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  1. My Wedding planner explained that vendor fees are $500 for the first vendor and then $150 for any additional vendors. I am hiring my own photographer, DJ and decoration companies, I am paying $500 for the photographer, and then $150 for the other two.
  2. Hi Ladies, I've attached all the catalogues I have received from the resort so far for your reference. Enjoy! 01 COCKTAIL HOUR.pdf 02 SILVER & GOLD DINNERS.pdf 03 Wedding cakes catalogue 2014.pdf ER_00-Weddings_Pricelist.pdf ER_01-Bouquets Catalogue.pdf ER_03-Butonnieres Catalogue.pdf ER_04-Ladies Corsages Catalogue.pdf ER_07-Table Centerpieces Catalogue.pdf
  3. @@Alicecc2015, same here I need to start looking at dresses quickly. I'm planning on going to BHLDN and hoping to find something off the rack there. @@Tsampson, I haven't had much interaction with my wedding planner either! I am working with the resort directly and in order to book my wedding date, I had to book my stay. We are atayin there for 7 nights so our wedding fee should be waived off base on the contract. I am also visiting the resort 2 months prior to our wedding date so we can 1) see the resort and 2) finalize the details.
  4. @@jeaninealvarez, beautiful pictures! I am planning on doing the same thing as you did, we'll have the ceremony on the beach and plan to have the reception at the sky bar. My only worry is that our guest list has grown to 75 people and I am not sure if they can fit everyone in the sky bar area. I am bringing my own photographer! I agree with you that it's worth it. I looked at the resort photographer and their work was not my taste. I do have a Question for you. Did you use the DJ from the resort? How was the DJ? Is it good entertainment? I am so worried about the entertainment. I'm planni
  5. @@SusanMarie813 we are planning on having our reception on the sky bar deck and I am going to do Tiffany chairs and gold chargers and flower centerpiece (PC09 and PC29 from the resort catalogue). Also I am going to ask to add some string light bulbs over the dance floor. I wanted to do little tequila bottles as my escort cards however found out they are $11 per Blt based on the pricing from the company The resort works with. That's a little expensive since I am already doing welcome bags that's taking a big chunk of my budget. So I am going to have to find a different option. Do you mind shar
  6. Hi everyone! It's been quite on this board lately! I'm still looking at options for our wedding and I think I'm gotten the decorations and flowers down however I am having a hard time deciding on what type of entertainment to pick for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding! Any recommendation? Has anyone had any contact or experience with the band or the DJ that is offered through the resort?
  7. @@amandapanda would you be able to share the pictures for the different venues? I contacted the wedding planning group yesterday and have not had a response on who will be the coordinator for my wedding. I am assuming I still have a little bit of time since my wedding is in November.
  8. @@airsusie do you have their price list by any chance? I thought the resort photographer's prices are a little high!
  9. I'm getting married November 27th. As far as decorations, I'm just going to get Tiffany chairs and chargers from the resort. I think the beach scenery will be pretty for the wedding and reception. I will get small table numbers from here in US to add a personal touch. Is anyone looking into hiring the photographer and or the dance band the resort offers? Do you have any details or reviews in how they are?
  10. @@amandapanda that's exactly what I am thinking to do too. I also concidered to add customize beach towels in the OOT bags. It can add up quickly though. I'll have to see how creative I can get with my budget. My fiancé and I booked our room and stay for the week of our wedding last night. I'm getting even more excited about getting married there!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm glad I found this board! I am starting my wedding planning process at the finest resort and I have been in contact with Laura. She's been pretty responsive so far. I now am at the point that I need to book our room to secure the date and time for the wedding. How are you guys handling the reserving a block of rooms for your guests. Should I contact the resort directly or go through a travel agent? My only issue is that I don't have or know of a good travel agent to work with... Excited to hear more about everyone's wedding planning progress
  12. Thank you! I've been in contact with Laura too and she just send me the booking information. Have you been able to reserve a block of rooms for your guests?
  13. Hi everyone. My fiancé and I have decided to get married at the finest resort in November 2015. I contacted the resort and they gave me their availability and the cost details. I now at the point that I need to confirm the date with the resort so I can start sending out save the dates and details to my guests. How did you guys get your confirmation? Did you have to put down a deposit? I'm a little nervous about how the wedding planning is going to work out...
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