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  1. Great article. These are things hat I definitely had to remember as I planned my wedding which was June 2015. I still am a fan of this site because it helped me so much. Now, since I still have the wedding bug and I am a travel agent, I have started to help other brides as they plan their big day, here and abroad. Thank you for the great advice and I hope many brides see this and apply your advice. My own advice would be don't stress so much that you miss out on how magical your day is. When it is all said and done, your flowers may not be perfect, your bridal party may be hung over from the n
  2. I hope these post keep coming for Jamaica brides. It was so helpful for me. So to anyone who is thinking of doing a June wedding in Montego Bay, let me say that the weather was beautiful. There was no rain at all, only a few days was it extremely hot. Most days it was nice and breezy. I had my wedding on the beach at the Holiday Inn Sunspree (now the Holiday Inn resort). The staff couldn't have been better. Some tips to remember, everything will not go exactly as planned, hire your own D.J. or ask them for a sample from the DJ or a playlist he is going to play, remember to make arrangements
  3. Its going to all move so fast so try to take some deep breaths and slow down so you can really enjoy everything. Best of luck and I hope you really enjoy yourself. I am excited for you!!!!
  4. Sorry JamaicaNicole, I don't have a lot of info on July, I've only visited once during this month. But when I visited it rained only once the entire week. I have asked a few friends there and they say its usually noon showers that come quickly and leave just as quick. Hope this helps some. To the lovely Francine who started this post, we have 3 more weeks before we head off to Jamaica for our big day. I am excited but also a bundle of nerves because there are so many small details I have to remember. Don't forget the safety pins, remember to pack everything I need ( there are no Wal-marts
  5. I'm a travel agent and I come to jamaica every year, well for the last 12 years I have, but I'm new to the wedding scene as its my first. Most resorts sell out pretty quickly in June as has ours. It actually sold out in January. June is very popular because that's when most families vacation. Yes it's their rainy season but I come every June during the third week and never been rained out, fingers crossed. Weather is normally 70 and breezy. You would think I know a florist. I've been on most of the tours, kingston, Ocho rios, you name it but I'm clueless to wedding particular. Now if you w
  6. Thank you Izzydee and becky 98. Since my wedding is in June, the busy season, I figure the resorts will be booming but I always hear great things about the Riu and plan on visiting the resort for my next Jamaican vacation. I spoke with both Jan's and Tai florals. Both have beautiful arrangements. Jan's prices were much better but then you add in vendor's fees, transportation and the lovely 16.5% government tax and your right back to the resort fees. My mother makes floral arrangements so we are taking silk flowers but I really wanted real flowers. If I find a flower stand or ship we will buy s
  7. I am doing the exact thing. I don't like eating outdoors. Especially not for a more formal event. My wedding is on the beach on June 22 in Mobay but the reception will be indoors. I really don't like flies around my food so outdoors (while beautiful) was not an option. IzzyDee, you look beautiful. I was really considering the RIU but I wanted a more intimate affair and I thought it would be a very busy place. I have heard many great things about the Riu. Your pics are fabulous. I have a few weeks before I go and I am still looking for 2 things, a floral shop in mobay and a reasonable videog
  8. OMG, my wedding is in a few weeks and despite the many many emails I have had with my wedding planner I am seriously about to cry because I feel as though I may experience something like this. If you guys could give me any advice on what to do to avoid some of these things what would it be. Thanks in advance
  9. Samantha, please do tell how you kept your budget so well. I have been contacting so many outside vendors and I just haven't found any with decent prices but I will look up the ones you named.
  10. Remember through all of the stress and things that are out of your control nothing is more important that enjoying yourself. This is all about uniting with your husband so nothing let nothing else come in the way of enjoying your day. With that said, have a great time and post tons of pics.
  11. I am doing fans as the favor at the wedding, which were pretty inexpensive and OOT bags. I wouldnt do a really expensive gift if your doing OOT Bags. The cost for the bags add up pretty quickly and I think your guest will be pretty impressed and pleased with just receiving one.
  12. So happy to hear things worked out for you. Keep us updated and let us know how the wedding went. My stomach was in knots when I read this. I felt terrible for you. I couldnt imagine this happening but as the say thngs happen for a reason (although they make us crazy) and I am sure your wedding turned out better than you could have imagined.
  13. I would also def suggest going with a travel agent. I am a travel agent and I wish I would have gone with an outside agent instead of doing it on my own. If you go to the RIU website they have all of their wedding packages. Check out this link http://www.riu.com/en/weddings/ \ and you can actually put in the wedding date to make sure it is available. They have 4 packages you can choose from and you can customize from there. I actually considered the Riu but decided to go with the location my children wanted. Once you put in your email address on the website they will contact you and wa
  14. Everything on here is so awesome you have done a great job and now your day it finally right around the corner. So many things you have said hit so close to home. I have 6 months but I had expected so many more people to book by now but not even half of the people I anticipated have paid deposits so I am moving on and going to start enjoying the people who are going. Great thread, please post pics afterwards and let us know what worked and what to avoid. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
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