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  1. For sale Canvas wall art of Mexico , cancun Made to order I can do any specific background, country, area to your requirements Message me to Ask for price or give order details Thanks
  2. See I'm the opposite. I don't like tattoos showing. Just my preference though
  3. Beautiful [emoji16] I still haven't chose my dress and I love the idea of a backless dress. The only thing that puts me off is I have a tattoo right down my spine and tbh I dunno if it's a bit tacky if this was to be shown. What yous think??
  4. Hey. @@NotSoWitty When we booked everything through thomsons the ta just said that that came with our booking. We didn't Nd to ask for it. The rest of our wedding party is on a mini coach and we have the limo. Ask your ta about it to see what they say
  5. @@TheBHolders. Just as you have described before that's what they done with me. I have all my package all paid for plus have the exact cost of the extras which is obviously for this year although I'm getting married next year. So they will accommodate to suit
  6. That's exactly my thots @@jsparrow10 @@kmk2016 thanks. I'll go and have a read at that and hopefully it helps
  7. Hi I am wondering if anyone has thought of or has purchased a wedding dress off ebay. I have seen a stunning dress custom made from abroad which is a fraction of the prices of dresses I've seen back home. As it's only for one day and with my wedding being abroad I want a lovely dress but don't want to go ott with the price plus I don't want the dress to look too tacky cheap looking. I am worried incase the quality isn't as good and incase I have problems eg with sizing. Could anyone tell me of their purchase from here ??
  8. See I'm the opposite I am worrying as I don't want to late. If rather earlier than later. I gave 3 days tho with all the same time so I Thot it would at least come bak one day at that time
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