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  1. I DIY'd petal fan programs. They were a lot of work, but they basically cost me nothing. I love seeing the programs in pictures, but not sure how useful everyone thought they were. Nobody was like: "wow, your programs were so helpful". On a personal level, I always like knowing where we are in a ceremony, so I appreciate them. The link for DIY template is here: http://www.ayleebits.com/2006/06/10/diy-fan-programs/
  2. Hey guys, I just got back from my EPC wedding and wanted to update the thread. (I also posted this in the FB group) We were at the EPC Jan 8 - 21, and the wedding was Jan 12th. We booked the Gold Wedding Package. The whole experience was AWESOME! It was the best day of my life. Seriously, the resort is beautiful and Livia Dickson, plus the staff, did a phenomenal job. We met with Livia on our first full day at the resort (upon check in, they gave me a letter from her telling us where and when to meet.). The meeting was quick and we reviewed the questionnaire. Based of her guidance, I
  3. I bought a DB dress, but am using an outside seamstress for alterations. She had me come in like five months early for an estimate. I had my first fitting four months in advance. 2nd fitting is 2 months in advance, and then final fitting is the week before I leave.
  4. I did "to have and to hold, to keep your drink cold" but I also really like "feet in the sand, drink in the hand".
  5. I think favors are optional with a DW, especially if you're doing OOT bags. I put together a pretty nice OOT bag (approx $26 per party) so I am going cheap on the favors. I got clear plastic boxes and jordan almonds and DIY'ed a tag. FI last name is Jordan so I'm doing a "love the Jordans" type of thing.
  6. @shellyn Thank you so much for all this info. Your pictures are STUNNING!! I'm pretty sure that's the gazebo I'm going with. Such a beautiful spot.
  7. I got mine on amazon. They were a little more (like $1.25) but free shipping! I was just so happy to cross them off my list! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks Jennelle!! Any other useful information you've learned from Emy Rose? My wedding isn't until Jan, so I feel like it's too early to start pestering her. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. @@shellyn Thanks so much for coming back to tell us about your wedding. Pictures please!! 2 questions... do you know how much it costs to host a private reception? I know the packages include a reception at one of the open restaurants, I'd rather do a private one. and, how was getting ready in the spa? Was it hot? Was it expensive? I'd love to do this, but don't want to spend a ton of money, or be super sweaty. You've convinced me to do a make up trial at Mac and bring the essentials with me. I know nothing about countouring!! hehe. Is there any advice you wish you'd kno
  10. We're not doing a 1st look, so I went with 3 pm. That will give us time to get all of our pictures in before we lose the light! I've got a January wedding, so I think sunset is around 6 p.
  11. I started the process 14 months in advance and was fully confirmed 12 months early. It can take a lot of time to confirm the resort, especially if you have a room block. Are you using a travel agent? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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