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  1. We choose the guitar and bass. Orginally my WC gave me those options but then I had heard their was an option for guitar and I asked and she said yes. They could play pretty much anything and I honestly didn't even hear it because I played a song for the BM and me to walk to down the aisle on my iPod but my husband said they were good. I would think singing with a microphone would be fine and any of the choices would be pretty
  2. They changed my reception location when I met with my WC on site but it was an upgrade from the banquet hall to the grill next to playa azul...not really sure why they upgraded it but I didn't really ask much questions. That sucks that they would just change your site without your permission or explaination! One positive thing (if you are staying at the Palace) is playa azul is really far from the palace and if you are planning on partying late not sure how late the shuttle runs. All of the beaches are pretty secluded at night so I think either way it will be great!
  3. cvincette & amcoletta I sent you the welcome book to your email and here is our wedding website kaelaandjoel.ourwedding.com
  4. I did the same. Carried my dress on and just laid it across in the overhead bins (I have heard if they have room in the flight attendents closet they will hang it for you but they said no to me, I fly Frontier). Either way I was going to get my dress steamed the day of the wedding so it didn't really matter, but wasn't going to risk getting it lost in the checked luggage! We ended up having 4 suitcases. 2 were wedding stuff and we checked all but one suitcase (we always have a carryon with a some clothes for each of us just in case something happens to the bags). I made the mistake of not saving my receipts and read a lot of people saying things on here and it made me nervous! But customs was a breeze and had absolutely no questions coming or going. Good luck and congrats!
  5. We had the mint breeze package so I think the food choices are a little different, but we chose caesar salad, minestrone soup, beef tenderloin (came with potatoes and veggies), and carmel spring roll for dessert. Everything was very good and presented well. Here is a picture of the caesar salad (sorry bad pic). Everyone raved of the salad and the desort. The beef was cooked perfectly. I really don't think you can go wrong with anything you chose but I would recommend picking more generic items that most would like.
  6. We had bass and guitar. From what I was able to hear (make sure you have someone record some if it so you can hear it later haha) they did a good job, a very beachy feel! I choose 4 songs, some contemporary some older and they could play all of them!
  7. Here is pics of the flower I wore (super cheap at hobby lobby haha)
  8. My WC made the reservations for us ahead of time and when we met with her at the resort we picked the menue (2 choices). We just had a dinner at the Carribean restaurant and talked over the details of the wedding day with everyone. It was very casual and nothing to plan..
  9. oh and my husband said that the officiant asked him a few questions right before the ceremony like if we wanted a prayer and a few things about us. I know it is weird and even stressfull to not meet with him before the ceremony but I guess that is what makes a DW different....going with the flow
  10. I was also concerened about not speaking with the officiant before the ceremony and not knowing at all what would be said! I also asked my WC if she had a script of what he usually said and she said no but if I had something special I wanted him to say that she would give it to him. Even though I was worried about this...the officiant ended up being one of the best suprises of the ceremony! He did a great job and definitly knew what he was doing. I did write out a few things like how to say my name (it spelled differently ), that I wanted him to mention we had originally met in Mexcio, an explainiation of the ring warming ceremony we did, the hands reading, and that we were saying our own vows. I did not write out an exact script but put things I wanted incorporated and he did an awesome job of combining all of that with normal intros, vows, ring exchange, etc. I am sure you could write out an entire script and he would do it word for word but seriously I would not worry AT ALL he was great and even improvised for us when our ring warming ceremony reading was way too short. BTW I think there is only one minister/officiant used at Barcelo...
  11. We just got our professional photos back and I love them. Juan Navarro did an amazing job and I can't stop looking at them! Here is a link to my fb album that has about half of them....too many to post https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10200408264106645.1073741828.1157136230&type=1&l=0c31ad27d3
  12. I did my rehearsal dinner at the carribean restrauant. There was no charge and it was semi private. We had like 24 people and they set up two large tables right next to eachother. There was a set menue (you got to choose between two options) and I think you have to make the reservations ahead of time.
  13. We had the best meal at the french restaurant! The japanese and carribean was good too
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