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  1. Pronovias Pria 2016 Collection Wedding Dress. Sweetheart neckline with beautiful soft lace detailing throughout. Low lace back with button detailing. This dress falls beautifully on your silhouette and is so comfortable to wear. Bought a size 16 for my big hips, but it fits more like a 12-14. Alterations: Ribbon empire bow on belt at waist was removed and replaced with a sparkly applique. Train was removed. More pictures are available. If you are looking for a destination wedding dress that won't make you sweat all night, this one is for you! I absolutely loved this dress and will miss never wearing it again. Paid $1400 Cdn, asking for $800 - it's in good shape (looks like new!) and has already been professionally cleaned.
  2. Thank you ladies! After thinking more about it, I think we are going to do our own make-up so now I'm just looking for places in PDC to get our hair done. Don't want to be paying the extra $200 vendor fee to have them at the hotel (I might as well use the hairdressers onsite if that's the case!).
  3. Hi ladies, I am 10 weeks away from my destination wedding day (whooo hooo!) and still can't decide what to do with my (and my bridesmaids) hair and make up. I'd like to pay for my 2 bridesmaids hair and make up as a thank you for standing up for me at my wedding, and I think it would be fun to get pampered on the day of the wedding. But with the weak Canadian dollar now, I don't know if I can afford it. Do we do our own? Do we spend the $155/person to get our hair done at the resort and do our own make up? Or do any of you have any recommendations for me (I have already read the vendor reviews and contacted a few of them who seem to be quite expensive). Has anyone gone to a salon in PDC to get it done there instead of on the resort? Any (urgent) help/advice would be much appreciated! Robyn
  4. I love your bags....that's exactly what I'm looking for! How is the quality of the bag?
  5. Thank you for this other view. I have been going back and forth about what to do with my guests....we have about 50 who will be joining us and half of them have already done an AI before with the other half (mostly family members) never having been to one. I know not everyone would care about a OOT bag since they would have most of the things I'd put in their anyway, and I too think that the experiences will have longer lasting memories then the OOT bad. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!
  6. Alright, after having a very busy July, I have decided to get back into the swing of things and continue planning our wedding. RSVPs are almost all in (we will be having about 50 guests), I've bought my dress (Becker's is absolutely amazing....I highly recommend this salon as they have a good variety of dress styles and excellent service), secured the DJ, and about to secure our photographer. I'm still looking into bridesmaid dresses and deciding on a colour palette, and the fiance is still trying to decide on what he is going to wear (anyone have recommendations on where to find linen suits?). Since we are flying with Sunwing and going to a Riu, we were given a free wedding planning package which enables us to work with a wedding coordinator here in Canada and decide on our decorations and other items earlier than the 2-3 months it would normally be. For someone like me who is very much into details, I'm happy....no wait relieved....that I don't have to wait so long to make these types of decisions! April can not come quickly enough!!! I can't wait for our day! How is everyone else's planning coming along? Any words of wisdom they'd like to share?
  7. Hi brides! I'm getting married in the Mayan Riviera in April and would like to hire a mariachi band for our cocktail reception in between the ceremony and dinner/reception. However, the quote I'm getting from my hotel is $450 for a 45 minute set which seems absurd. I have a few questions about this: 1. Have any of you ever negotiated prices in your wedding package, and if so was it successful? 2. For any of you who have booked a mariachi band in the past, is this a reasonable price? If not, what is a reasonable price? If you have a band recommendation in the Mayan Riviera area that would be less than this, please let me know! Robyn
  8. I'm so excited....I said 'yes' to the dress this past weekend! It was a tough decision as I fell in love with two very different dresses, but after trying them on again a week later, I chose. Yay! Now it's on to choosing a color theme and bridesmaid dresses. Oh, and a photographer.....it's much harder than I had anticipated! Do any of you have recommendations for me on any of these?
  9. Ok forum friends, I'm hoping you can help me out. I have spent over a month pouring over photographer reviews and can't decide which one to go with. I am looking for a photographer who is able to capture the special intimate moments that not everyone will notice, doesn't use too much photoshop to doctor the colors in the pictures, and (ok, this may seem strange to mention) who s tall so that the pictures don't look like they are at our hip level (my fiance and I are tall as are most of our guests). Oh, and it can't cost more than $2000 for a 4-5 hour booking. I've connected with a few photographers I really liked based on their pictures, but they cost over $2500 which is not something we can afford. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!
  10. We have booked Chili's for the dinner and dancing. It's got a great menu with diverse options and is next to the beach so what could be better! It's also the only one that's open air and would fit our guests and a dance floor area.
  11. @ Kmk2016 - where did you find your mariachi band? I'd love to have one for our cocktail hour however the resort is quoting $450 for 45 minutes!
  12. I agree about the high price to have a wedding at the Riu Palace - ours will probably be over $10,000 since we will be having approximately 50-60 guests. But I figure it's cheaper than having it back home, and it'll be nicer to spend quality, relaxed time with friends and family on a vacation, so I'm well ahead! We are also comfortable paying a slightly higher price to ensure quality of food and service, as the Riu Palace Riviera Maya has virtually no negative reviews. I'll pay for a little piece of mind!
  13. If you are still looking for a resort in the PDC area, I would recommend the Riu Palace Riviera Maya. It's a gorgeous location and close enough to walk to all that 5th Ave has to offer. We are getting married there and have met with the WC who is very nice and helpful.
  14. I checked out the Riu Palace Riviera Maya in February before booking my wedding there, and it's beautiful. It's a little pricer than other resorts in the area, but well worth it as it's quite high end. Unfortunately, not all my guests are able to afford it, but this is the first time alot of my family members will be in Mexico and doing an all-inclusive so I wanted them to feel comfortable knowing that it's a good place. While I was there, I was able to meet with one of the Wedding Coordinators who was very patient and took me on a two hour tour of the whole resort, including viewing a couple of different room options, restaurants, etc. If you have any questions about this resort, please do not hesitate to PM me.
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