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  1. Thank you for the advise and yes we do agree it would be ideal and our preference to stay with the same tour supplier. My TA did confirm that the supplier she is using is a preferred supplier to her Travel Brokerage. Unfortunately I did not do more due diligence earlier on in the booking procedure as my TA also informed me of the competing suppliers being less desirable for group bookings, which I later found out is just not the case. As the client I did not limit her search to one supplier, rather asked for the best rate. We are in the process of mitigating what is of better value to
  2. Thanks @@kmk2016 your sentiments are truly appreciated. We have had our guests print off their online package quotes proving the cheaper price, and will have them also seek rates from their own TA today. I agree, a price match is definitely warranted, however at this stage of the game we would rather go with a new TA who undeniably wants our business by providing rates and terms that are in line with the Season, Country, and Property, or handle it ourselves. I should be spending my time planning the wedding, working out, and creating lasting memories.... like you! I hope your wed
  3. Need Advice on how to salvage our Destination Wedding booked at the Now Larimar and Secrets RB May 6, 2015 We are having some serious issues with our current Travel Agent who has us booked through Transat Holidays. In April of this year we contacted a TA to help us find our perfect Destination for a wedding in April or May. We asked for a group rate with a budget between $1500 - $1800 max, to the DR or Jamaica, and hopefully with a Karisma or AM Resort. We had just come from a 2 week vacation at the Generations Maya Riviera and absolutely loved the concept, however our number one prior
  4. Awe.... you are so keen! wow, I wish I had your skills as I am desperately seeking .... not Susan, but a Fairy Godmother to help me start wedding planning from scratch! We are moving the date back to last week in May which helps, but it is still going to be a challenge. We did not like the HRH Cancun for many reasons. It is a hotel, not a resort, and we were bored of the dining choices by the 3rd day. There were some positives like the amazing photographer we hired to do a mini engagement shoot.... Vincent of Pixan! He is the highlight of our trip and we are hoping we will still be able to
  5. I would like to request Jellyfish pricing also. In a bit of a panic as we are currently moving our wedding from Hard Rock Cancun to the Now Larimar as we just could not see our day meet our vision at the HRH Cancun, so now with less than 7 months I am desperately planning from the beginning. I would love any comments or reviews on Jellyfish. angelahalbert@@gmail.com Thanks ever so much
  6. I posted this request for information on Hard Rock Hotel Cancun three days ago and haven't heard anything.... Please if there are any past or current Brides planning a wedding at the HRH Cancun or vendors that are familiar with the resort, I would really appreciate any feedback. Thank you in advance....!!
  7. @@jennifernoel1 there is a free trial I believe, however I opted to pay for the site for a year as I wanted my domain name to be very short and specific. I also wanted most of the upgrade options. I looked at the free sites and would've gone with the Knot however I really liked the simplicity of wedsite and to be able to add photos and Videos. Hope this helps!
  8. I am a Hard Rock Hotel Cancun Bride getting married April 24, 2015 looking for any advice, comments, or information from previous or currently planning brides of HRH Cancun. I am planning a site visit for September 10 - 17 this year and hoping to meet with approved Vendors, decide on Ceremony and Reception Locations, and trial run the Beauty Salon for Hair and Make up. I would appreciate any personal reviews or information on: 1. Cancun Photographers - Videographers - Trash the Dress Photographer 2. Cancun Cake Maker - Macaroons 3. Cancun DJ 4. Colin Cowie Wedding Decor and an A
  9. Happy to report that I have finally launched my "wed-site" and sent out my Save the Dates! I am so happy I chose to go electronically and link to a website as I can stay connected with our guests (while at work), provide Hard Rock Cancun and Travel agent details with links, and update whenever necessary! www.lannyandangela.com I have had awesome feedback from so many indicating they absolutely loved the email version of STD and having "at their fingertip" access to info and not worried about losing a card in the recycle or junk drawer... Not on purpose of course! lol
  10. Finally finished my "Save the Date's" and "Shit Just Got Real" invites for both electronic and print. Now to finish the WEDsite for an information hub. I am worried that most guests won't "book" or put down their "deposit" to book from just receiving the STD's but I have not even started my Formal Invitations. Is it wrong to send STD's electronically with the Booking Info? I have all of it in PDF from my Travel Agent.... Additionally, is a acceptable to have my WEDsite launched "Half completed" with priority information and update over the next few weeks with the less time sensitiv
  11. Pure relief and bliss to have logo (monogram) completed! Went with a simple, clean, and modern style so I can easily brand any DIY items I may attempt! lol... Now to get my WEDsite completed so I can go live with my STD's....etc!
  12. Yes I am and she is doing an amazing job, however I would like to have a snapshot of the list and what stages they are at so I can send friendly reminders for travel payment etc... Thanks for the insight, it is much appreciated!
  13. Does anyone have a Guest List .xls spreadsheet or temaplate specific to a Destination Wedding? Please email me a copy to angela.jackson@@Urs.com if willing to share. The majority of templates and google doc's I have found are geared towards a traditional wedding with no tracking of deposits, flights, rooms, etc... I can build a new one or make edits to exsisting one if need be. Much Appreciated....
  14. @@Icis your logo is amazing... where did you have it made? @@Icis is it possible to view your website. I am in the process of determining whether I will use resort, pay for one, or try one of the free ones recommended on BDW.
  15. Has anyone used their Resorts Wedding Website? I am a Hard Rock Cancun Bride and thinking of using their "wedding website" as it includes a Registry however the website samples provided do not give enough info to make a decision.
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