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  1. I am actually considering having the reception off the resort. There are too many restrictions! I wanted to have the reception in one of the open air restaurant but I can only have it from 6:30 to 8:30. That's ridiculous! So my only option is having it in the garden or the beach. Can you tell me where they got married? I am looking for somewhere in Playa Del Carmen (since it's so close to the Riu). Thanks! Mel
  2. Thank you @@dreamweddings Have you had any clients stay at the Riu Palace Mexico?
  3. This is just icing on an already perfect cake!! I have booked both Moments that Matter and Styling trio for my upcoming wedding and couldn't be more excited!! I have done extensive research and these two are the best. Easy to deal with and so quick to respond.
  4. @@JaxBchKay You mentioned that the styling trio came to the resort 3 time? Did you have to pay the vendor fee each time? My wedding is booked at the Riu Palace Mexico and I have just been told that I will have to pay the vendor fee each time they come. I also have a trial, wedding and TTD session. And on top of that I'll have to pay an extra vendor fee if there are more then two 2 people. Well for the wedding there will be myself, 6 bridesmaids, my mom and mother of the groom all getting their hair and makeup done. I doubt only two people can do all 9 of us.... So basically I am so frustra
  5. Hi all past and new brides! I have booked the Riu Palace Mexico for our wedding in February 2016. I have also booked the styling trio to do our hair and makeup. In the package I picked, they come to the resort to do a trial a few days before the wedding, they come to the resort the day of the wedding and they also come to the resort to do my hair and makeup a few days after the wedding for my trash the dress session. Now my question is, for those of you who had a similar package with an external vendor, did you have to pay the vendor fee 3 times? Please let me know when was your wedding and at
  6. Hi all RPM brides! I have booked my wedding for Feb 29, 2016. We have about 60 guest coming so need to have a private reception. My only options for the reception are the beach or the convention Center. I've looked everywhere and cannot find anything on the convention Center. I really don't want a beach reception as people will have heels and I ALWAYS get bitten by the sand fleas if I walk on the beach at night. I would not have booked this resort if I had known those were my only two options for a bigger group. But now that we are all booked i need to know what the convention Center looks lik
  7. I totally agree rbehlke! I don't mind spending a bit more to have it extra special, and it will still be way cheaper then having a big wedding at home. At first we thought we would have about 50 guests, we are now at 70 and many more are planning to book later! We are having ours at the Riu Palace Mexico. I haven't decided where we will have our reception yet, thinking the steakhouse? Where are you having yours?
  8. Hi Donna! I Haven't been on this site in a while, sorry for the late response! I have emailed you the price list that was sent to me. Mel
  9. @@susie q My travel agent told me about this too and I found a way around it. I actually have 2 reservations - One for my actual wedding at the RPM and another for the Riu Playacar which I put under my mother and sister's name. The only thing was I had to put two separate deposits.
  10. For those of you who wanted to know, Riu has finally responded to my question about the day pass. If you are staying at one of the Riu you have to pay 45$ for a day pass if the wedding is at the palace. If you are staying at a completely different resort then you have to pay 95$. Also, you can only eat dinner (a la carte or buffet) at your own resort. So if you are staying at the palace and you want to have dinner with friends staying at the Yucatan, you can't. After 6 pm everyone needs to return to their own resort. They sent me a price list of some of the extras. Give me your email
  11. I would also like some info, prices and pictures of the wedding locations/gazebo. I haven't booked yet, the lack of information makes me nervous! You can email me: melanie.noel07@@gmail.com Thanks!!
  12. Hi Susie Q! Could you send me the information too? My email: melanie.noel07@ gmail. com Thank you so much!!
  13. Congratulations on your wedding Jenluvsmark!! I am so glad to hear from someone who just had their wedding at the Riu palace Mexico! I am planning my own wedding for February 29, 2016. I haven't booked it yet because I am concerned about the lack of information. I am using a travel agent and when I asked her about all the extra fees associated with the wedding she said they (Riu) will only tell me this information after I've booked. This makes me very nervous! I would like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind? The 65$ day pass - Is this for guests staying at a completely dif
  14. Hi Neako! I will let you know what I find out! What other resorts are you considering? I'm not 100% sure about the Riu... I find their wedding package a bit pricey. We will be a group of 50+ guests. Someone on this site said she paid 10000$ for her wedding with a group of 75. It was 70$ per person for the private reception (BBQ style) on top of the wedding package. Also 25$ per person (after the 40 that were included in the pkg) for the ceremony.
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