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  1. @@SusanMarie813 - Absolutely beautiful photos!!!! Thank you for sharing! Our wedding is around the corner...we leave in three weeks!
  2. Congratulations Susan!!!! We will be leaving in 28 days for our wedding at the Finest. We are also using the Sky Bar for our reception. Do you have any pics of the set up? How many guests did you have? Did you use a DJ?
  3. Awesome - so based on your documents, the outside vendor fee would be $150 for a DJ. Wonder if an outside florist is considered a "decor" company. Hmmm....guess I will have to wait to hear back from my WC! Thank you again
  4. Does anyone know what the outside vendor fees are for DJ & florist? I am waiting on a reply from my WC, but would like to start soliciting quotes since my wedding is now only 58 days away. As far as the flower catalogs, I sent over pictures of what I liked & asked my WC to select what was an equivalent from their catalogs to avoid any extra charges. I told her the colors I wanted and which flowers I didn't want - for instance, lilies, because I am allergic. It didn't seem to be a problem from her.
  5. @@Nicoleml - my wedding is in 60 days....that's the only reason I am getting a tad concerned. LOL. My wedding coordinator did finally reply yesterday to my email after a week. I had to email right back because only some of my questions were answered. Crossing my fingers I get a faster response this time around You are so lucky to get to do a site visit first. I am going into this blind! Although I have to say, following the hotel on facebook & instagram has really helped eliminate a ton on worry. Everything looks so pretty!
  6. So you have had to make arrangements directly with the minister, decor company, sparkler co, DJ, etc? The wedding coordinator doesn't handle all of this stuff for you? Oh LAWD! I need to get in touch with her so I can start working on everything!!! LOL We did just apply for a Visa this week with no foreign transaction fees after realizing most places don't take Discover. Congrats on your upcoming wedding @@SusanMarie813. September 13th will be our one year engagement anniversary...that is a great date
  7. I will be sure to ask my wedding coordinator, as soon as I hear back from the email I sent on Monday. Hehehe. Soooo slow!
  8. I would like to create a wedding program with the order of service, but can't seem to find that information. Hoping to knock a few items off of my to-do list before it gets much closer. We are 66 days out as of today.
  9. This is GREAT information @@SusanMarie813! Thank you for sharing. Quick question - where did the scripts come from? Are they specific to a certain minister?
  10. Quick couple of questions: 1) How quickly does Teresa reply to your emails? 2) Is she the wedding coordinator or will I be assigned someone else as my date gets closer? 3) Is there a template of what information we need to decide on prior to getting to mexico (ie lines, flower selection, DJ)...I am want to make sure I am prepared with selections for any items. Thanks in advance for your help! Heather
  11. @lizzjameson- we are using Button Up Photography for both photos & video. He has been great to communicate with. This is his website - http://www.buttonupmx.com/ He is also on Facebook. And for anyone who might be interested, there is also a Cancun Brides facebook group that is a wealth of info. Lots of different resorts represented, but it's a place to chat with other destination wedding brides too.
  12. We did Save the Dates in January (for our 10/17 wedding), formal invites were sent out in May & the RSVP deadline is 8/17. I am also a sucker for stationary. The funny thing now though is, all of my stationary is for the wrong hotel since we just got transferred into the Finest. LOL. We are really happy with the switch though, My fiance LOVES the Sky Bar. So far we have Button Up Photography for our photos/videos & Vo Evolution for our hair & make up (paying vendor fees for both ) I am also bringing several bits of decoration with us to save on the cost of renting i
  13. @@airsusie Your video was amazing! Thank you....you guys look so happy & it looks like your guests had a great time Thank you so much for all of this info! Is Alquimia Events on of Finest's inhouse vendors? Meaning one we can use without having to pay an outside vendor fee?
  14. This is AMAZING! Thank you so much for reposting the link We just got confirmation back that we will have the gazebo for our wedding & Sky Bar for our reception & cocktail hour. I am very excited! And your dress was to die for!!!! Beautiful wedding & bride!
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