so they did all that with our room block and confirmed dates. She had several that we gave her. It really takes about a week for them to answer.



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