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Post Wedding Sale **tons Of Items**

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Lots of stuff, in pretty good quantities. We are finally moving into a house and the hubby wants me to lighten the load, beginning with the wedding stuff that I've been ignoring! I have lots of things for adults and children. I will also attach pictures for reference. All of the items were never used, they are all leftovers or never made the trip! Please note that buyer pays for shipping and all transactions are conducted via Paypal.


1   -  Navy Blue Parasol - $5

1   -  Flower Girl Book - $5 

1   -  Flower Girl Camera - $5

10 -  Bath & Bodyworks Anti-Bacterial Dancing Waters Scent - $7.50 ($0.75/each)

10 -  Bath & Bodyworks Anti-Bacterial Fresh Lime Basil Scent - $7.50 ($0.75/each)

6   -  Bath & Bodyworks Anti-Bacterial Island Margarita Scent - $4.50 ($0.75/each)

6   -  Clear Glitter Anti-Bacterial Holders - $3.00 ($0.50/each)

2   -  Black Anti-Bacterial Holders - $1.00 ($0.50/each)

1   -  Blue/White Anti-Bacterial Holder - $0.50

9   -  Bath & Bodyworks Nail Files - $7.00 ($0.77/each)

15 -  Paper Lantern Lights - $15

11 -  Complete Hangover Kits - $20 (kits include Gatorade packet, Alka-Seltzer, Breath freshener, 2 Pepto Tablets, Hangover Shot)

9   -  Hangover Shots (kind of like a 5 hour energy shot but used for recovering from a hangover faster)

2   -  Hello Kitty Bod Wash (for little girls) - $2 ($1/each)

2   -  Toy Story Body Wash (for little boys) - $2 ($1/each)

5   -  Pink Flower Expandable Washcloths (girls) - $4 for all ($0.80/each)

1   -  Turtle Expandable Washcloth (boy)  - $0.75 

1   -  Small Child Sunglasses - $1.00

2   -  Disney Princesses Silly Bands Packs - $1.00 ($0.50/each)

2   -  Mickey Mouse Silly Bands Packs - $1.00 ($0.50/each)

1   -  Disney Cars Silly Bands Packs - $0.50 

4   -  2 Pack Disney Tinkerbell Notepad Sets - $3.00 ($0.75/each)

44 -  Clear Luggage Tags & Straps - $50 ($1.13/each set)

70 -  Blue Wrist Coils (for room key holders) - $7.00 ($0.10/each)

60 -  Pink Wrist Coils (for room key holders) - $6.00 ($0.10/each)

85 -  Room Key Card Holders - $42.50 ($0.50/each)

1   -  Spiderman Drawstring Backpack - $1.00

1   -  Cars Drawstring Backpack - $1.00

2   -  Old Navy Girls Tote Bag - $2.00 ($1.00/each)

1   -  Packing List Task Pad (don't know the exact # pages on the pad but it's unopened) - $3.00

36 -  Pink Votive Holders - $27 ($0.75/each)

6   -  Pink Unscented/Unflavored Lip Balm with Plastic wrap (Able to personalize) - $0.90 ($0.15/each)

6   -  Blue Unscented/Unflavored Lip Balm with Plastic Wrap (Able to personalize) - $0.90 ($0.15/each)

11 -  White Unscented/Unflavored Lip Balm with Plastic Wrap (Able to personalize) - $1.76 ($0.15/each)

6   -  Starfish Set - $1.50 (complete set, will not break up)

1   -  Assorted Seashell Set - $1.00 (Will not real up or separate)

30 -  "B" Rhinestone Stickers (each pack of 10) - $6.00 ($2.00/pack of 10)

1   -  Spool of Navy Blue Ribbon 3/8" wide and 10 yards long - $1.00

1   -  Spool of Fuchsia Ribbon 3/8" wide and 10 yards long - $1.00

3   -  Basketball Playing Cards - $3.00 ($1.00/pack)

2   -  Football Playing Cards - $2.00 ($1.00/pack)

5   -  Hearts Card Game Packs - $3.75 ($0.75/pack)

4   -  Old Maid Card Game Packs - $3.00 ($0.75/pack)

3   -  Go Fish Card Game Packs - $2.25 ($0.75/pack)

1   -  Love Note Pad - $0.50

8   -  Children's Passport Activity Books & Stickers - $4.00 ($0.50/each)

12 -  Children's Story Starter Journal Activity Books - $6.00 ($0.50/each)


Told you it was a lot of stuff! Please note that all of the items are priced to sell so there's not much room for negotiation. I've checked the prices on ebay and various other sellers to ensure that I'm pricing competitively. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks!post-254337-0-14027700-1411760813_thumb.jpgpost-254337-0-79983500-1411760911_thumb.jpgpost-254337-0-00306300-1411760969_thumb.jpgpost-254337-0-38016000-1411761005_thumb.jpgpost-254337-0-76682400-1411761056_thumb.jpgpost-254337-0-56422100-1411761090_thumb.jpgpost-254337-0-79674800-1411761138_thumb.jpgpost-254337-0-61749400-1411761178_thumb.jpg



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Hi Kisha-


What do the room key holders look like? I can't open the attachment and I am interested in them! I would need 50 plus the wrist coils. Thanks and congrats on your wedding!

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Navy and fuchsia are my wedding colors also. I am interested in the pink and navy ribbon, the lipbalms , the wrist coils, the key holders, and the starfish set.


Can you please email me pics of these items because I can't open the attachments. I have 38 guests. My personal email is Vvaldezlaw@@gmail.com


Thanks, Veronica

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Hi! My email is megthomson78@@gmail.com and I'll pay today via PayPal or send you a check! I'd love to buy:


10 - Bath & Bodyworks Anti-Bacterial Dancing Waters Scent - $7.50 ($0.75/each)

10 - Bath & Bodyworks Anti-Bacterial Fresh Lime Basil Scent - $7.50 ($0.75/each)

6 - Bath & Bodyworks Anti-Bacterial Island Margarita Scent - $4.50 ($0.75/each)

6 - Clear Glitter Anti-Bacterial Holders - $3.00 ($0.50/each)

2 - Black Anti-Bacterial Holders - $1.00 ($0.50/each)

1 - Blue/White Anti-Bacterial Holder - $0.50



I only need 30 of each but if you don't want to break up set I completely understand and I'll buy them all (and then share with other brides!):


70 - Blue Wrist Coils (for room key holders) - $7.00 ($0.10/each)

85 - Room Key Card Holders - $42.50 ($0.50/each)


Total: $73.50 (unless you want to break up the coils/holders) plus shipping!

Edited by megthomson

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Hey everyone, not sure why I didn't get the notifications but I'm now seeing the activity on this thread. I will respond to everyone in order, and go down the list first come first served. Sorry for the delay.

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I'm potentially interested in the flower girl book & camera (can you tell me more about the camera? is it a keychain or an actual camera?), as well as 2 of the kids passport books/stickers.

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Are the paper lantern lights a bright white light or softer white light. If the softer white light, I would be interested.

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@@Mandiesue I don't know how the light is, we forgot to bring them when we left so I never used the lights. 


Everyone else, I'm going to the post office now to get the shipping prices for you all. 


Sorry for the delay, we had a pipe break during the install of a new washing machine. It's been a fun time around here. 

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@@megthomson shipping for you would be $11.30, but that's without the coils and card holders. I may have someone willing to purchase the whole lot which would make things easier. Let me know if you're still interested. Or if you want to purchase the whole lot and they're yours since you asked first.

@@akay were you ever able to view the photos? Please advise. Thanks

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