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I love those!! I don't have enough posts to open the template. Will you email it to me please? Thank you sooooooooo much!! olivia.b.johnston@outlook.com

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Thanks!! The were worth the work!! I love them!!




Thank you!!! :)




I haven't actually gotten the bags yet... I am not planning on using ziploc bags though.. I saw on another thread a bride purchased plastic treat bags from a craft store and used those... I am still shopping around for what bags I want to use.  




Not totally decided... But these items for sure:




our DIY label chapstick





Avery also makes a package that comes with the bag and the labels. You print onto the labels, put your stuff in the bag, then peel back the label and attach it to the bag. They're pretty cool.




This is the .com site. I think they're also available on the .ca site for Canadian brides.

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I love your label. Can't wait to get to 150 so I can see templates. So many talented brides on here!!!



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