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Allie H's EDR (RM, Mexico) 11-5-2012 Planning Thread

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Well the sad day finally came and we had to leave Mexico. We're home now, and I promise to post more details (and pics) in the days to come. for now, here are a couple of pics that our friends took. I'll share our photog's preview when she posts it too. 


Ceremony setting: 




My dad walking me down the aisle: 



Formals, with half of my photog lol




The weather was amazing, the resort was everything I'd hoped for, and it was just a dream wedding!! 

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and one more - me and my girlfriends




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thank you!! 


Originally Posted by ChocoTaco7568 View Post

Such a beautiful bride, congrats my friend! I can't wait for the additional pics and details.


Originally Posted by Mimi127 View Post

Everything looks awesome.

my photographer (and good friend) took pity on me and sent this super early preview. Based on this one, I can't WAIT to see the rest. This is from our first look, which we did on a back walkway near our room (where I got ready). 





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I'm trying to think about where to start with the review! 


As with all weddings, there is some drama, and last minute guests who weren't able to make it. Many of my husband's family & friends are in NYC, and fortunately most of them were able to fly out on Saturday and Sunday. We had 3 that were supposed to fly on Friday, but their flights were cancelled. They couldn't reschedule them for a decent day/time, plus missing work b/c of Sandy, they weren't able to make it. One of my friend's MIL ended up in the hospital, so her husband couldn't attend. And another friend's husband was hospitalized the week we left, so they couldn't make it. And then my husband's mother's flakey friend didn't show up (long story - she was a pain in our side during the entire planning process, and I'm quite glad she didn't make it). She lived in the zone where the storms were, so we included her in the "can't make it because of the storm" group. 


Fortunately, EDR/Lomas was flexible and gave us refund for those meals (well, it ended up being a credit, since we changed our entree onsite, and they were more expensive than what we'd paid!). Bottom line: EDR/Lomas was AWESOME about all of this last minute stuff. 


Our travel was super smooth and easy - we had direct flights from DFW to Cancun on American. We were fortunate to fly 1st class, and it was high on the list of good decisions. We used my FF miles to buy one ticket, and then purchased the other 1st class ticket. It worked out that the 1 purchased ticket was about the same cost as 2 coach tickets, so it was a no brainer! 


We were able to board first, which means I was the first bride/dress. I mention this because my dress was fluffy, both in design and size! lol  We had a total of 5 brides/grooms/dresses on our flight. The flight attendants were awesome and let us hang them behind the last row of seats in 1st class, and then tried to make room in overheads or in the (small) front closet for the others. 


We had 4 checked bags total with us: 1 each of clothes, and 2 of wedding stuff - mostly the welcome bag stuff. We had my dress in it's ginormous pink bag, and a small carryon suitcase that had all of our favors in it. My mom had 1 giant suitcase with all of the decorations for the ceremony & reception. 


Immigration & customs in Mexico was a breeze, other than trying to track down the 4 bags we checked in the huge pile of luggage. And my husband didn't understand that he needed to restock the luggage after the customs scan. Green lights for us both! WHEW. My mom didn't have any issues or questions with her bags either. 


Our transportation was arranged through our TA, and they used Olympus tours (orange shirts - anyone who has been to cancun will see them!). They gave us private transfers, and we were on our way to the resort. A short 25 minute drive..and we were there. We got out of the shuttle, and the bellboys grabbed all of our bags (and my dress!!!!) and then put us on a golf cart to go to the Casitas side of the resort. I nearly had a panic attack with them taking my dress...(but it was all fine, no worries). 


Our room wasn't ready yet, so we went to lunch and had a few drinks while waiting. And it was worth the wait!! Our TA gave us a swim up casita upgrade as a wedding gift, and it was PERFECT. 


Here I am on the edge of the pool outside our room 




I can definitely say we picked the right resort for us. It was absolutely gorgeous. No false advertising! The food was phenomenal, service & staff was accommodating (everything is possible in Mexico!!), and we can't wait to go back. 


Our meeting with the onsite WC was the next day, and we went through all of the details for the wedding. This was when I realized they had one of the entrees wrong on our spreadsheet, and I'd somehow missed it in the weeks leading up to the wedding. No problem they said, they can adjust it for me and correct. And they did!!! 


We had our couples massage that day too, and it was another fantastic experience. We did them on the beach, so the breeze blowing through and the sound of the waves was so relaxing. I drooled... 


My husband & I did a snorkel tour the next day via Lomas, through Maroma Marina. we had a great time, but it was sad to see the coral all brown and broken. there were tons of fish though - they fed them and so a bunch would swim up right into your face! I may have squealed a couple of times just laughing at it




see? in your face! 


I also came face to face with a small barracuda, and I quickly swam away...


If I had this to plan over, I'd do the snorkel trip AFTER the wedding. I was worried about getting a sunburn, and since it was just our 2nd full day at the resort, I didn't have a base tan at all. 


ok, back to the wedding stuff. the onsite WC's had done an itinerary for all of our guests to remind them when the welcome dinner was, and then the time/location of the wedding events. They also let us leave a personal note for each guest - though they didn't want to because Saturday is such a busy day for check ins and check outs. 


That would be another thing I'd do differently - Saturday was the day our friends & family arrived, and it was busy both at the airport and the resort. I wouldn't have them travel on Saturday. 


Ok, more to follow...if there are questions about anything specific, please let me know and I'll try to include it!! 


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Ok, I should have looked here first! Great pics- you looks so pretty!!!! :)

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