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    Grand Solmar

    Yes I looked into them and they are VERY limited on working with outside vendors
  2. cabobeachbride

    Cabo Del Sol

    Cabo Del Sol is beautiful! But you need a wedding planner. I was looking at Cabo Del Sol and Sunset Mona Lisa! And both need a wedding planner.... So just to throw some helpful info out there you may want to look into www.CaboBeachWeddings.com or www.asunsetwedding.com both of these wedding planning services have been very helpful and are reasonably priced! I just sign with Cabo Beach Weddings, Christina Mattos is our wedding planer. She has been on the ball with everything!!!
  3. Hola Arroyo, I did my research too between the Mona Lisa, Cabo del Sol, & Hacienda Cocina! We fell in love with the Mona Lisa! The Mona Lisa has by far the best view in town, and is our minimum consumption for the outside terrace was only $1500, I have the menu options and pricing i can send them to you if you want. As for the Hacienda Cocina it is a great place but, its on the tourist beach and we don't want venders walking by in our wedding pictures. Plus you have no view of the arch there... I have the menu options and pricing for them too! Cabo del Sol is beautiful but $$$ and there is no view of the sunset because Cabo del Sol is on the Sea of Cortez side.... If you're doing the Mona Lisa you will need to hire a wedding coordinator for the day. I went with Christina at Cabo Beach Weddings! She has been sooo helpful, and she is very reasonably priced in comparison to others.... Good luck!
  4. cabobeachbride

    Wedding Coordinator - Low Cost

    Hi There I was considering the Sunset Mona Lisa for my wedding I'm also looking at Cabo Del Sol. I going to have 25 guests and got quoted $1200 for a coordination fee from Elizabeth Schoell at A Sunset Wedding. I was quoted a heck of a lot more by others....
  5. cabobeachbride

    Wedding Coordinators: Illeana v. Maye

    Hi Brides I too am researching private coordinators as I refused to go with resort coordinator!! I was referred by a couple different people to use the services of Elizabeth Schoell, with A Sunset Wedding. She seems to have excellent references. I have not heard anything on either of the planners Lleana from Romantic Cabo Wedding nor Maye.... Has anyone heard anything about Elizabeth Schoell from a Sunset Wedding?
  6. cabobeachbride

    I'm engaged!!!!

    Thank you !!
  7. cabobeachbride

    DJ needed REALLY BAD

    Makapa14 You should stay at one of the hotels on medano beach so your close to all the action and get married on Pedregal Beach!
  8. cabobeachbride

    I'm engaged!!!!

    Hi all just got engaged and we set the date for 11/8/14 looking to get married on the beach of Cabo!!!!