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  1. I am using her. I wish there was another bride that has used services to comment on this thread, post pics, anything..lol. I also wished Keshia would post more pics of her weddings that she has coordinated.
  2. That is awesome Samantha!! How much guests did you have at your wedding? Did you do buffet or seated dinner? Thanks for the references. Please share a few pics, if you don't mind. I'm glad your day was beautiful and well under budget.
  3. Thank you for your response!! @@Tatimrivera That sounds great. Your wedding day is going to be awesome. My fiance and I decided to go with a villa in Ocho RIos with the ocean in the backdrop. It is beautiful. So far our budget is close to $9000 and includes almost everything (DJ, cocktail hour, food, wedding planner, decor, alcohol, photography/videography, etc) We have to decide on wedding favors and some other minor stuff. I know you must be excited to get married next month!! Wish you all the best and maybe you could share some pics when you get back. Congrats!!
  4. Oh ok. Do you charge a traveling fee? Also, how much do you charge for your service? Myself and two bridesmaids would need make up for the big day. Thanks @@HeatherSSmith876
  5. These tips are awesome. I've recently started doing the Turbo Fire dvd with Chalene from Beachbody and I love it. I especially like the HIIT workouts. I also been doing the green smoothies and I have so much more energy. In addition to the dvds, I jog, use the kettlebell, do squats, sit-up, push-ups, etc......Trying to lose 20lbs, down 4, 16lbs to go.
  6. Thanks @@HeatherSSmith876 I already chose a villa for the wedding, back in March when I was in Jamaica. I also have a wedding planner, whom plans to do the bridal party make up, but I will check out your site. Are you in Ocho Rios?
  7. That is great!! @@HappilyEverAfter Good job!! I started last week and so far lost 4.2 lbs. I’m trying to lose a total of about 20lbs overall. I especially love how I feel over everything. I have so much more energy now. I’ve been exercising, eating healthier and drinking at least one green smoothie a day. The wedding planning is going pretty good. I just mailed out invitations so that guests can prepare to save money to make the trip. I’ve been looking at websites for dresses and jotting down names of bridal stores that I plan to visit. Looking at pinterest for ideas of hairstyles, shoes, etc. How’s your planning going?
  8. OMG!!!! You two look beautiful...the pics are amazing!!! Thank you HappilyEverAfter!! I am also trying to lose weight as well so my friend and I are doing a weight lose competition to jump start our way to a healthier lifestyle. Thanks for sharing the website. I plan to start looking around for a dress in September or so.
  9. Sorry that I'm just seeing your post. I also responded to your e-mail. I went with a villa in Ocho Rios. It was more budget friendly. My family and I will be staying at the villa for a few nights as well. Yes, I am working with a wedding planner as well. I want to be as stress free as can be. lol. @@pamelas21
  10. Cool ideas.... Good Luck and Congrats. Please post some pics when you come back. I'm sure your wedding is going to be awesome!!! Happily Ever After, They all seem great and very professional. Have you made your decision yet? lol. Yeah, the candle will burn out, or they use the jerk sauce and toss the bottle. lol. As long as it is something nice and inexpensive, its a win-win in my book. Have you started looking for your dress?
  11. Congrats!! Make sure you check out the photographers work so that you will have beautiful pictures. I'm assuming the resort's wedding coordinator will be organizing most things so just relax and have fun!!!
  12. Hi. We were going to go with little tins of jerk sauce, but we decided to do beach candles. I did a google search for beach candles wedding favors and looked at the images....beautiful candles. And you can personalize them (some websites) Here are a couple links: http://www.myweddingfavors.com/images/product/20125BL_Seashell_L.jpg http://www.myweddingfavors.com/images/Product/samllsandshelltealightholderL.jpg http://thumbs1.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mV0kgGJN5eDdTwzhBsVlQ4A.jpg By the way, my Aunt just told me that Groupon now has a wedding section. Dresses, jewelry, stationary and few other things. Just an FYI
  13. Thanks Does anyone have ideas for wedding favors? I was thinking about getting little bottles of jerk sauce and putting a custom label on it (wedding date with my fiance and I names on it) Then, I was also thinking of maybe having a small glass with wedding date and our names on it. I discussed with my family but some are for the jerk sauce, while others think the jerk sauce is not a good idea since some of the guests live in Jamaica and may already have that stuff. If you ask me, it's a free gift. But I do want to be considerate of guests, especially the OOT guests.
  14. Sure!!! The website is http://www.stooshweddings.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stooshweddings?hc_location=timeline IG: stooshweddings Her name is Keshia.
  15. Congrats!! I am also having a villa wedding!! I will have both ceremony and reception at the villa. The villa is on the border of Ochi and St. Mary. I was in Jamaica last week and got to see the villa and meet with a wedding planner I've been communicating with. She was very nice and replies quickly to e-mails. She does not have much reviews, but has pics on IG and FB. Of all the wedding planners I've reached out to, she was the most reasonable in regards to price. My wedding date is June 25, 2015. Wish you all the best with your wedding.
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