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  1. I do have Pictures. Me and my sister actually made ours. It's way cheaper and to too hard to make. I'll load it after my phone charges some.
  2. lol. Thanks! I was thinking the same thing. I think what sets us apart as brides here is that we are doing what fits us best. In terms of wedding locations and not trying to fit in with the norms. That seems to transition to the dresses that are on here as well. Yes it is around the corner. I'm excited. But I swear I feel like I'm not completely prepared. lol
  3. Thanks Blue! I'm actually wearing barefoot jewlrey for the Ceremony on the beach. Then these are my reception shoes since it will be indoors. And i have back up white Flip Flops because I know i won't make it past 2 songs in these. lol Thanks! I bought these from Bakers. They have different colors.
  4. Thanks ladies. That was the night he propsed. My mother's camera caught it at a perfect angle.
  5. Thanks Ladies!!! I fell in love the first time I tried it on. I knew it was the one. I'm am 5'2 and curvy so I knew the wrong dress can make me look like an umpah loom pah marshmellow munchkin. Not cute. OMG CdnBeatPrincess That's crazy. The only place I saw that dress is in one store.
  6. I have clips in that i will wear in addition to my curls for the added length on that day. And then they will be coming right out afterwards.
  7. Ok ladies. Here is my dress. It's big in the pic. But I really like it.
  8. Ok I so did not realize it did not show up. But here is my ring.
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