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Our Welcome Bags! Everyone LOVED them :)

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Great idea about not allowing people to have cameras at your wedding.

Originally Posted by MsBlissMpls View Post

I knew I was going to do this and I ran across the wording from another BDW bride :) YEAY for this site!


If anyone was offended they did not act like it at all. I had one family memeber that didn't understand right away (I mentioned it to this person at a lunch we had pre-trip), but when I said that we were having an AHR and wanted the photos to be a surprise for At Home Reception she totally understood. We also offered a WikiAlbums site for everone to share their photots with other Mexico wedding guests. WikiAlbums is great because the photos do not show up in a Google search like those for Flicker or other photo sharing sites. They all loved the WikiAlbums option and everyone has shared all of their trip photos on that site with no problems.


We only had 16 guests and at the dinner the night before my father-in-law actually went around and gently reminded people to not bring their cameras to the ceremony. This was REALLY great because everone was in the moment on our big day and not worrying about telling everyone else to "WAIT.. stay there, No, that did't turn out... One more time..." so that they could all get photos. We had a photographer for the whole day (8 hrs) and we trusted him to get all the good moments. Of course now we are DYING to see the photos. Maybe the anticipation is part of the fun? That's what I'm telling myself :)


Either way it worked well for us because we are not on Facebook.

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I think your welcome bags are GREAT!! The idea of giving your guests a not about not sharing your photos was a great idea. I was concerned about that so I think I will do the same. cheesy.gif Thanks for posting!!!


Originally Posted by MsBlissMpls View Post

Here are a few photos of our simple welcome bags. Everyone really loved them and we couldn't be happier with how they turned out and how easy it was to transport them. 


We only had a couple of items in them but the bag itself was a part of the gift as it was a cloth beach bad with their last name embroidered on it Here are the other items that we included:


1) Two mugs

2) Underwater camera for the excursion

3) Sand ceremony card with sand from the beach

4) Welcome Letter

5) Wedding Day timeline & timeline with map

6) Godiva Chocolates 

7) Gym class schedule from the resort gym (our guests really like to workout) 


Here are a couple of photos, I'll add more as I get them :)






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