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  1. Thanks for the kind words ladies... This has just been so overwhelming for me so I postponed the wedding... I pushed it to a possible November 2015 instead of May 2015 like we planned. I feel bad for everyone involved but my sanity comes first. I need to deal with my dad and the crappy hands we've been dealt and planning a wedding while my father watches on dying just doesn't seem fair to me. My FI was very understanding and supportive but for whatever reason even that irritated me. Everything he does just irritates me and I have no idea why. I went to see my doctor about my anxiety and she ofcourse immediately have me lorazepam which I feel is just a band aid.... I feel kind of dumb about this all too but I just can't even think about it now with so much going on. I'm petrified to uproot my 7yr old son and move so far away while I have all these doubts.. It's not just my life, it's his as well... I've put the travel agent on pause for now and I'm going to focus on my dad...
  2. So I'm losing my head again.. Planning a wedding should not be THIS stressful. I second guess everything My anxiety is really bad.
  3. Mental health illness isn't so cut and dry. I truly don't think he is doing this with malicious intent. The brain is a crazy and complicated organ. He needs help to deal with his issues and altho yea it sucks he's not coming and you're out $500, it really goes deeper that the "grumpy old man" syndrome you described.
  4. I feel like you're my soul sister or something haha!!! I'm the exact same waaaay!!!! Our save the dates haven't gone out yet... We plan on doing that this month Well our travel agent was having trouble finding anything at the list of destinations we had and she kept coming back with only packages from the standard places like Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba and Jamaica... and to be honest with you, those 4 countries are at the bottom of my list. I feel they are all so played out and I can't even begin to tell you just how many weddings I've been to Punta Cana... We wanted a little more of an exotic island so I figured I would rather change the date and be married somewhere I truly love and want to be at than to settle with a destination I deep down didn't really want to be at. So The change occured more cuz we couldn't get packages (from Toronto) in May that catered to what we really wanted.
  5. I feel like you're my soul sister or something haha!!! I'm the exact same waaaay!!!! Our save the dates haven't gone out yet... We plan on doing that this month
  6. I currently weigh 111.8lbs and I'm about 5 lbs away from my goal weight! My wedding isn't til next April but I will be traveling to Los Angeles in July to buy my wedding dress so I need to be at my wedding date size with in 30 days to fit into my dress... I've been on a health kick and drinking lots and lots of water as well as taking my CLA and vitamins b6 & b12
  7. I'm scared to do them myself as I'm really not artistic [emoji20] I too am so scared to order them online
  8. We just changed our wedding date from May 16 to April 16 because of the drama associated with hurricane seasons as well
  9. Thanks ladies... I have calmed down a bit since posting this... Still have my moments but they are about 6.5 on the Richter scale! Hahaha! I think I'm still in shock and the thought of having to organize a party where everyone will be focused on ME makes me freak out... deep breaths...
  10. I have a question ...If you knew before hand that she wasn't a "people person" why did you choose her? Out of obligation ? I think by this point since you have pretty much done everything I would ask her to step down...[emoji20] but I'm also well aware of the backlash
  11. Omg Grace Bay looks amazing!! I've been eyeing it down. We are waiting for a quote from our travel agent!! Good luck !
  12. I get them every other day or so... Sometimes I have anxiety attacks and cry. I feel overwhelmed at times. Then there are the times I'm happy and can't wait... I've never lived with my fiancé. He has his place and I have mine. He lives 5hrs away so we see eachother once a month and when we are together we are fine. I'm supposed to move to his city and home. I think that's what I'm scared of... The worst part is that our families know and I asked my dad to walk me down the aisle and the next day he was diagnosed with cancer ???? my wedding is all he talks about so the pressure just got 1000x worse. Ugh... Sometimes it sucks being a girl lol Anyone else get cold feet from time to time ?
  13. I have a 3 stone ring as well and the band I have chosen but not purchased yet is a plain band that luckily fit snug. I think that if I have issues down the road I will have one custom made
  14. The more I think about this idea the more and more I like it. I just really hope people will be respectful and follow instructions .... I already feel my brother giving me a hard time.. But id like all the pictures of my ceremony to be of my guests looking at my fiancé and I taking our vows and not fumbling and getting distracted by their camera phones ....
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