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Hello Everyone!

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So they print all the info ??

U just give info and they print it they way you want it??

I'm not sure how etsy really works ...

Etsy is just like any normal store... But it's a collection of people who have stores and do creative things. There are many graphic designers on Etsy who have stores there where they will design and print your invitations etc just like any invite company, but often with much more detail and interesting concepts. Some times you can find really good deals there- or else find things that re unique and interesting that are worth paying for!




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@@MrsRoy Ya you buy a design package [for me was under 20$] you fill out a form of your name your FI name what you would like your invite to say, where your getting married when you want RSVP by your wedding website [if you have one]. They give you choices for Font and Colour and Picture. You get so many revisions [i think mine was 4] We also got to pick the colour of the paper and envelope. The lady i delt with [Abby] was amazing get communication was great she sent me lots of pictures and they turned out better then i could have hoped! They were a little pricy but when your not inviting many people i figured why not go all out and get amazing invites. I have one of them framed on our wall and i still can't stop looking at it lol




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