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  1. Hi dwbride2014, If you use their preferred vendors, then there is no vendor fee. I dont believe Ivan Luckie is one, I am pretty sure for photography the vendors are Ocean and Sarani. I have a Sarani brochure if you want to see it. Styling Trio is one of their preferred vendors, I have already confirmed this and plan to use them as well.
  2. @ktov09 - I can send you a spa pricing list, I getting married at PP in June. You can use your resort credits and I've heard only positive things. No extra charge for reception on the beach deck if you have free private events (depends on number of room nights booked). Yes, Dj is only available until 10 for outdoor events.
  3. Do you still have the raffia fans? If so ill take them.
  4. Hi Lindsey! I am planning on bringing some things from home and curious..did you just pack everything in suitcases? I've seen that some people have packed plastic totes that the airlines were willing to transfer. If you could send me the contact info for both ladies, that would be great! My email is rachelholmes21@@gmail.com Thanks! Rachel
  5. Hi Shelly! I am getting married 6.14.2014 at Playacar! I decided not to use their photographer, the prices were just too high for what they're willing to provide. I researched all of this way back in Sept, so i cant really remember all the specifics other than you dont get much time, few prints, they dont edit the photos (if they do on a couple) etc. I ultimately decided it would cost just as much to use as Ocean as me bringing my preferred photog with me to the wedding and paying for their stay (as a guest so no vendor fee). Congrats! Rachel Really i just remember the value wasnt there for what they wanted to charge. Hi Lindsey! Love the photos. I was just curious if you used the decor from the rental company or brought any of your own? Did you use a local florist or the resorts? Thanks! Rachel
  6. Are you in the US? If they're still available, I am interested.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by TraceyT That's awesome! What all have you gotten planned with her so far? I feel like I am soooo behind. I've only picked my private events (including reception and stuff) and the meals for them. And that's about it, I'm stuck and I'm only 3 months away..... Sorry, i havent been on in a while. I have contacted her, and thats about it! I havent selected anything just yet, not because of her, i just havent gotten around to making the decision. I really need to get to it!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by TraceyT I am too Rachel! Jan 14! When is yours? Whos your WC? I have Daniela. June 14 2014 My WC is Alejandra.
  9. Moorea, I love you boarding pass invites and programs! Would you mind sending me the templates? Rachelholmes21@gmail.com Thank you! Rachel
  10. Lol thanks! Glad I'm not a noob anymore!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by tricia-m CONGRATS!! Don't be a stranger. I would love to see what ideas you come up with! LOL i dont plan on disappearing! I love to share im just not all that creative
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