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Beatyea's Planning Thread- Moon Palace, Cancun

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 Just like every bride on here- I can't believe it's my turn to do a planning thread!  What's scarier is that we leave in just 12 days and I haven't started packing!  cool.gif


First I would like to thank all of the brides on this forum as I would have been lost without them and a special shout out to my girls from the Moon Palace 2012 Brides!  I really would have lost my sanity without you and my wedding would not be anywhere near what it is going to be without your wealth of information! cheer2.gif



Our Story:


Kevin and I met in August of 2000 through a mutual friend. Kevin was going into senior year of high school and I was a junior.  We dated for a year until he went to college and things got strained so we took a break for awhile, but got back together when I was a freshman in college and did the long distance thing while I was in Boston.  But we ended up breaking up again as it is hard when you are young and in college to stay together at such a selfish time when you just want to be with your friends.  We remained friends and still hung out a lot and ended up getting back together after I graduated in 2006 and have been together ever since!






Our Engagement:


On the morning of New Years Eve 2010, Kevin woke up bright and early while I slept.  I thought nothing of this (I'm not a morning person).  About 920 AM, Kevin's phone alarm went off on the nightstand next to me.  There was a note on his phone asking me to "Please wake up and come out of the bedroom."  As I opened the door to our first floor bedroom, I found cutout hearts hanging from the ceiling, trailing through the living room and up the stairs with tea lights and roses along the ground.  I was in complete shock (and still groggy from waking up).  All the hearts had things about their relationship written on them such as their first kiss, prom, and other milestones in their 10 year relationship.  As I reached the end of the trail at the guest bedroom door, I found Kevin on one knee behind it.  

What a wonderful way to start off the New Year!!!!









The Resort:


We decided on a destination wedding pretty quickly as we soon realized how much it would cost to have a wedding at home the way we would want it and my fiance said "I'm not going in debt over 1 day."  I have a 15 year old brother so we knew we couldn't do an adults only resort.  My best friend put me in touch with a recent bride that had had her wedding at Moon Palace and after talking to her and researching everything the resort had to offer we decided it was the best choice.





More to come.....

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 Save the Dates:

We didn't want to spend too much on these since I knew I wanted passport invitations.  So I ordered these boarding passes from Invitations by Dawn and made a business card on Vistaprint with our wedding website on it.  I decided to attach thecard to the STD because it was getting stuck in the envelope and I didn't want people to miss it.






We decided on passport invitations and I ordered them from the wonderful Sarah Sproullie- she did such an amazing job and was great to work with!







More to come...

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I know you're not done your thread, but I had to comment already! I love the pictures you posted of your early dating years and now, so adorable! And the proposal is the ultimate in romantic ideas :) Congratulations!!!

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The Rings:

I didn't want a band that matched and didn't want anything too crazy so I just got a simple diamond pave band.  And for the fiance- he didn't want anything "too shiny" and a bunch of his friends were getting their rings from Amazon so we checked it out and got him a Tungsten ring for $30!  At the jewelry store they are 10 times that!  And the quality is great!






I had a hard time deciding on a dress.  I thought I was in love with a Maggie Sottero dress, but something just kept me from buying it.  So one day over the summer, my mom was like let's just go check out David's Bridal.  I was like fine and didn't think I would find anything- I was dressed like a slob and didn't feel pretty but when I put my dress on I was like omg!  It was the exact silhouette I was looking for.  Plain and elegant and something I could add to.  I don't have a good picture of me in it- But this it with my shoes on (I lucked out and the hem is perfect!), my flower sash I got from Etsy and my hair thrown up with my hair flower also from etsy.  (my sister took it with  my phone and I look short for some reason!)- this is also before it was altered- it is a halter and I have the straps tucked in


Wedding with shoes.jpg



Shoes- Nina: Forbes in Ivory from Zappos




Hair flower- Etsy seller: VirginiaGeigerJewels





Flower sash for my dress-  Etsy seller:  BridalShoppe


Wedding flowers for dress.jpg



Earrings-  Etsy seller: OliniBridalJewelry





More to come....

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 Fiance and Groomsmen Attire:


We are renting suits from Jim's Formal Wear- they have thousands of locations.  We decided to do vests without jackets (besides my Dad will have one on to walk me down the aisle).  Kevin will have an ivory tie and vest and the boys will have a champagne color tie and vest.  And Kevin bought the guys Reef sandals as part of their gift to wear.


This is exactly what the groom will be wearing




Reef sandals- Smoothy from Zappos




Bridesmaid's Attire:

I went with Dessy #2823 in Ocean Blue- it has a natural waist so it flattering on everyone and is a cotton material so is light and flowy!




I bought the girl's the matching flip flops as part of their gift- and i also bought myself a pair to change into because I won't last all night in heels!



Earrings- MOH's earrings I bought from Etsy seller: Element4you




BM's earrings I bought from Etsy seller: plumbcrazy



More to come....

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 MOB Attire:

My mom's dress we got at a local bridal shop- I'm not sure who the designer is, but this is it and this color (don't know why she looks scared in the picture!)




My hanger for my dress from Etsy seller: MyAmberColouredWorld






I tried my best to find things that were easy to pack, light, and either flat or would fold flat.


Centerpieces-  I'm using blumeboxes that are cardboard and fold flat.  I'm just going to put the girl's bouquets in them and I ordered just plain white ones and decorated them myself.





I'm going to spread small sand dollars around the centerpieces on the table that I got from oriental trading company and I will have organza chair sashes from Weddinglinensdirect.


I got Pashminas from 5 Below for $5 a piece and made the tags on Vistaprint




More to come....

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Decor continued....


I bought these for our sweetheart table- Etsy seller: joyfuljoyful




I bought these little paper lanterns (8 strings) on Etsy- seller:handmadestringlights




I also bought these paper luminaries for the Welcome Party from Etsy seller: thepaperynook



This is how they come:




More to come....

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 OOT Bags:

I'm not finished with these, but this is what I have so far....


Bags from Oriental Trading Company:



I also bought the younger guys- drawstring backpacks- will post a pic of those later!



Here are my Wedding Survival Kits




Motrin packets

Tylenol packets


Avon lip balm

Imodium packet

Pepto packet

Burn cream for sunburns

Shout wipes

La Fresh lens cleaner

Purell Hand sanitizer wipes



Here are the folders to put the Welcome letter, itinerary, and other important information in along with Spanish for dummies- both from Staples



Doorhangers- Etsy seller: ThoughtfullyDesgined



I have more OOT bags stuff to do- Will post when I'm finished!



More to come...

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I found this on.....ETSY! seller: StudioLO2011


Sorry its in the plastic and kind of hard to see




Pre-Travel send out-  Tags and brochure were made on Vistaprint:






Maracas from Amols in Bright Blue and Light Blue



Tags were made on Vistaprint






That's all I have for now!  I will post more as I finish things and start packing!  Hope this helps!!!



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