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  1. @@tygrrlily your bottom right hand picture of the hair do is the EXACT picture i have that i want my hair done like! its beautiful
  2. @@keezy I am not 100% sure i am thinking pretty close to the wedding i am a very short person 5'1 so i need quite a bit off the bottom since i wont have heels or anything either. So i want to make sure there is enough time to get all that done!
  3. @@keezy ETSY of course! i told ya i am obsessed!! https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/180170114/short-bridesmaid-dresses-mint-bridesmaid?ref=favs_view_5
  4. @@keezy Thank you i am soooo in love with it!! i had to "upload" pictures to this convo without posting them and then sent you a message and attach them through "my media" and yes the ones i really like are 200/each....i did find some i coudl order online that are the same and 70$ each....just ordering online makes me nervous but all the reviews are awesome! This is the colour and style i am thinking
  5. @@keezy no i WISH! i am buying my girls dresses for them so i am trying to keep it max 100$/each going to try and pm you a pic of my dress!
  6. @@keezy I already bought it!! There is this shop called "Pop up wedding shop" they go all around Ontario [i am from Peterborough but i went to the sale when it was in Cobourg] they have wedding dresses for 90% off! i got a 1500 dress for 499! It is a designer gown no knock offs brand new and its BEAUTIFUL and i am sooo in love with it!
  7. @@BusyBee280 Do you remember what the vendor's name was on Amazon?
  8. @@keezy Wow at least you both agreed to no AHR. My FI grandparents who he is really close with will not be able to attend due to health reasons so he wanted to make sure we have some sort of party so they don't feel like they missed out cause they were really upset that they wouldn't be able to make the trip.
  9. I agree with both these ladies pick someone that will actually help with your stress levels and not add to them. Just because your SIL is going to be family doesn't mean she should be your MOH. Also if you think she would say no and you've already tried to have a good relationship with her then i would advise against it. She sounds like she wont have your best interest at heart. I have 2 really good friends and i was having a hard time picking who would be my MOH i eventually decided that i didnt want to hurt either of there feelings by picking the other one so i asked my cousin who i am really close with if she would. She was so honored and cried and is so excited about it while my other to "really good friends" have both dropped the ball and won't even be attending anymore.
  10. @@jayejayelynn My plan is to buy the girls dresses i only have 2 so that helps and i am going to try to keep them 100$ or less. However alterations will be there expense. I am also getting them sole less sandals to wear at the wedding and an OOT bag like all the other guest just a little more personalized. I attached a picture here!
  11. @@jayejayelynn yes they are and i love how you can pick the style of dress to match the dresses they will be wearing!
  12. I agree with everyone else book an adults only resort, we booked a resort where they have a whole section for kids because i will be bringing my daughter and there will be other kids as well. Its your wedding don't feel bad about wanting it your way!
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