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OOT Bags - Hand Sanitizer, tissues, bags, and more

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I am still collecting items and personalizing them for my tote bags to give to my wedding travelers! 

  • Each person will get a personalized mug - these I purchased for $4 and had someone personalize for me for $6 = $10 each (most expensive item).  I just added a tag with words on it, and tied it up with a little ribbon.
  • Hand Sanitizer - I bought these two for a dollar at the Dollar Tree, bought 2x4 clear shipping labels on clearance at Target for $2.24, tore the labels off the sanitizer, used goo gone to get the excess residue off, use Microsoft Word to print two sanitizer labels on each one shipping label, cut them in half, and slapped them on.  I added a bow for festiveness!
  • Swag Bags - I bought these totes at Walmart 3/$4.50 on clearance.  Paid $10 at Office Max for the iron on, designed it in Publisher, sized it and printed it off.  After following the iron on directions, it took me 1 hour to do 9 bags.  I added last names at the last minute.
  • Tissues - My FI is a pitcher, and a baseball coach, so as a nod to him, I found some cute baseball tissues, and used a saying from Yogi Berra.
  • Tums - I got these at Big Lots 3/$1.  I just designed a label in Word, and printed it on regular mailing labels.  I trimmed up the ends, and slapped it on the packaging.  These will be part of a bigger Hangover kit.



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Your logo is awesome and your bags are going to be great! I love the sanitizer...for my oot bags I have a label that says "Some like it dirty, but just in case you don't keep it squeaky clean" I realized my grandma will be offended so I might not use them for everyone. 

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