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  1. @@angiealise27 your photos are fantastic! You guys look like you had a blast! We used Chris for our wedding in December ,and we couldn't agree with you more! He was so much fun to be around, and he took his time to make sure everything was just right! We are so happy with our photos, all of our friends have commented on how nice they are. I'd highly recommend Chris with wpaj to anyone getting married in Jamaica! It's money well spent!!!
  2. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!! I just got married in December, in Negril. I used Debra Barrett from Queenbee beauty, and she did an amazing job with my hair and make-up!! She did airbrush make-up on me, and it was fantastic!! So light and it lasted the whole day!! She has a Facebook page and a website too, you can see some of her work! For photography we used WPAJ, the associates of Sungold. Our photographer was Chris, he was super friendly and his attention to detail was amazing... can't wait to see some of our photos!!! Good luck with the rest of your planning!! :-)
  3. Hi everyone!!! I just wanted to keep you updated on how our wedding went!!! Despite all of the bumps along the road we had an amazing day on 30th December! I can't thank you all enough for your kind words and encouragement when things went wrong!! I really appreciate it!!! I can't thank you all enough!!! I wanted to put up a photo, but there is a limit in size!!!! :-(
  4. Congratulations to you all!!!! I just got back from my wedding in Negril!!! It was amazing!!! Good luck with all your planning!! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!!!!
  5. @@rachelia160 I understand you're dilemma!!! I am Catholic too, but I have opted to do the civil wedding in Jamaica, and the Catholic wedding mass when I get home. I wanted to have the Catholic ceremony in my local Church, with my parish preist. Everyone has been asking me, why I am having two weddings, and are so shocked to hear that we've chosen to do have 2 ceremonies. It was realy starting to get to me too... but then, at the end of the day, we're doing what we want to do. If people want to qauestion, and judge.... that's their agenda!! Try not too stress about other people's questions, it can be a real kill joy!!! Good luck with all your planning, and wishing you and your H2b a wonderful life together.
  6. Thanks so much!! Feel like we're now back on track! Just a few extra logistics to work out!! We had booked a small beach property called Seawind resort, we were going to have ceremony and reception there. We are now having the ceremony on the beach, at a property called Boardwalk, and the reception at a hotel across the road called Rayon hotel. The manager at Rayon hotel, has been super helpful, and accommodating!!! ( considering the short notice)She has put my mind a rest! Can't wait to meet her in person when we arrive in less than 20 days!!!! @@acw271011. Thanks, you are so right, I had a good cry about it, then I realised all of this must have happened for a reason. My parents and the big guy upstairs worked it all out for us!! :-)
  7. Okay, so relieved!!! We got a recommendation for a hotel, from TripAdvisor, and we sent my future in-laws down there this morning. It turns out the manager, and my future in-laws know each other from before!!! The hotel are available for our wedding, and have been super accommodating. We spoke to them for nearly an hour , going through everything. We've just booked them! I can't begin to explain how relieved we feel!!! Thank you all for your kind and positive words! I can finally see light at be the end of the tunnel!!! :-) :-)
  8. @@calgarybride2015 Thanks for the reply! I'm just a mix of emotions right now!! I'm angry, upset and disappointed... We've tried to call, but didn't get anywhere. My Fiance's Mum is going to head down the Hotel tomorrow, to see if she can get anywhere. Thankfully the Reverend who filed our marriage license, is a family friend, so we should have no problem getting our paper work, and getting legally married.... which was my main concern. Unfortunately we booked everything separately, flights , hotel /honeymoon, wedding etc... We were lucky enough to head over to Jamaica last year, and that's when we booked the venue. We only sorted our flights and honeymoon out, when we got back home. Accommodation isn't too much of a concern, as we were planning on spending Christmas with his parents anyways, so an extra few days won't be a problem! I'm just having a hard with the thought of leaving the planning of our wedding in his parents hands, especially since we've both invested so much time into the day..... Hopefully we'll know more by tomorrow.... but for now all we can do is sit tight, and hope that it all comes together somehow!!!
  9. Okay , so I'm really trying to stay positive about our wedding day!All was going well, with just 29 days to go, myself and my Fiance were getting ready to all the last minute checks, and details!I had my Hen party last night, and was feeling great! I was on Tripadvisor this morning, and I saw that the resort hosting our wedding had shut down this week, and didn't bother to inform us!!!!!! We are both in shock, as we had been talking to the events planner a few days ago! We had some bumps along the road, with the resort, but we never expected this to happen. In hindsight I wish we had jumped ship, and found a different resort, back in the summer when we were having some issues with our contract. But hindsight is a wonderful thing. Now with less than a month to go to our big day, and 77 guests attending our wedding, we are back to square one!!! Thankfully, we don't have many out of town guests, the majority live in Jamaica( My fiances is Jamaican) . My guests from home( all 3 of them), have accommodation at a different resort (Thank God!!!). My Fiances parents live in Jamaica, and they said they'll start looking for a new venue ASAP!!! I'm guessing they will be calling in a lot of favors! All we can do now is pray for a Christmas miracle, that his parents will find a new venue on short notice! I can't help but feel disappointed, all of our planning out the window.. I haven't stopped crying all day, my stomach is in knots with worry... I love to be in control of things, and I hate surprises, so having his parents re-organize our big day is making me freak out! I know I should be thankful, that they are going to great lengths to give us a wonderful day, and don't get me wrong, I do really appreciate all of their efforts. But it is just not going to be the day WE planned on having.... I feel like such a spoiled brat for even complaining, but I can't help how I feel. Anyways, I feel like I'm just rambling on.... but I just needed to get it all off my chest!
  10. Very good advice!!! This way you are including your future SIL but not demoting your current moh , which could end up being very messy, and dramatic! Good luck with your decision..
  11. Personally I wouldn't recommend shipping, unless you've got someone who definitely pick it up /or hold onto it....it can also be very pricey!!!! We had to sentpd our invites to my Fiancés parents in Jamaica ( roughly 30 invites) and our legal paperwork.... the package weighed a little over 1kg, it ended up costing €175!!!!!! Good luck, I'm planning on bringing everything else in my hand luggage!!!
  12. Yay!!!! That's brilliant news!!! Glad you've found your dress!!!! :-) :-)
  13. I had the exact same issue. I had the dress at home, but unaltered. I absolutely loved the dress when I bought it. I didn't try it on for months, and then I started to re think my choice of dress. I figured it was something all brides go through, and I began getting accessories to match it. I tried them all on , and I still wasn't convinced... even with the dress pinned in all the right places. I started to panic about it all. So I spoke my sister, and she convinced me that's its okay to change your mind, and she took me to look at other dresses.... I'm so glad I did!!! I found the perfect dress( sadly out of my budget) but I happen to know an amazing dressmaker, who was able to re create my perfect dress!! I say go with your gut feeling on this.... if you aren't happy now, imagine how unhappy you'd feel wearing it on your big day. Its okay to change your mind!!! Good luck!!!!!!
  14. I've only recently started getting Brazilian waxes, ( about a year) I thought they'd be super painful, but it wasn't that bad really. If you're used to getting leg waxes or facial waxes, its not much worse in my opinion. I think its just mind over matter. If you convince yourself its going to be painful it will be. Also its also awkward, having someone wax your cooch. My childhood best friend is a beauty therapist, and she does my waxes for me in her house. ( she runs a salon from home). She recommends trimming the hair down there beforehand, as it reduces the tug on the skin. Also don't get waxing done a week before your period is due, you are more sensitive, and it'll be more painful.
  15. @@palmtree99 you're welcome!!glad I was able to help!! Like I said I'm 5'2 , and my fiancé is 6'3..... in the beginning I was sceptical about short dresses too, and I tried one on just on a whim, and loved it!! I think its just one of those things, you've got to try out, and see if its for you! Good luck finding your dress!!
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