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  1. Understood. There are makeup artists who are just as good as the ones whose names get mentioned on the forum. It just requires a little more research
  2. Hey ladies, has anyone booked a vendor who provides a photo booth for guests to take their own pics as a fun mementos?
  3. I have found that generally all the well known makeup artists that you see mentioned on these sites all charge around the same pricing. Which isn't terrible compared to what you may pay in the US. I have gotten quotes from most of the ones mentioned here and it came down to the travelling fee. I would suggest you get an artist who operates out of the particular area, as this helps to cut down on the cost. I didn't' mind paying the price they were willing to charge for the makeup application, but I was not willing to pay the travelling fee which in some cases was costing more than the makeup itself.
  4. Hi everyone. I am trying to find out if anyone has used this vendor and if so were you happy with what they offered? trying to decide between this vendor and two others that were recommended. Thanks in advance oh and it should be Rubie not Rubia
  5. Hi everyone I am getting married in Jamaica in May..we are still villa hunting so fingers crossed. We haven't booked a wedding planner as yet as at first we were gonna go with a resort wedding, but then we thought better of it since most of my family are local and the day passes would really add up. Have any of you used Stoosh Weddings? I don't see very many reviews on this planner and there doesn't seem to be a lot of her work displayed on any of her social media pages.I spoke to Helen G and while she seems very knowledgeable she is pricey.