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  1. Hi there, I am now thinking properly about the wedding website, however I've hit a wall! As my family and friends are Portuguese and my future hubby is English I kind of need a bilingual website! I can't find any free resources for this (or paid ones for that matter!!) Any tips? Please HELP!
  2. Do you have any templates you could share with us, specially for the passports
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Heidi Here are some designs I did (and a few clip art's I thought could be neat). I use Fireworks, so I can add drop shadows, etc to the text to give it a neat effect, but I couldn't figure out how to do it in PowerPoint. I did my best to make it nice & easy! Hope this helps!!! I can't see anything....
  4. I really like the white lanterns with candles inside (im not sure what it's called...) I also like helium decorated balloons!
  5. Xarocas

    Junior Member?

    How do I get to Junior? I dont want to be a noob!
  6. Ho my god, thank you for this!! I was getting really confused!
  7. Thank you for this thread! I was really excited about reaching 150 posts and cant download things! will wait a couple of days!
  8. That really sucks:( do you have any other person in mind?
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    I'm engaged!!!!

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    Ceremony Readings?

    I've been looking for readings, this is great!
  11. Thank you for sharing this, really useful!
  12. We are def having a website, makes it so much easier to organise things
  13. Xarocas

    Our Quick Aruba Wedding

    Congrats! Do you have any pics? I love aruba!