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  1. Yay!!!! So happy for you! You looked amazing and I can't wait to hear all about it!
  2. You wouldn't be able to link the bookings with two TAs.... They would be separate and not sure how that would work, you would definitely lose out on perks and bonus offers, make sure your TA specializes in Destination weddings and has a relationship with the hotel you choose.... They can often get you major perks that help keep costs down or experiences upgraded. That's worth its weight in gold.
  3. This worked for us too. Canadian TA booked all packages for Canadians, and the land only for all our international guests. This was to Mexico. Everyone from other parts of the world (US, Hong Kong, Hawaii and Australia) would have booked flights at a later date.
  4. kmk2016


    Congrats! Welcome/ you will love this forum and the girls here... It will serve as such a blessing as you plan your special day! My first reccomendation is to find a great TA who specializes in DW! They will be your biggest ally in the starting process. Not sure if you are American or Canadian, but travel is set up differently depending on this. Wright travel is hands down the best TAs if you are from the US (they own this site!!) and if Canadian there are a bunch of us Canadian girls who can offer recommendations.
  5. If you read through this thread, and the Sensatori thread you will see tons of info in regards to bringing your own decor. Both are Karisma, and many if not most brides, do so!
  6. Your deposits and block details are specific to your agreement and vary greatly depending on whether you are Canadian or American (or British), and by who your TA is. Your TA can explain exactly how your contract is structured. As for a tip- if you can, the BDR is a great way to get a real feel for everything and is a great experience.... If not- read both this thread, and the official Sensatori thread from start to finish and you will be an expert! It will take a while, but soooo worth it!
  7. You guys are amazing and I am so humbled by your support. In any other forum the ugliness would have surely come out...but here I only feel your friendship and kindness. No wonder I like it here! Kim- I can't wait to hear about your wedding!!!!!! Go enjoy your wedding week!
  8. As a Canadian Bride the travel is very different than US. While normally I hands down recommend Wright Travel, for Canadians I think it's a better choice to go with a Canadian TA as the product is completely different.
  9. Welcome and congratulations. I hope you enjoy this forum, there are lots of brides sharing ideas and planning their big day. Hope you have fun interacting with others here in preparation for your DW!
  10. Are you sending formal invitations as well? If your original mail out was simply a "save the date" then some may have marked it on their calendar but are waiting to get the actual invitation (not Everyone is familiar with paperless post and other options and still think old school). How many did you invite? Do they know the booking deadline? If you only sent them December 30th people are still only 2 weeks from receiving them and may need time to digest costs and time off work before they can commit. Do you have a website that shares more info? Don't worry too much. If you asked for rsvps by a specific deadline, I wouldn't concern yourself until that date has passed. Then you can send out reminders or ask friends and family to help in spreading the word.
  11. Welcome to the forum!!! The girls here are great and the wealth of information you can garner here is amazing.... You are off to a good start it sounds like- with some options for hotel and a TA who knows weddings.... Happy Planning!
  12. Thanks Girls.... Yes my kids are most important... And with the financial stress that the relationship caused (I funded 99% of the relationship), as well as the constant requests for change from him- I was not at my best either... And that too was not acceptable for my kids! They deserved to see me respected and adored along with them... They are boys and I want them to model proper treatment to women and this was no way to start! I am already so much less stressed- despite the stack of mid-production wedding DIY projects stacked in my office, or the box of personalized OOT bags in the closet.... I will make use of them in a fun way (my girlfriend joked I needed to find a man with the same name as my ex, or a man who was soooo loving he would change his name- but I have better ideas haha).... At the end of the day- I have always succeeded and come out stronger and better- won't stop that trend now! My kids and I deserve for me to keep plugging along to true happiness! I appreciate you all more than I can articulate. I will stick around here and offer my input as long as you will have me!
  13. This is a thread about cake so your request may go unnoticed- but Wright Travel (the owners of this site) are the best in destination wedding travel and I would 100% recommend them for Canadian Brides. reach out to Tammy or Wendy and they will be able to assist.
  14. Toms has a pretty "wedding wedge" that is cream and super comfy.... Check those out as an option too!
  15. Victoria Secret, Hapari and Cyberswim are some of my favorites when trying to size bikinis. All have great return policies too.
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