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@@ashhtayy (or anyone else) Happy to share the details from my excursion research if you need it at some point. I contacted around 10 vendors, mainly catamaran tours. All Cancun/Riviera Maya.



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I didn't do OOT bags. I decided to use my money to provide memorable experiences for the guests while they were in Cancun! It was the smartest decision I made!! First... you dont have to lug all of the bags and their goodies all the way to your destination and spend your precious time putting them together. Second, people are coming to your wedding to do things with you and would rather have a cool experience than some advil, pepto, and some chapstick! Most of the OOT items people bring for themselves when going on vacation-- and the rest of the items never get used. 


I did a private Tequila tasting at our rehearsal dinner and chartered a catamaran for all our guests. Even if you choose to do a group dance lesson or an excursion or hire marriachi-- anything will be extra special and will provide lasting memories for you and your guests!


Hope this helps!

Thank you for this other view. I have been going back and forth about what to do with my guests....we have about 50 who will be joining us and half of them have already done an AI before with the other half (mostly family members) never having been to one. I know not everyone would care about a OOT bag since they would have most of the things I'd put in their anyway, and I too think that the experiences will have longer lasting memories then the OOT bad. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!! 

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