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  1. great great great.. i definietley will order something from this site..
  2. Does anyone have any cute poems or ideas of what we could say on the welcome letter that will go inside the OOT bags for the hotel rooms??? I have some ideas of what we could use but I wanted it to be a little more creative and fun than just; "Welcome to our wedding, we hope you find the contents of this bag useful in your stay! Thank you so much for being a part of our Special Day, All our love dnd Help
  3. great topic.. this did not evn cross me mind.. but quite an important fact.. clean matching under garmnets
  4. December 2015 in montserrat
  5. im december 2015 in the caribbean.. cant wait
  6. I am getting married December 2015, in the Caribbean. YEPPIIEESSSS what about u ladies?
  7. lovely stores.. i told him i needed a wring and showed him ones i wanted.. didnt get them but got the proposal.. lol
  8. i would like to have a beach wedding but unsure if i must provide sandals for my guest what do you think ladies.. opinions please
  9. ooo great.. i would like the beach setting but worried about the elders views and also heels sinking in sand
  10. great idea.. have you visited montserrat since?
  11. this was soo inspirational.. here is mines http://www.mywedding.com/nadikadairius/index.html
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