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  1. Only worn once--Yellowbox Africa Rhinestone Platform Wedge Thong Sandals for sale! Great condition, very clean, size 7.5. These were super comfortable and perfect for my destination wedding! Wanted to pass these along, so that someone else could get some use out of them (and get a good deal)! Selling for less than half price--$20, plus shipping costs. Please email me ASAP if you're interested! Farrah
  2. Hi everyone--I'm trying to figure out what length globe (or patio) lights we need to hang between the poles at Zavas Plaza and the surrounding trees (one pole to one tree). Apologies if this info is already posted elsewhere, but I scoured both Sensatori threads and can't find anything about it (just how long lights need to be to wrap trees). Andrea, our Miami WC (Miami) told me that each string of globe lights needs to be 9 meters long (or about 30 ft), but almost all of the globe lights that I can find come in 25 foot increments, including the ones that Katy rents (which would make th
  3. Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, but did anyone do their own labels for sunscreen bottles? I'd be so grateful if someone might share a template with me (I'm so aesthetically challenged)... I doubt that I can get templates without being a senior poster but would be happy to share my email address! Many thanks in advance!
  4. Rachelia160--thanks for the link! Which badge holders did you use with those?
  5. @@kisha311 Hi there--it looks like there's been a lot of interest, but just in case you haven't already sold them, I'd love to buy the following: 70 - Blue Wrist Coils (for room key holders) - $7.00 ($0.10/each), 60 - Pink Wrist Coils (for room key holders) - $6.00 ($0.10/each), 85 - Room Key Card Holders - $42.50 ($0.50/each) My email is farsgetswed@@gmail.com, and I could paypal you for these items plus shipping. If you've already sold them, would you mind telling me where you purchased them? Many thanks!
  6. Hi there--this is a great idea. Would you please send me the pictures of the items you have available to rent ? I'm new to the forum so not exactly sure whether I have access to PM. Thank you in advance!
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