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  1. Hi all- Found more stuff from my Jamaican wedding. Ready to get rid of it all 10 Red stripe bottle openers 21 purple luggage loops 1 silver tray approximately 12x12 supplies to make wine charms (sailboat, starfish, palm trees, sea shells, dolphins) 3 fish nets $10 obo plus postage I dont always get notifications from this site, so email semcguirk@yahoo.com if interested. thanks!
  2. hi all- Let me just tell you about my experience. We got married in Jamaica with close friends and family. A month later, we had an at home reception. Very casual, but still costs add up. If I could go back, we never would have had the at home reception. We had all of our close friends and family there with us when we got married. By the time we got back home, we were over all the wedding hoopla and didn't want to even have it, but invitations were sent out before we left for our weddingmoon. The at home reception was a lot of work and stress, which were two of the reasons we want
  3. 1 silver tray 4 packs of purple water beads 14 raffia fans with purple wrap (slightly variable sizes) 8 square frames (some have glass some don't). Frames fit 3 3 1/2 x3 1/2 (approx) size photos (purchased from another bride) 4 fishing nets 1 package of 12 submersible LED lights (never used by me, purchased from another bride) I used the fishing nets as table runners with the square frames and a bottle of red stripe as my centerpieces. Willing to sell as a group or individually...best offer. Buyer pays shipping PM if you have any questions!
  4. Chrysta- Yes I did make them. I kind of went on craft project overload for my wedding and now I'm trying to clean my house out and officially be done with all the wedding stuff. If you are interested, please pm me and I'll get your address. Thanks!
  5. I made way too many of these wine charms! Used them as gifts in my out of town bags and favors at my at home reception. Have 50 sets packaged in white bags. 5 charms per bag (dolphin, starfish, palm tree, sailboat, seashell) with blue accent beads. $50 plus shipping
  6. Anastasiya- I would recommend it! I just posted my review online about them. The resort was perfect! message me if you have any questions.
  7. @danielleandryan2015 who are you looking to book your catamaran/evening cruise with?
  8. cute! How'd you make them? How long did it take you to make each one?
  9. did anyone do a sunset cruise for their guests? Or did anyone have a dinner cruise as a reception for their guests? We were originally going to do one through our resort, but now we are finding out that we'd have to go in 2 boats, so we are looking at other options. We are debating having our wedding reception dinner on a ship (because it will be just as expensive as a private reception at our resort). But I dont want to book anything if there have been bad experiences. Thanks
  10. Have any recent Jamaica brides or future Jamaica brides used Club MoBay? I'm wondering with the stuff we are bringing down for our OOT bags/wedding/reception if its worth it to pay for this service. Anyone have any experiences with club MoBay or customs down there?
  11. so megan how did you work it out? my wedding is at 3 and dinner isnt' till 6:30.
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