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  1. Hello everyone, I am really looking for some support. The first time I was on this site I found amazing resources for helping me chose the Riu Palace in Cabo. Due to some crazy circumstances with the travel company our flights were cancelled and no long available making it almost near impossible to keep our same wedding date. The only way we can keep the date is if go with another travel company who doesnt offer the Riu and chose a different resort. They suggested Barcelo Grand Faro to me and the pictures look nice and the wedding packages look better then the Riu to me. I am hoping any brides with previous experience here can help a girl out. Can I see pictures, advise on where to have the reception, advise if your group is over the amount included in the package. At this point anything.... THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hey there just wondering if you could please share the 2015 pricing for the Riu. I have the 2014 but I just want to start creating a more accurate budget for our wedding. Thank you
  3. Ladies please help!!!!! I do not know how to do speeches at all!!!!! who does speeches... how do we wlecome the families... any info please help!
  4. Thanks for the info. My email is stephbodnar4@@gmail.com..... i would appreciate anything you can send! Thank you!
  5. I talked with a few ladies who got married at the Riu and they let me see their photos done by the hotel photographer. The photos i have seen are amazing! the ones on the website really need to be updated because they do not show their work in the way that everyone should see it! I booked with them for May 2016 because i was really impressed with the photos other ladies let me see
  6. Thank you for posting such a thorough review!!! I am really looking forward to using the Baja Norte site as well as the Gazebo. I have a few questions if you wouldnt mind answering I would really appreciate it. 1) I am concerned about flowers costing me a fortune. I had a genious idea of just going to costco and making my own bouquets because I have a pretty crafty aunt. The resort quickly turned this idea down saying I could not bring outside flowers onto the resort. Were you given any price sheets from the florist? If so, could you please forward them to me so I can add them to our budget? 2) photographer- I am assuming you used the resort photogrpaher. Would you say that booking an extra hour or two with them would be beneficial? Did you do the video as well? Would you be willing to let me see some of your photos that the photographer took? Thank you! have a wonderful weekend!!!!
  7. I have had a minor hiccup in planning today. My cousin who was suppose to be my photographer has decided to go to Europe with her friends instead of our wedding. This left me in a bit of a pickle considering she is a photography student and this was going to save us ALOT of money by letting her do the photos. Any other Cabo brides out there please help share you photographers and their info?? I need to start comparing so I can try and work this expense into our budget now. Thank you
  8. Girl I am going through the same thing! Our price will remain the same until we leave however if people do not book by March 9 they will not be guaranteed a spot. So far we have our moms, grammas and my sister confirmed. It is beyong stressful and it really scares me that I booked for at least 40 people and we may not come near that number!!!!
  9. Welcome!!! I am also a Riu Palace bride who is also very new to this whole wedding planning scene!!! I was estimating we would have over 40 guests. We are giving our guests 16 months notice and have had alot of complaints about this so I am now assuming our 40 guests may just be 20. I would love to hear all your ideas PM if you want to chat and share ideas!!! Steph
  10. Thank you for explaining it so well! That is exactly why we have sent them out so early. Plus i figured it would have a better response if we gave people more time to book rather then less time. I have been speaking to a few people just to see where they are and alot say they didnt know how to work the website so I made it a little more kindergarten ish so that its easier for people.
  11. Please Help... When me and my fiance decided to go along with a destination wedding I did not think it would become as difficult as it has been. First off our travel agent has been amazing. She got us an amazing price quote from Sunwing. She has been there to answer all my questions really quickly and is super knowledable. Once we got the details all finalized with her and the resort (RIU Palace Cabo) I made up our Save The Dates. I used a really cool website called paperlesspost.com. Its an amazing website where you can email an rsvp card to everyone who has email. I thought these were a great alternative to typical mail outs just because we only had a certain amount of time for people to guarauntee there spots. These were a quick way to get out all the info to people. I also worked my butt off on our wedding website with alot of help from my MOH. We were worried about sending out the Save The Date because it was really close to Christmas so we decided to wait till Dec 30 to send them out. The response was not at all as pleasant as I had anticipated. The only people booked are our moms and grammas. My questions for all your wonderful ladies is at what point do I send out a reminder email? I was thinking a month before just to give a pleasant reminder to pay the deposit. Our price with the travel agent will remain the same up until the wedding. However, unless people pay a deposit by Feb 28, 2015 they will not be guaraunteed a spot. They will then have to hope that there is still room at the resort and on the plane. This worries me like crazy. I also need to have to my numbers by Nov 2015 so that I know our budget. We are paying person and I dont really know how to explain that to people who want to wait last minute. HELP!!!!!!!
  12. welcome! We will also be getting married at the Riu Palace in Cabo! I am really looking forward to it. I was new to this site a few weeks ago but the warm welcome i recieved and all the ideas and inspiration i have had has been amazing! good luck and does hesitate to ask if you have any questions!!!! -Steph
  13. I just love all your ideas!!! I am just getting started on this planning adventure. I have a few ideas but its so nice to read others ideas too. If you wouldnt mind telling me where you got your cups from i would appreciate it. I am in Edmonton and I have no clue where to order them from but I know they are one thing I really really want. Costco right now has colorful contigo brand ones. They are $21 for a box of 3. I havent decided if $7 per cup is alot yet or not. I think it might be though. Thanks in advance for the help!
  14. Thank you so much for that advice! I just love this website everyone is so helpful. I was worried people would be offended without the bar right there but realy if they utilize their bar in the room and other bars around the resort it should be good right???
  15. This is so exciting!!! Have you ever been to the resort? We havnt but i think we are going to take a mini vacation in the summer to go see. My fiances uncle has a condo in Cabo so it will make it an affordable trip
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