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  1. Yes you need about 5-6 songs- I put a paper that labeled what each song was for with the CD. I brought down our iHome to play music at the cocktail hour since there are plugs on the lamp post. I just plugged it in and put on a chair and it worked out perfectly!
  2. I had the same problem- I finally got action when I threatened a lawyer! I wrote an email to the Wedding Department Manager saying that its been 5 months since my wedding and I have a contract and will be contacting a lawyer if I don't receive our refund soon and I also mentioned the fraud on my card from Miami area along with others at my wedding and guess what a week later I got the check in the mail! Magic! haha
  3. I had unlimited events as well. They wouldn't let me do it at check out and wouldn't use it as a credit in case people did not show!
  4. Well ladies I JUST got my reimbursement check this week....it's only been almost 6 months since my wedding. The last email I sent I threatened a lawyer and mentioned all the credit card fraud- I never received a response but a week later I got the check. So ladies if you are getting the run around after the wedding I suggest threatening a lawyer!
  5. Hey ladies- Just wanted to let you all know to check your cards if you sent any payment information to the Miami office! I recently had fraud on my card from down there and my wedding was almost 5 months ago! My card and 2 of my bridesmaid's cards all had fraud charges on them- 1 for $596!
  6. Mine was suppose to be 6-10 but we didn't show up til 630 and we extended it an hour so it ended at 1130 and it was outside. We paid the fees for the tables plus $55 for PSAV to stay an hour
  7. Hey ladies- Anyone get their refund for reaching unlimited events yet?!?! I'm having trouble getting ahold of someone!!! Geraldine didn't answer me, Claudia CC'ed the accounting dept over a month ago and I've heard nothing. I emailed Gretel and she immediately apologized for Geraldine and said she would get on but I haven't heard back from her and that was May 23rd!
  8. Really? I'm actually from Liverpool! I got Peacock colored sashes from them- they aren't "true" peacock color- they were def more blue then a teal which is what I wanted.
  9. Your WC and staff will take care of all your decorations at all your events. At our meeting, I brought Claudia a suitcase full of all of our stuff and at our farewell brunch the staff had brought the suit case with our stuff in it to give it to me. I wasn't missing anything except I only got back 1 of our 7 centerpiece vases which were just the blumeboxes- I'm not sure why or if they were ruined or misplaced but I wasn't too upset by it.
  10. I had Marvin- my wedding was at 3 pm and I had him deliver the flowers at 12 pm- I got a call about 12:10 that my flowers were in the lobby and we had no problems with wilting or anything and they come in glass vases in water. I didn't do day passes but in our meeting with our wedding coordinator she asked if we needed any day passes so I think you square that away with her.
  11. Hi! I recently got married in April and I hired Photos in Cancun which consists of 2 photographers (Derek and Lorena) which is amazing and also Lorena does makeup! She did mine and it turned out wonderful and it was also great having her touch up my makeup throughout the day! If you have any questions or want to see my pics- just let me know!
  12. That's something I should have commented on- I feel like the map made things look much farther than they actually are. It took us about 2 mins to walk over there and our WC walked the group over. And you can't tell on the map but Venado Terrace is legit mere feet from Caribbean Terrace.
  13. Jamie, Don't sweat the drama and it's easier said then done, but honestly all that matters is you two! We had some horrible things happen days before leaving and while down there but we didn't let it ruin our time! I had a bridesmaid bail the day before we left since she failed to get her passport and saying she had just found out she couldn't get it cause of back taxes. Then down there a groomsman let his gf control him to the point that she didn't show up to our ceremony and then called him away at the cocktail hour since she was sick from drinking the night before and therefore he is not in any of our photos besides the ceremony. Then they showed up at the reception while dinner was going on and they refused to speak to us. We played it off because my husband and I are not the type to baby people and ruin someone's time so we went on so therefore they just walked out right after dinner without saying anything. I've never met a girl so rude in my entire life and he never apologized to Kevin after we returned. Even after all of that- I would never say our wedding was ruined or anything- everyone else who was there had a fabulous time and wanted to be there for us! Our wedding was still pretty perfect in my eyes so don't worry you will look fabulous and you will have a fabulous day! Don't let anyone take that away from you!
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