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  1. Hi, ladies!!! So I promise to write a detailed review in the next week or two. I'm still on such a high I can't put the words together! Everything was amazing and I want to do it all over again!!! @@Linz1131 and I met and she was an absolutely stunning bride on Saturday! I'll leave you ladies with a couple of photos from our photographer. Night! And only one TTD is back thus far but we jumped off the pier!
  2. Alrighty, ladies! We are all packed and ready to go at 5:30am!!! Can't believe it's finally here! I'll take lots of pics and I really hope to bump into @@Linz1131!!!!
  3. @@Linz1131. When do you arrive again? We take off in 25 hours and ten minutes!!!
  4. We are giving out before we go because of a few reasons: space in luggage, getting taxed again for importing them in and (a rare but possible scenario) potential confiscation. I've read some horror stories and aren't going to risk it! Here is a pic of ours that I'm delivering today and tomorrow. For those not a drive away we sent on Friday so they received them yesterday or will on Monday.
  5. @@Sara1603 Hi! Sorry...didn't see I had a reply. I don't have any manufacturer measurements but do you want me to lay it down and measure flat?
  6. My OOT gift bags are finally ALL done! We are hand delivering them today and two ppl flying down Thursday (and live out of state) will get in the mail on Wednesday! One more thing done! Now if my house would clean itself!!!
  7. Hi! I don't have any pics of caribbean. I cannot believe I'm starting to pack! Crazy!!!
  8. @@Linz1131. Hi! So I ended up calling and the upgrade was to the honeymoon suite in caribbean. The reason we paid extra money and in French was to be away from 99% of our guests. We love them dearly, but really want to make sure we get to honeymoon for some time alone from them (like a "real honeymoon"!). I will be at the beach party as a Mrs! We are getting married on the beach at 5 and our reception is 6-9!
  9. Hi, ladies! I bought this and it doesn't fit now so I repurchased in a different size. Anyone interested in a deal? Paid $129.99 and will let it go for $99 including shipping anywhere in the United States! (For Canadien brides I would just need to get price quote on shipping internationally!) A classic strapless dress is reimagined with a subtly pleated sweetheart bodice and lush rosette details against the full chiffon skirt. Perfect for a cocktail party, bridal shower, or reception after your wedding! 25 3/4" length. Back zip closure. Strapless sweetheart neckl
  10. @@Linz1131...if you want pics of any area let me know! My friend sends me several a day. The tip she gave yesterday is consider moving rooms...the French pool is closed for renovation. I want to but my fiancé keeps saying it will be done in two weeks. I really hope so bc I'd be super mad if I hear banging and sawing all day and look at empty pool from my room. Think we should go to another section? And I'll definitely see you at the saturday beach party! Is that the "white party" too?
  11. Hi! I haven't been told about free upgrade yet, @@Linz1131. Should I ask Roxi? I think she's back Monday. Ahhhh! Getting so close! I'm in south Florida for work this week and enjoying sun. My girlfriend from college is at Beaches this week...she's sending me pics every day! And she said she heard wifi is free in December! I hope December 1st!!!
  12. Omg....me too @@novangel! I went for my first dress fitting two weeks ago and I HATE it! I'm seriously considering something off the rack because I feel like a linebacker! I'm hoping it's going to look better Friday after the first alteration and that I'm just starting to freak out!!! @@Linz1131...how are you holding up?!?
  13. Very recent wedding review from TripAdvisor...thought I'd share! I have to say that being a control freak by nature and not knowing what to expect. I was more than away by Beaches Turks and Caicos staff. We Renewed our Wedding vow on 10-10-14 on this beautiful island on our 1 year anniversary. I know it sounds a little strange but we had a hurry up and get married in a courthouse a year ago. My wonderful husband promised we would have the destination wedding I always wanted with our family present. So we decided to pick beaches because of my 2 young nieces and we heard so many
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