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I thought today I could best help brides by showing them an actual contract and what it all may or may not include. Take a look and use it as a guide for your planning and budgeting in Mexico. Prices may vary according to quality and dates and such... but this is a great guide. Enjoy amigos :)- Jimmy www.martoca.com


The Vendor and the Client agree that the Client shall pay the total sum agreed here below in USD dollars or in its equivalent exchange rate in Pesos at time of payment, in return for the services contracted herewith; Both the rental of the Venue and the   services and coordination of events listed below shall be included in this total price.  A service Gratuity will be appreciated an it is a customary 10% for service. In this case 400 Dollars is fine; However, it is only due if the client is completely satisfied. The Parties agree that the following items and services shall be included within the Vendorâ€s responsibilities and the cost as stated in this agreement:


  • The Venue Rental with Coordination and Designer Services: will be responsible for decorating the Venue with multiple Tikki torches, palm tree lighting and Chinese style lamp lighting and candles lining/accenting the garden paths, walkways and around pools.
  • Designer and Coordination and Personal Assistance: The Vendor will also supervise, design, set up and take down and clean Venue and coordinate and assist with unlimited emails as needed and Skype when necessary during the months prior and until the conclusion of the event the next day for any needs which may arise involving the wedding or help to guests.
  • Reception Area: We will provide a reception Pergola “lobby†tastefully decorated indicating table seating charts and offering a delicious Lemon/Cucumber freshly made “agua fresca†with tropical decorations and flowers and an area for hostess to meet and greet.
  • Decorated Lounge Area: Good quality decorations to be agreed upon with designer from options available of sofas for the garden with lounge tables for guests to mingle away from the dinner area while pictures and ceremony finishes.
  • Ceremony Area: Vendor will provide ceremony area and chairs for 35 Guests. Decoration will be simple yet elegant with seasonal flowers and palm leaves or such.  Ceremony does not include minister due to fact that this is to be chosen by bride at a later date and costs may vary.  Bride may increase decorations and elegance of arch or flowers as she desires; and may do so directly with Odette from catalog of choices.
  • Mariachi Hour: Mariachi Band fully uniformed great quality band with 8 or more musicians will play to celebrate right after ceremony or when decided by client.
  • Shows Entertainment: Flamenco/Spanish Guitarrist
  • Belly Dancer 
  • Fire Dancer Shows are included as well. 
  • DJ & Dancefloor: 8 hours of non-stop service and fun. Will provide sound for Ceremony as well. Includes lights and Plasma Screens for videos and lighted dance floor. You may choose playlist.
  • Hors ‘ Ouevres Hour: Middle Eastern inspired Appetizers served after ceremony on trays served by sharply dressed servers; 4 items per person to be chosen from menu options by catering chef.
  • 3 Course 5* Plated Dinner: 3 course dinner based on clientâ€s choice from assorted menu. Ingredients are fresh and imported when desired quality is not found  locally, such as it happens with prime quality steak. Menu includes Shrimp, Steak, Mahi-Mahi, Red Snapper, Chicken or Pork or Veal choices with your choice of sides. Your choice of Soup, Salad, Appetizer, Main Entree and Dessert. Please choose 3 of these 5 courses. Vegetarian dishes when requested please inform Odette 30 days prior to wedding date how many want Vegetarian Option and where they will be seating. we will gladly accomodate. You may serve all the same or maximum 2 choices of Main Entree *excluding the vegetarian plates which are exceptions. Sample Courses would be for example: 1.- Salad, 2.-Main Entree and 3.-Dessert, or, 1.-Soup 2.-Main Entree 3.-Dessert and any combination of 3 that you desire.
  • Catering Furniture and Center Pieces: All the furniture, dinnerware, linens, wine glasses and water glasses and center pieces with seasonal flowers and local flowers are included in the price as listed above; this includes seasonal flower arrangements and lanterns. You may upgrade any item by discussing it with the designer and paying the difference in price; If for example you want to have Wood top tables instead of linens and so on.
  • Bride and Groom Head Table: Decorated special table for Bride and Groom. Special Bottle of Champagne or Bottle of choice with set up for table 
  • Open Bar provided for 8 hours:  Scratch bar with fresh ingredients and well blended drinks with brands such as Don Julio Tequila, Malibu Rum, Bacardi, Smirnoff, Cazadores, Herradura, Absolut and Concha Y Toro red and white wine. As well as digestive liqueurs such as Baileyâ€s, Amaretto, Frangelico, Chinchon and beer will be Corona, Pacifico and Negra Modelo. Full Top Shelf Bar service provided for 8 hours with complete service. Guests will not need to bother to go to the bar for service.
  • Midnight Taco Bar: Set-up and cooking tacos on site with freshly made salsas. Includes serving of tacos Pastor and quesadillas for 35 Guests.  
  • Additional guest fee: If guest count exceeds over 35 guests, the extra guest fee will be 100 usd per person. Minimum fee for event will be based on 35 guests regardless an actual reduced guest count and it is set at 13,900 dollars which does not include the optional 400 dollars satisfaction based gratuity.


  • EXTRAS AVAILABLE: If client desires to add any serviceswe we will gladly work for and negotiate on her behalf to find the best vendor to suit clientâ€s needs. Samples of extras are:
  • Transportation: Shuttle from Hotel to venue and back to hotel is 350 dollars for up to 35 Guests.
  • Photographer/Video
  • Fireworks 300 Dollars for 30 Second Show



9. The Vendor and the Client agree that the Client shall pay the sum of 13,900 USD dollars in return for the all the services described above and contracted herewith; Both the rental of the Venue and the services and coordination of events listed above shall be included in this total price. The Parties agree that the following items and services shall be included within the Vendorâ€s responsibilities and the cost as stated in this agreement:

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You are very welcome. I do not know if it is typical but it is a format I use. I outline all that is needed and paid for in our wedding package and a description of each item. I thought it would help brides to see how intricate a wedding can be. It is not only a destination wedding; any wedding has these features. 

The prices are totally dependent on what quality and quantity of services a bride requires. I have seen dinners for 50 dollars per person and some for 180 per person.  Or decorations for 1,000 dollars or for 10,000 or more. It really is up to the bride and the budget. Just like in life we are all different and need to adjust to our budget. But love is universal and I know this much; a rich or poor person loves their soul mate just the same,and that is what makes us all a like!

Jimmy www.martoca.com

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You are welcome guys! I know it is a big step in your life and I think if planners were more open from the beginning it puts brides at ease and then we can focus more on working on the issues that are a concern and narrow the problems down. Communication is key between planner and the couple who is getting married. It should not be a distrustful relationship. On the contrary, the more you know and I know as a planner then I can help you much more efficiently. That is why I charge a set fee and the rest is simply putting it all together for the bride and groom. That way, we can be open and no one feels they need to protect their budget from one another.

Anyway, open communication and seeing the contract upfront shows exactly what we need to decide and therefore, gives the bride and groom a direction to go on. They are smart enough to follow the pattern once they know what they need to achieve. :)



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