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  1. @@KatLew I definately wouldn't include all of the alone time either... It puts you on to much of a schedule... Go with the flow and see where the week takes you... There is no trouble for the two of you to sneak away for some alone time!
  2. . On the back of the welcome letter I made a little table that had everyone's names (that we're in each room) and left a space for people to write in room numbers.... Most of our guest arrived at the same time as us so we checked in I wrote down room numbers and passed out welcome letters... Everyone filled out there own but it was a great way to contact guest. We had our own photographer and I wasn't really watching the time.... We took group pics, family pics, bridal party and bride and groom. We took pics straight from the ceremony to the dinner and our ceremony was at 3 and dinner at 6.... We did get pics in a few locations.
  3. We've been back a couple of weeks now and I have nothing but good things to say about the resort and wedding. We had 51 guest travel with us to Mexico. We flew with Air Canada Vacations and got married May 10. We stayed in the Coba section and went with the unforgettable wedding package. We had a civil ceremony at the Akumal Beach, dinner at the Mediterraneo Restaurant and had a poolside reception at Arrecife Jacuzzi Bar. The Resort is beautiful, very clean and the grounds are very well looked after. We arrived at around 2pm and had no issues with check in. They greeted with drinks and our room was ready right away. Some guest did have an hour wait for their room, but not a big deal. I did make welcome letters for everyone which included a space to place everyones room numbers. This was a lifesaver, especially with such a large group, but everyone used there list the whole week. Safe locks were included with our rooms because we booked with Air Canada Vacations. Wifi is free for one signon, one hour a day for one device in the lobby. Wifi is also available for purachase all over the resort for $12 a day, but a week is around $50, some guest did decide to purchase this. All of our guest who booked with our travel agent had rooms in the 18-15 blocks. Ours was in the 18 block which was located next to the pool bar, activity pool and a short walk to the lobby. We travelled with 11 kids under the age of 14, they all enjoyed the pools and the kids waterpark was great. There are lots of activities for kids and teens and we had no trouble getting chairs by the pool and on the beach. Upon arrival , our room had a fruit bowl, champagne, 2 resort t-shirts and a welcome letter. Later that evening there was a flower arrangement and a letter from Maria explaining what time to meet her the following day. Our meeting with Maria went smoothly, she had copies of anything I had requested and she was very organized. She had an outline of events for me and gave me copies for some of my guest with no problems. We then went for our blood test and had no problems there. I bought some decorations with us: -Blue material for hammock site -programs -starfish asile markers for ceremony -starfish pen to sign register -Sign to stick in sand -Bride/Groom sign for chairs at dinner -shells/ blue beads for tables -Guestbook -Picture of us, Grooms parents and brides parents (On their wedding day) -Small tiny picture frame with picture of my dad for my flowers -Ribbon for cake -Coloring books and crayons for kids at dinner I dropped these things off to the lobby the day before the wedding. Flowers arrived to my room early by 15-20min, and they were exactly what I wanted. All cart rides arrived as scheduled for the day. The ceremony ran smoothly, we provided the music on our Iphone. We had a champagne toast after the ceremony and took some group pictures. There was a little wind down by the water, enough to keep everyone cool but no enough to interfere with the bridesmaids dresses. Supper was great, the only thing I would recommend against was the Mediterranean Salad. I thought it would a leafy salad but it was all seafood. The tomato soup and lemon chicken were excellent. All allergies were taken care of as discussed and the kids ate from the kids menu. We chose a two tier strawberry cake , very yummy. The poolside reception we paid for the cheapest bar but I didn't hear anybody complain, I think they had everything available. We also rented the sound system with no DJ. We brought our own music with us and played it from our iphone. We had the Wedding DJ app. Maria dropped by the reception to ensure everything was ok and then to go over the marriage licence and to give us a copy. The kids had a ball playing in the pools all night. It was a great time, that night we returned to rose petals and wine in our room. There was a minor issue with the bill, I had forgotten to ask Maria is kids were the same price as adults for the reception, and we checked out on her day off so we couldn't get it changed, not a big deal. We brought our own photographer and no one even asked about her or who she was. I had been a bit worried because she only spent 2 nights at the resort but we had no issues. My photographer was ok with the resort photographer being there, so we did not opt out. She said she knew her pictures would be better and that if it's something that we have paid for we should get our money's worth. The resort photographer took 30 pictures, we picked out 15 that were included in our package and they were not pushy with trying to get us to buy extra. Hope this review helps, sorry if it's all over the place but it's hard to include everything. Feel free to ask questions. Both my husband and I along with 51 of our guest would return to this resort again! The main thing is to relax and enjoy this time with family and friends, it goes by way to fast and it's so easy to get caught up in the little things that doesn't really matter.
  4. @Tlseege just wondering how wide your material was for the Akumal wedding site? Also do they accept credit card? I really don't want to take that much cash....
  5. @@sarakelz That's an awesome price for the reception... All they keep giving me is the price quote MrsMoorsy posted. I'll have to enquire about cost specifically asking with no DJ... I have all of our songs downloaded already. You have been so helpful... Anything else you think us other brides should know, or anything that we definately should bring?
  6. @@KatLew I'm going barefoot and had sandals for later... Also anyone know how much maracas are at the resort?
  7. @@sarakelz Also, the blue around your cake, was it icing or ribbon... I can't tell from the photo... Did you bring it with you?
  8. @@sarakelz thanks a bunch... Do they have the old IPod dock or the new (?iphone5)?
  9. @@sarakelz did you have a playlist for the DJ? Did you have it on CD, IPod? For both the ceremony and reception? Your cake was really nice... How much extra? I hate not really having a budget...
  10. @@sarakelz What type of decorations did you bring? Where did you get your hair and makeup done? Thanks for the great review!
  11. I'm also curious to know about the DJ. Trying to do programs.... anyone know the ceremony outline....
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